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That’s all that I saw...It’s just blood everywhere....

Suddenly,everything turned black and all I can heard was the police siren outside...

Then,I heard a voice said “There someone in here!”

And the next thing I knew I can’t hear or see anything...

At the moment,I thought it was the end of everything...

My life...

My journey...

Out of the blue moon,I saw a light...

I told myself “This is it...Your in heaven now...There’s nothing that can hurt you anymore...Your fine..Everything is gonna be okay...”

But as I walked to the light,I felt like I can hear something telling me to go back and just walk away from the light.It’s like the voice is telling me to stop and just stay right there.But my heart just told me to keep walking and never turn away...

And how wrong I was for not listening to the voice....

And just like that I opened my eyes.I was laying in a hospital bed.I felt so many things.My head was hurt and it felt like the room is spinning really fast.As I tried to move,I felt thousands of pain all over my body.At the moment,I knew I couldn’t make it anymore.

Suddenly an old woman who is staying next to my bed start to screaming and calling the doctor and nurses.I can heard her saying “Doctor!Doctor!She’s awake!”

Two doctors and two nurses rushed into the room.They looked at me with a very shocked face.They were really pale.So,I asked them “What happen?Why am I here?”

One of the doctor step forward.She was a really tall and gorgeous.”You have been in coma for 4 years.”

I thought my ears was playing with my mind so I said “Pardon?”

And she said the same thing “You have been in coma for 4 years.”

Then I asked her,what happened to me and she told me that I had thousands of bruises and cuts all over my body,I had 6 broken ribs and a very heavy bleeding in my brain.All doctors had given up on me and just kept saying that I won’t make it.They were really shocked to see me open my eyes and moving like nothing happened.

“How are you feeling?”

One of the nurses asked me.I told her that I felt like my head hurt so much.And the nurse asked me if I remembered anything that happened to me.

At the moment,I realised that I didn’t remember any single thing.So I told her no.

The two doctors started to check my condition and they were shocked that I was perfectly fine.Other than I can remember anything,I felt good even better than before. The doctor let me out the next day,as I was perfectly fine.

I walked out of the hospital and there were bunches of reporters starting to run towards me.I was really shocked an just standing right there in confusion.

  They started to ask me so many questions.

“How are you feeling?” “Do you remember anything?” “What happened between you and him?”

And the last question just caught my attention.So I asked the reporter “Him?Who’s him?” The reporter looked at me looking as confused as I am and said “Your father,David Bailey”

I was shocked.Did something happened between me and my dad?My head hurt so much more as I start to think about it.

“We heard he is not you biological father is that true?” “Do you hate him after everything?” “Where is your mom now?” “What happened to you?” “Is it true that you almost got killed by him?” “Is it true that your dad killed your mom?”

They just started to ask more questions.It just made my head more and more hurt and I passed out.

When I awakened the gorgeous doctor was standing in front of me.

  “You really doesn’t remember anything,huh? She said.

“Yeah,why?” I replied whiled rubbing my head.

“Why?Because you have no idea about who I am.”

I looked at her and she said “I’m Jane.We have been best friend since we were in diapers.”

“You know me?What’s my name?” I asked her in confusion.

She looked at me and said “You don’t want to ask what happen to you instead?”

I looked down and just stared at the floor.

“I don’t know what really happened but I can tell you what I know about you and your family.” “No.” “What?” She said.

“No.I don’t want to know.Because I know it will hurt me so much if I know the truth.”

“Alright then.” She replied.

“Can I check out now?” I said.

“Yes.” She replied.

As I walked to the door she said “Emily.”I turned around and said “What?”

“Your name is Emily Bailey.You are 21 years old.”

    “Thank you.” I replied with a smile.

“Wait!Do you have any place to stay?”

“Thank you for letting me to stay with you.”

  “It’s fine.Back in the days,you had did a lot for me as well.So I guess it’s fair,huh?”

  I gave her a wide smile.

“Have a seat.Make yourself at home.Feel free to lay down in the room upstairs.”

“Thank you”

I walked around the house and saw many pictures hanging on the wall.It were pictures of her with her family.At the other side of the room had a wall full of trophies and medals.That’s when I saw a picture of her hugging with a beautiful girl.She was white,tall and very confident.But my head was really hurt when I saw her.Suddenly,Jane walked into the room with two cans of cola and she passed one of the can to me.

“You must be very talented and smart in school.”

“No.We were very talented and smart in school.” She said.

I looked at her and said “What do you mean?”

“Well,we always passed the exam with flying colours.We also were in the school band,school choir,cheerlead,swimming club and debate.And guess what?You almost get to be the class president.”

“Almost?What do you mean almost?”

“You was admitted in the hospital on the day they announced the president.”

I looked at the picture of her and the girl and said “So...This is us?”

“Sure was.”She said.

“So what are you gonna do now?” She asked.

“Honestly,I don’t know.”

“You really don’t want to find out what had happened to you?”

“No.I think it is the best for to not know any single thing about my past.”

“How about the people that love you?Your mom,your family,your friends even your boyfriend.”

“Family?Friends?Even boyfriend?” I said whiled looking at her in anger.

“If all of them really care about me,they would have be with me right now.But they don’t even care!Tell me when was the last time they visit me in hospital?” I said.

Jane looked away and said “Your mom visited you last week and your boyfriend call me every Tuesday and Friday to ask about your condition.Is that sound like they don’t care to you?” 

I looked down and I tears just started to run down from my eyes.If my mom and my boyfriend care about me why did they let this happened to me?Why they didn’t protect me back in the day?I have thousands of questions in my head.I looked at Jane’s face and I can really tell that she was really disappointed with me.I ran upstairs went into the guest room and started to cry by my own.

The next morning,I went out to get some fresh air.I started to think to myself do I really want to know what happened to me?I looked at my right leg and there was a really big and wide scar.I touch it and the scar was spelt out ‘Idiot’.I was really shocked.

  Was it my dad the who did this?If my mom really care about me why did she didn’t protect me from my dad?Do I have any siblings?Who is my boyfriend?

All this questions were all over my mind.I can’t stop thinking about it.

A few months had past,there was no calls or message from neither my mom nor my boyfriend.I was seating on the coach in the living room watching a movie.It was a very interesting movie about a guy and a woman who were trapped on an island together but even though my eyes was staring at the wide TV,my mind was still thinking about my past.

“Watching the same movie again?” Jane asked while handing me a bowl full of chips and sitting next to me.

“Yeah,It very interesting and funny.” I said.

“The main actor is really good looking too.” She said with a smirk on her face.

“Hey,I wanna tell you something.” I said.

“What is that?” She said.

“I’m going to Canada in two days.” I replied 

“What?Why?” She said with a shock face.

“I feel like I have been a burden to you since you need to look after me.So I’m going to Canada next week to start over.” I said

“What do you mean start over?”

“I feel like I need a new and fresh start over.But don’t worry I will always keep in touch with you.”

“Are you sure that you’re gonna be okay?”

“Yes.I also gonna change my name to Fiona Lockwood.”

“That’s a beautiful name.But do you have any money?”

“Yes.Actually I managed to get my bank account from the past and there was $2,500,000 in there.”

“Your mom used to give you $10,000 each week because she was working out of the town.” Jane said with a smile

“She must be a great mom then.” I said before leaving the room.

“She was...She was...” Jane whispered to herself.

I got out of the plane.I took a deep breath.I never felt really excited in my whole life,atleast after I wake up.At that moment,I told myself this was it.This was all I need.I kept on telling myself once I reach my feet to Canada,there was no thing such as my daddy’s issues or the scar on my leg,it’s only gonna be new vibes and new me.Who cares about what happened in the past?The only thing that matters is the future because if you keep on looking to the past,you will stuck in the past and there will be no future.There is no more Emily Bailey in this world and there is only Fiona Lockwood.

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