Jan 08, 2021

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It was Courtney versus the greed that was spawned forth by some earthly, very human, power-hungry energy. She was an ordained guide, and she chose to live a simple life. She cared for house plants, owned a garden of cabbage, and was to never get tangled up in the vineyards of pop-stars. These were the rules, and she agreed to them, but she also could not turn away anyone in times like these. Kevin was sure to be a

young-celebrity-gone-wrong unless as Martha (his agent) suggested he did not

get some things sorted out. And Courtney was soon to be losing her entire crop

of cabbage to the king if she didn’t get some cash flow going.

She agreed to be Kevin's spiritual guide and life coach against the suggestion of the guild of witches.

Kevin sat—across from her at

the long table, nervously shifting hands.

Courtney cleared her throat.

“It’s plain to me by now that most

changes occur first within our minds and then manifest in our lives,” Courtney


Out there, through these doors, she

gestured to the plain oak of the discussion chamber, it really depends on whats

going on, first with your feelings.”

“Get it?” She asked.

”I think so,” Kevin said.

"So we’re going to take our time here.

I’m just gonna go down the list of some

basics. I hear you’ve been getting in trouble.

Breaking stuff. Burning stuff.

That’s anger, and let me tell you, it makes sense to

be angry sometimes," Courtney said.

”But not all the time,” he said.


“And being sad is okay too just so you


“What we’re looking for is well—right


she handed him a smooth stone.

"This one I put on the shore of the beach

about fourteen years ago. You can keep it.

Do you understand?”

“I think so, well not really but this

makes me feel calm.”

Well, let's explore that a little more,

why does it make you feel calm?"

"Because I can touch the smooth stone,

and somehow

I guess it reminds me of ocean waves

breaking on the shore"

“Oh absolutely,” said Courtney

”So when we’re overwhelmed by emotion,

remember that stone okay?”

Kevin nodded.

She could tell he didn’t really know why

he was here. But she could sense the turbulent sea of his emotions. Martha mentioned he’d had a history of

drug use—mostly uppers. So Courtney brought him tea to calm his nerves.

“Now can you tell me a few things you're grateful for?” asked Courtney.

Kevin took a sip of tea and a few moments to think.

“Well, I’m glad I have my agent and crew members because well without them I wouldn’t be a performer or have what I have.”

“Okay, that’s good.”

“Anything else? It can be however big or small.”

“I’m grateful for this tea. And the stone you gifted me.”


“Gratitude plays a huge role in our lives –because as someone once told me: you can’t be hateful when you’re grateful.”

“In other words, you can’t be focusing on fear when you’re grateful for what you do have.”

She gave him a notebook.

“Consider this a gratitude journal. Constantly writing in this thing when you're feeling a lot of emotions will help you make sense of them. When you’re feeling anxious consider turning to this to write down more things you're grateful for. There is an endless number of things to be grateful about.”

Courtney drew a pentagram on the sandpit of the table and lit a ceremonial lantern. There was not much light in the discussion chamber to keep from distracting their activities.

The flame from the lantern bounced around.

"Tomorrow, I am going to summon an animal companion to bring comfort to your journey--for life's struggles are often easier to navigate with the aid of a friend."

"First I need for you to collect a few things. This spell requires a leaf from your favorite tree and one of your choosing: a vial of water, a handful of dirt, a small fire, or a metallic object.

Return tomorrow with the materials.

Oh, and make sure it's a leafy leaf.

Kevin had no opinions on trees. He didn't really like the color green or animals. He didn't understand why he needed to summon an animal companion. It was all difficult to wrap his head around.

To do this he went on a walk in the park in the cities center. There were hundreds of trees, of which he knew nothing about.

That afternoon he chose a tree that drew his interest--it was an oak or maple. He wasn't sure which. The leaf he plucked from a low branch was green enough.

"there, this one is perfect--leafy?"

Now all Kevin needed was to choose the next ingredient for the spell.

"a vial of water, a handful of dirt, a small fire, or a metallic object."

He determined this part would be significant for what kind of companion was to be summoned, but how was he going to choose?

Kevin was born in July-and that was one month under the element of fire. That influenced him to want to bring some kindling. He also appreciated water--like the waves that smoothed the stone Courtney had given him. Ultimately, Kevin decided that fire was his path and his companion and that the appearance of water served to balance out his disposition.

"I have brought you a leaf from my favorite... oak tree," Kevin said.

"And secondly I present you with kindling for a small fire."

Courtney set the ingredients on the pentagram.


Courtney flipped through the pages of her tome,

and cast the magical companion spell. A flash of light and smoke erupted from the pentagram. And soon when the smoke cleared, there stood a fiery squirrel.

"Now Kevin you have been blessed by the gods with a fire squirrel--and you must treat them with respect," Courtney said.

"You are bound by the elements of nature, and the lessons we learned here will lead you down the tumultuous road of life's challenges. Do you think you have what it takes?"

Kevin nodded.

"Now off you go--it's time to begin a new adventure."

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