Jan 04, 2021

Adventure Drama

After Ethan walked Tina home from the park, he went home to his foster family. His dad had come by his bedroom with some cold cases. Whenever the police had a cold that was over 20 years old they gave it to Ethan’s dad to try and find any new leads. His dad lets Ethan help so he can get ahead with his dream of changing the world. Ethan kept the pen’s powers a secret, of course. Ethan looked down at the cases that were on his desk, but his thoughts were elsewhere. Tina Willer is either acting or doesn’t remember what happened, but if she is acting why go through acting like you’re in love with the guy who killed your friend? 

“Ethan, dinner is done,” the voice of Ethan’s foster sister, Andy, pulled Ethan out of his thoughts... 

As Ethan and his family sat at the dinner table, Andy looked up from her plate, “Who is she?” Ethan looked from his mom to his dad then to Andy, “Who?” 

“Saw you with a pretty lady at the park. Who is she?” 

“First off, why do you need to know and she is my date to the dance next week.” The words came out without Ethan even knowing... 

Ethan sat on his bed with the pen of death in hand, reading the cases. He opened a notebook that had the names of several criminals who were trialed and found not guilty. The pen took Ethan to the crime scene when the crime was commented. So he knew who was there and who had done the crimes. Then, he would write a story that would end with the death of the person who was in this world who was also in his story. He was a god of death now and he will stop at nothing to clean up this world...

Meanwhile in the real world, Adaline had come back of the book and was sitting on her bed talking to her best friend, Zack, who was the only one who knew about the pens. 

“The pen of death is still in the wrong world,” Adaline sighed, “I hoped that my writing would help clean and solve the problems in this world, but it’s been a complete mess of my worlds and I can’t keep up.” Zack held out a notebook, “Maybe you need to write a different world and ditch the others.” 

Adaline looked through the notebook. It read; There were three guys in a cemetery.

They were all 15.They decided to do a quigi board session. Their names were Az, T.J, and Micheal; but Az had to use the restroom ignoring the warning from his friends he just peed on the graves. Then all of a sudden he felt a very cold breeze even though it was July in Texas he shrugged it off and joined his friends. They pulled out the quigi board and they put their fingers on the board and the thing spelled out: y. o. u i. n. s. u. l. t. e. d. u. s. w. e. w. i. l. l. h. a. v. e. a. r. e r. e. v. e. n. g. e. The three guys looked at each other, then Az felt a searing pain. They looked at his back and saw three long scratch marks from his right shoulder to the bottom of his back. Then they saw something that was almost transparent. It was 9 feet tall with large, sharp horns. They knew at that instant it was a demon. Micheal screamed WE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE!!! Then the demon was right in front of them and with razor sharp claws he killed Micheal The demon said in a deep, evil voice you shall all die! Az and T.J ran for the exit but it slammed shut and the demon said you will not escape. Then one of the poles came off the fence and impaled T.J straight through the skull. Az pleaded. Please let me go, I'm sorry. Then the demon said in a cold tone. there will be no mercy and ripped Az's heart out of his chest and ate it.

                      THE END

“First off, that’s not how you spell Ouija board and what is with you and the disrespect to the dead. Everyone knows not to diss the dead. Oh, and you need to work on your grammar.”

“Well, if I had the pens I would be a great writer.”

Adaline raised an eyebrow, “That’s not how writing works and can we please stay on the problem at hand?”

“Can I have a pen?”

Adaline sighed as she reached into her black night stand and pulled out a box of store bought pens. Zack sighed, “Should have seen that coming.” 

“I made the pens with pieces of me when I became depressed, so I can’t just pull magic out of hats.” Zack looked from the pen to Adaline, “Then why does your world sound like an anime?” “Because I mixed up a bunch of old ideas way before I got into anime.” Adaline stood and walked over to her book shelf. She pulled out a deck of creative writing prompt cards and started to shuffle through. “There you are.”

“Is that magic, too?”

Adaline smiled, “No, just a first aid to writer’s block. And the next world I’ll create after this Ethan problem is solved.”

“So, you’re not going to do my plan?” Adaline smiled at the cards in her hand, “Nope, but you just gave me an idea. How would you like to go to another world and kick butt?”  

 Zack smiled, “Heck yeah!”

Adaline opened the little brown book and they took off to the next world, leaving the deck of cards on her bed. The one on top stuck out like a sore thumb. It read; Dialogue kick-starter

Write a story through dialogue alone. You can get across more than you think!

‘Do we have a lock on the target?’       ‘Yes sir, we have a lock. But sir-’

‘Prepare to fire on my orders.’      ‘Sir, is this... He’s just a kid.’

‘Are you questioning my orders, soldier?’    ‘No sir. Sir, requesting more details about the target, sir.”   ‘...’

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