Jan 06, 2021

Fantasy Adventure Inspirational

The geniune unknown and mystery of the events that occur after Death was such a momentous question in a human's soul that often the first thing that they asked me was ' Am I in heaven or hell?' 

I never know how to respond to this, I mean should I be insulted that they think my smiling face greeting them belonged in hell?...or should I be grateful that they believed I could be heaven's representative? How did I articulate to them that heaven and hell are simply social and religious constructs that are left behind on the mortal plane? Despite the milleania I had spent in this role, guiding souls into their next life never got any easier. You would think that I would have a routine by now...or at least know how to handle certain personality types.

The truth of the matter was...personalities and all human traits were left behind on Earth when people passed on. When souls greeted me, they had returned to their basic forms...pure energy. This was one of the reasons why getting souls to start their next life was difficult. Once they got passed the initial silence and the raw shock of having ended one life...that's when my real job begun. 

Some souls were eager to start on their next reincarnation...especially if they were ging to have an experience they were looking forward to or had an opportunity to repay Karma or learn a lesson. Other souls were a bit harder to convince...especially when their next life would contain some tough lessons.

I know as an angel, as a helper of the universe I was meant to be neutral to all situations and simply act out my duty...but to be honest, I did feel for some souls. The couple of hundred souls that hung around me me in the gateway realms had me feeling the full extent of my somewhat limited emotions. Souls refused to move on to their reincarnation for various reasons...some simply wanted some time off, some weren't spiritually ready for their next life...and some simply were still caught up in their last one. 

The souls that fell into this last category were the most challenging yet also the most rewarding part of my role as interdimensional gatekeeper. Most of these souls had actually been brought to me personally by humans gifted with the 6th sense who could communicate with higher frequencies. At sensing these wayward and lost souls, Empaths would contact the higher realms to come and collect these lingering spirits...which was where I came in. 

As with any job, there were good days and bad days.On the good days I felt like...well I felt angelic, as ironic as that was. In these times I was reminded of the crucial importance of my role and the meaningful impacts I was making to millions of souls lives everyday. However on the bad days...I felt like a glorified babysitter for the stubborn spirits who were caught up in their own egotistical natures and refused to leave a past life behind. 

I know once upon a time I had been like these lower level spirits...I had experienced hundreds of thousands of reincarnations, crammed with difficult lessons and interesting experiences. I had gotten to the position where I was purely through hard work and going through the motions which was why I wanted to help others to get to where they wanted to go...unfortunately, it was those who needed the most lessons were often those who gave up the quickest. 

The process for moving souls onto their next life could be broken down into a few simplified steps:

Step 1: Review 

In this stage, souls would watch the life they had just led a little like a movie...they could pause and remind...fast forward, yet they could not skip. They had to watch the entire film. Most of the time, spirits could leave the physical aspects of their life behind...even the most materialistic of people. It was the next step that seperated the ones willing to move onto their next life and those who were not quite prepared yet.

Step 2: Reflection

In the reflection phase, souls take into account the life they had led...their actions and choices and compare them to their current Karma status and the lessons they had or wanted to learn. Some souls were satisfied with the life they had led and happily went on into their new reincarnation with positive energy...yet there were those that did not. These spirits were often the ones who had either accumulated karmatic debt or failed to complete life lessons or their life's purpose. This meant that the soul either had to repeat the life they had just lived or had to go into a challenging one...something they were often not too happy about.

Step 3: Preperation and Departure

In this step, spirits mentally and emotionally prepare for their next reincarnation and plan a list of experiences and lessons they want to achieve in their upcoming lifetime. After evaluating this, they come see me and I help them reflect on their life plan before sending them into their next physical existence.

Souls who were disheartened by Step 2 were the ones who normally bailed out of step 3 and instead hung around me, simply watching me work. Some were inspiried through watching my role and thus would then move forth into their next reincarnation...some however were even more discouraged by seeing other accomplish what they refused to and thus would hang around in the space between realms indefinetly. 

At the end of the day...metaphorically speaking of course, everything was an experience which helped a soul understand the universe a little better. Afterall, we...every single one of us was the universe experiencing itself. We all learnt and experienced in our own time...we would all reach where we were meant to go. Although my role was challenging...the souls who were often the most reluctant to move on were the most rewarding spirits when they did. To see a spirit embrace a life they were originaly reluctant to embark on was definetly the most incredible part of my role, something I was thankful for everyday.

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