So it Begins (War of the Theta)

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Jan 03, 2021

Suspense Urban Fantasy Drama

(Continues from “Price of the Blood Line Theta”)

2031, the things that once hid in the shadows did it with good reason for they knew not where the hunters would be or how they were being tracked by these predators of the predator. Because of these hunters, things that went bump in the night were on the endangered species list. Still the Hunters of the Midnight Order continued their hunts with the prospects of wiping the beasts out of existence. Up until this point, they had done an excellent job, but with unification of the Shifter species under one leader over all, the rules were about to change.

The streets of New Orleans were active because it was the middle of the last week of Mardi gras at night. As people danced in the streets of French Quarter and the drinking was going on, people didn’t have a single care in the world. Not even the hangovers they would have in the morning. Come on vacation, leave on probation. On nearby streets, parade floats were bombarding the crowd with beads, doubloons, and other knick knacks of the parades.  

A woman walked along Saint Charles Street without showing much care to the activities of women showing their breasts and men flashing their junk to each other in wasted flirtations. This woman was taught and conditioned not to care what others did around her. All that mattered was the job. Hunt the predators of the human race and prevent them from killing the species. She turned and went down an alleyway. Her target was a couple that were in the throes of snuggling and cuddling and a making out session where others could not see was the man’s plan.

           This lady that followed had dusty brown hair that had both blonde and red highlights. Her eyes were an iridescent blue-green color. She was petite and only stood five feet and three inches. She wore black leggings that fed into knee high black boots and she wore a crimson red halter with a leather jacket over it. Yes Selena Reignfire was one of the youngest deployed Theta huntresses, but she was one of the best when it came to her job. Her job was to hunt.

As she approached, she recalled what she saw which brought her here. The woman was drunk and the man was pretending. He actually lured her here with her inhibitions low. Vampires had their ways of getting a meal and they liked to hunt these places to get easy prey. 

          Within a few feet of the couple, the woman thrust her hands forward and a wave of unseen energy stuck the man, sending him flying into the dumpster three feet away. The woman stepped up and glimpsed down at his date that was not moving right away. She knelt a moment and noticed marks. She pulled a vial out of her pocket and poured the contents on victim’s neck. The puncture wound smoked, vanished, and the woman’s color returned. Then the huntress stood and turned her attention back on the man who was getting up.

           “Who the hell are you”, he asked. His black hair was scorched by what she had done to him; the strike had traces of pyrokinetic energy in it.

           The woman opened her jacket briefly and flashed a medallion that she wore about her neck. It was a Midnight Sun Symbol with the lack of light accents.

          The man backed away, “Yeah, I was feeding on her, but I didn’t intend to kill her. Look, I am not your real enemy, the Shifters are mobilizing. It is them that you should be worrying about. They got a King now.”

           “Shifters are not my cup of tea. Others will deal with them. I came here to kill a vampire.” 

           “I get it, you hate us. But we are not the real threat to this world now. We haven’t been so deeply infiltrating the human world that you wouldn’t know us when you see us. The Shifters are cunning bastards; they can turn the humans against you now. Just wait, they are going to take over and there is nothing your order can do about that.”

           “Let the marshals worry about that. I am just a foot solider.” The woman focused into her power once again and four pipes seemed to rise up from the very dumpster that the vampire struck and launched at him full force. Three of the pipes ended up impaling different parts of his torso and the fourth just so happened to go through his heart, incapacitating him.

          The woman walked up to him as he was unable to move. She tossed a bottle from her pocket on him…it was a bottle of Jack Daniels that she had picked up off a drunk that had passed out. One more focus; she caused fire energy to surge near him and he ignited in flames. Then she turned on her heels and walked out of the alley. The woman behind her came to and screamed at the burning pin cushion in the alley.

          No one noticed as the killer walked away. This was how the Midnight Order Marshals trained their agents. Strike quickly and then walk away, leaving no real presence. It was one of the few things this woman agreed with and did with precision. She wasn't sure about the logic behind the rest of the reasons, nor why any Hunter should have to abide by them.

          Selena Reignfire was of the Theta Blood line of hunters but they marked her Omega for a few different reasons. Mainly it was her issues with authority, but she was told because she was the only daughter of her family might have also figured into it and she was always butting heads with the Alpha types for her rule breaking and doing things her way. Betas looked up to her to some degree because of the strength that she showed in her convictions.

           She flipped around a corner as cops rushed in at the far end of the alleyway and she vanished in the streets or so she thought…

         A man was watching her, but he kept his distance to keep her from feeling him near as her profile said could happen. He made a brief phone call on a cell phone to relay her whereabouts. Then he continued to follow at a distance.

           The woman pulled out a cell phone and attempted a phone call. Then she hung up and moved on down the street.

* * *

           In an office building in Baton Rouge, a group of four men were meeting after hours. These men were deceiving to behold for none were true humans, but Shifters. Three of the men represented a different branch of Shifter law and the meeting was called to deal with a central problem that had been around for thousands of years…the hunters. This was a large room that was sat up in the look of an office board room.

The leader of the four was a man with long dusty blonde hair that he wore up when he was in a business type environment. He also had a set of powerful blue eyes that shifted to green on occasion. When questioned about it, he had passed it off as hazel eyes to humans. He also wore a dark blue sports jacket, slacks, and a shirt that was tailored to his form. “Good. The three of you got here without incident.” He had a commanding voice and when he spoke, he grabbed the full attention of the room. He did not sit down; it was obvious he had no intention of staying long. When he walked in he got a bow from the other three men present...after all this man was the King who came to power only a decade ago.

The one who answered him had a predatory gaze that would make most quake. He was brown haired with golden eyes. He also wore a black tailored suite. “You better have a good reason for this call Lucian, my people are dealing with hunters getting closer to our pack grounds and I don’t have time for pointless banter.” This man was actually a Wolf despite his high class appearance. This was Kenneth Blackthorn.

Lucian smirked, “Then it is a good thing you came, Ken. I just might have the solution to our problems. One of my shell companies has developed a drug that shuts down the power of the huntresses. Granted, I need one to try it out on to insure it does what the professor on my payroll says it does.”

          The third man seemed to growl under his breath. He had brown hair but it was kept short and was dressed as a rancher might. He was a big man compared to the others in the room. If it wasn’t for Lucian having more fighting prowess and intellect, he might be King of the Shifters. This man was Bryce Riley and he was a Bear.

          The fourth nodded, “Being that the Hunters are a thorn in all our sides, Lucian, what do you want our people to do and why?” This man was raven haired and eyed and was dressed in casual attire of slacks and a t-shirt. This was a Panther, a fellow cat to Lucian, but still under him. This was Damon Vaught. 

Lucian smiled wide and arrogantly, “I captured one hunter handler right here in Baton Rouge three days ago. Under large doses of sodium pentothal, he spilled his guts. From his brain we have discovered that some of the hunter females, particular blood lines, are guarded by them. In their blood is the genetic make up to be Shifter Breeders, the Order calls them Archetypes. These Archetypes are the ones with abilities that were bred into them. All we have to do is get a hold these females and they can be manipulated into becoming the ideal mate to any member of our people. It would just be a matter of corralling the lovelies and figuring out who they appeal to…the drug would suppress their huntress power that they possess and allow for the appropriate training to be applied and for them to be bred.”

The big man spoke up finally, “Did he identify these lines?”

           “That he did, there are fourteen women total that fall under the Theta Archetype category. There are six family names and with our lack of females because of the hunters, can we afford to look the other way? I know even as the King of the Shifter races, I have no mate. Lionesses are a lack in my world. Have you gentlemen found your mates yet?”

The room went silent.

           That answers that, he thought before speaking. “I thought not. These blood lines actually have a few females each in this very generation. The surnames are: Horizon, Nicholas, Yule, Santiago, Lancet, and Reignfire. The Hunters seem to channel them into dealing with vampires and demons. They are not sure how we have hung on as long as we have, but they know the lines are the most vulnerable to changing sides as our significant others with the right training or convincing.”

           The third man was the biggest of the three shifters that Lucian invited, he was a Bear but where he had strength, Lucian had strength, agility, and power and took him down to claim his crown. It was why Lucian was the overall leader and King of the Shifters…A Lion. He was quite interested in these females. “So where do we find them?”

Lucian smiled, “The Blood line of Yule is actually in the back yard of the Grizzlies at this time.” He picked up a file and handed it to him. “You will find the members of the family in the file, both males and females as you never know what might be useful. Capture the females and kill the males.” He handed the files of Horizon and Nicholas to the other two men, “You would find these in your back yards. My men are looking in to identifying the Santiago and the Lancet families and their whereabouts. We will worry about them as we have more news. As for me, I have one right here in Louisiana that I am going to grab before she disappears. 

           “Reignfire has one daughter and her name is Selena. The hunter I interrogated then killed and disposed of was her handler. She was identified by one of my enforcers in New Orleans this evening. She was stalking a vampire who is now dead. 

“Now that you know, I am headed to the French Quarter to orchestrate her capture. If the drug works like it should, I will see to it that you are all supplied. If you would excuse me, it is time for a huntress to become the hunted.” He left the three men to reviewing the files.

(To be continued in Taken)

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Philip Clayberg
22:18 Jan 03, 2021

Very good story. I still think Lucian is biting off more than he can chew (aka overconfident). I'm curious to see if his plan actually works, or if it will backfire on him (which I think is more likely). Or maybe ... just maybe ... there might be a way to bring the two groups together as equals. Which might prove to beneficial to them all (each group might have skills/abilities/etc. that could be helpful to the other group). Unless, of course, Lucian thinks that taking Hunters as mates is the only way to avoid an all-out war between the...


23:27 Jan 03, 2021

That is why I think I bring some things to your attention, You do seem to catch some things that I do over look. Thank you for that. I have basically hinted to a friendship between the panther and the Lion, but I think it shines a bit when a Beta loses her senses and Lucian proposes after the panther saw her picture for him to be sent to the girl. So yeah, the chapter starts out with Lucian and Selena but then sways to Lana Yule and Damon Vaught. Panther hot for the traitor that contacted Selena...Maybe.


Philip Clayberg
04:21 Jan 04, 2021

You're welcome. Maybe you could mention at the top of the story (after the title) which character's (or characters') point-of-view the story is written from. I've done that at least once (in "Mi Casa, Su Casa"), and it seemed to work because the story is from two points-of-view: Sunny's and Quentin's. Robert Heinlein did it in his book, "The Number of the Beast" (almost every chapter is from another character's point-of-view). Something like this: [Story title] [Narrator's name in bold-face or all upper-case letters or both] [If the ...


05:59 Jan 04, 2021

For the most part, I write in third person perspective or third person Omnipotent. Perspective tells it from a hand full of characters that would be centered as the main ones. Of the Theta females, I have only introduced one of the main characters, Lana is minor as was Emily. When I introduce Kaitlin Santiago you would see her take a center stage role along with Selena. In the direction I am taking the story, Selena might transform for the first time as I introduce her. Might have a transformed Selena kill Jericho. Not sure yet. I can...


Philip Clayberg
23:49 Jan 04, 2021

I seem to prefer writing stories that are first-person stories than stories that are third-person. I like the "fog-of-war" first-person viewpoint, where you only know/see/think/feel what the current narrator knows/sees/thinks/feels. With third-person, you have to decide as you go along how much or how little a character is aware of. I think I'd find editing to be more difficult when writing in third-person vs. first-person. I'd have to imaging seeing things from a character's point-of-view and decide whether they saw or heard or felt som...


00:12 Jan 05, 2021

Understandable, but certain stories if you don't tell it from a handful of characters, the story will never be told fully. In the case of the Theta story line, the handful that I selected all have a portion to the story to add. I am not getting too much into the enforcers with one exception and the actual Theta females won't play a front runner all that much with the exception of Selena Reignfire and Kaitlin Santiago. I have other stories where some characters are touched on but minor. The single touch is to move the story along. The ma...


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