Jan 08, 2021

Drama Thriller Suspense

β€œI could see nothing, nothing but water around me. I could feel my breath being taken away.

Everything was blue what I could see. I struggled to find a way.”

Alzheimer sighed.

β€œWhen I woke up, that’s all I could remember, the sea drowning me.

I didn’t have a name or number, I didn’t know what I was supposed to be.”

A little girl sitting nearby clapped with her smile.

β€œIt was a great rhyme Alzheimer!” she said excited.

Alzheimer smiled at the innocent little girl.

β€œI bet you would have been a great poet before all this.” Bolster commented.

β€œMaybe, but nothing would be better than this. A lovely family.”

Little Nora rushed hugged him followed by Sira and Swett.

β€œMy darlings, what do you want for dinner?”


Alzheimer opened the door and all three rushed inside, once he saw all were comfortable he closed

the car door.

The night was filled with stars, the stars which the girls admired through the window.

The little girls were giggling and laughing except for Sira who couldn’t get a seat by the window.

She was slightly angry about that, but Nora agreed to switch seats during the return trip.

They reached the restaurant in no time. Beautiful it was, grand lights and fountains a feast to eyes.

All the three rushed inside reserving an empty table.

β€œAlzh,” Bolster whispered, β€œdon’t tell your kids rhymes like that.”

β€œI- I am sorry. I didn’t mean that.”

β€œIt’s ok man. Let’s get something to eat.”

The hall was filled with people dining happily with their families.

Alzheimer and Bolster took their seat.

The three girls slept over one another after the hearty meal.

Three cute kittens cuddling each other as they slept. It brought the smile in Alzheimer’s face.


I could look at them all day, so cute were they.

As I was thinking, I heard a noise.

I saw a woman blinking, a familiar voice.

β€œAre...are you Jack?” her eyes showed her feelings.

β€œI- I am Alzheimer.” I couldn’t remember things,

except her voice, it shattered me as she spoke.

Her eyes were shattering gold, β€œ Jake!” she cried, when I couldn’t say a word.

I didn’t know what to say,

β€œDon’t you remember that day?”

I couldn’t be there anymore...

I rushed through the door...


Alzheimer ran out and the girl began to cry.

β€œHow long do you know him?” she cried.

β€œSome three years,” I replied.

β€œIs-s he fine?”

β€œYeah, he is happy and fine.”

I wanted to ask who she was to him but she was already gone.

I looked at the kids, still sleeping cute.

β€œIs everything alright?” the hotel manager enquired me.

β€œYeah, everything was, and I hope it will be.”


He was standing in the garden.

β€œJake!!” I shouted as my voice broke.

β€œDon’t call me that...” he whispered as I came near.

β€œPlease Jake... Don’t leave me again.” I wrapped my arms around him, I could feel his tears.

He should remember. He will.

β€œJake... after two years... I finally meet you again...”

He didn’t say anything

β€œThis ain’t no coincidence...”

β€œI don’t know you...”

He shattered my heart. I could feel all my life being submerged again.

I was being choked by his words, drowned to death...

β€œPlease! Try to remember!!” I yelled at him.

β€œI couldn’t...”

β€œJake... please... come with me...”

β€œI don’t want to...” he said.

Water water, everywhere... Drowning me to death...

How could he say like that... He is my dear...

I stared at those eyes... those same old eyes...

β€œI have a family now...”

He turned away... and went his way...

He left me at the darkness... drowning to death...


β€œDo you remember her?” I heard a voice.

β€œI don’t... and I don’t want to...”

I rubbed my eyes and realized that I was in car with Sira and Swett sleeping beside me.

β€œYou shouldn’t have left her like that.” I recognised the voice this time.

β€œI couldn’t stay there...” dad replied Bolster.

β€œGuilt Bolster... guilt...” dad’s voice broke as he spoke.

β€œI understand Alzh... It’s ok...” Bolster confronted dad.

β€œSomething’s wrong... Dad is hurt...” I felt his pain as I thought.

The car stopped and we were in home already.

I closed my eyes, and laid down on the seat.

And soon he came and carried us to our bed.

There was a knock on the main door.

I crept out of the bed and sneaked through the door.

There was a lady at the door speaking with Bolster.

β€œHe doesn’t want to know the past...” I could hear him say, β€œ if he couldn’t remember it...”

The lady cried, I felt bad so I ran open the bedroom door.

β€œWhat is happening Bolster?” I asked.

β€œN-nothing.” I glanced at the lady. She was pretty but sad.

She looked at me as I looked at her.

β€œWho isΒ this?” I asked.

β€œOh, this is my friend, Ok g-go to bed Nora, don’t wake up your dad.”

β€œI haven’t met your friend.”

β€œTomorrow.” he said before he pushed me inside and closed the door.


β€œJake’s daughter?” the lady asked hiding something in her hand.

β€œYes, the youngest of the three.” Bolster replied hesitatingly.

β€œPlease leave now. He has a family which he loves.”

β€œWhat about me...”

β€œI don’t know what to say to you mam. But he doesn’t know you, he isn’t what he was.”

Her face was submerged in sadness, drowning from it.

β€œPlease don’t disturb his family again, I beg you.”

β€œIt’s ok, I will leave... but do me a favour.”

β€œI’ll do whatever I can do, if you agree to leave.”

β€œTake good care of him for me," she said and took her leave.

As she left, the letter fell from her hand

Bolster picked it up.

It read,

β€œDear Jake,

Hello! How are you? How’s the weather there? It’s extremely cold here. I hope you and everyone are

doing fine.

It’s been six months since we last met. I tried to come and meet you there, but my parents

didn’t let me.Β I have been sending letters every week, but there is no reply for last two weeks. I am

very concerned Jake. I hope there isn’t any trouble there. I finally convinced my parents to let me

come there. I am very excited to meet you again.

I will be coming by next week. This is just to let you know I am coming.

Take care,



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The sarcasm lol, I didn't know I was supposed to write a thriller with suspense, I thought it was general till I almost finished the story, then I couldn't do much. Thanks for spending time to read my stories :)


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