The Right Circumstances (Pomp and Circumstances Part 3)

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Jan 01, 2021

Horror Romance Urban Fantasy

He drew her back to the plush seating and pulled her across his lap. Their lips met again and a make out session followed. To say that he was enjoying himself was an understatement. He did develop feelings for her as he looked after her. Big tough little witch was quite vulnerable when she was hurt. It melted him and made him want her all the more. Her virginity was safe from his bite, but not from his desire. Even if he takes it, he still won’t let her go. Even now with her having given into the kiss, he felt deep feelings stir within.

The lady found herself caving the man who was still her host. She felt a slight pain as well as a need in areas that she never gave much thought to before. His kiss was waking up things that a disciplined white witch would ignore. She looked inside herself and wondered if she was as white as those that took her wanted to raise her to be, or maybe she was grey like those that jumped ship or even black as the only person that she was forced to kill that was human.

She delayed his kisses that she was receiving with a whisper of his name, “Lucian, will you show me what it is like?”

“Are you sure that is what you want?” He wanted her, but he wanted her consent as well. “Do you trust me enough to know that I will never hurt you again?”

Alisa nodded. She felt timid about this as she was not experienced in matter of the heart and the flesh, but she had a feeling that he could be a teacher to her in many things and the heart was one of these things. Eyes portray a truce of trust, her lips met his and another kiss followed.

Lucian slid his arms around her waist and returned the kiss she gave to seal the deal so to speak. He used his power once again and the world shimmered around them.


As she lay asleep as his sense awoke him, Lucian activated the vampire blood that he had placed in her body because of what he sensed . He felt that a conception was happening as she lay with him. He couldn’t leave her be now, but he would explain it to her as he knew for certain. As he held her in his arms, Lucian continued to monitor the conception and implantation.

Later on, he took her again as she started to wake up. He couldn’t help himself; she was the mother of his child and there was no place he would rather be then to keep her in his arms and in his bed as he made love to her.

It was like that for a few days, it was as though she was his drug and he couldn’t get enough of her so he kept her in his bed when she was not sleeping. Lucian subtly gave her blood from himself as he made love to her over and over. 

Granted Alisa enjoyed the attention, she was not sure a life in the City of the Midnight Sun was not meant for her, nor did she think that she loved Lucian as much as he was professing to love her. She was not even sure what love was.

               Lucian finally calmed down after those few days. She needed to be able to rest for a while as things went on. He had begun preparations that he would have to make her privy to in the near future so she understood what was to come.

           Alisa awoke to being alone in the master bed room. Her body ached a little from the attention she had received for the last three days. Her attention was suddenly drawn to a rose lay beside her on the pillow with a note. She looked to the rose and as she sat up she read the note. It was the first time in days that she was not being sexed awake and she still felt a bit tired. The note said:


                                   You get some rest and I will see you when I get back. 

We need to talk about something.

                                                                       Love, Lucian

           She stared at it a moment and then got up. Using the facilities, she stepped into a warm shower. It wasn’t hot no matter what she did, that was odd. Still she cleaned up and found some leggings that were provided for her as well as a tunic style top and some shoes. She stepped out on Lucian’s balcony connected to his room and lounged on the rail for a bit.

           The last few weeks played over in her head. It started out as a weird game that she lost and became a prisoner. Then she awoke to being the next thing to a princess. Granted Lucian still had controlling interests in her day to day life, she still found herself living pretty darn well. Then the Master of the City being her first and his possessive sex addictive streak was surprising for her. Alisa was not sure what to make of that.

           Still she began to feel that she had over stayed her welcome and if she didn’t leave soon that she might not have the will to. With that momentary thought, she hoisted herself up over the rail and to the ground. Then she made for the forest nearby.

In the house, her departure had not gone unnoticed. Haddock made a phone call to the offices of his master as instructed in case she did something irrational.

           Alisa was almost through the forest when she started to hear howling; that alone made her second guess the choice in direction. Then they were before her. There were seven wolves and not the traditional sense of the word. These might as well have been small horses because if possible, she could ride one. Still they were circling and where Alisa normally could defend herself with spells cast in thought, no words came to mind. Her head was literally hurting and she slid to her knees. She felt very confused.

           The air around her shimmered and there he stood. Lucian wore a suit that was rather dashing on him and his hair was in a ponytail. He glimpsed back at her a moment and then his voice was like a thunder boom as he turned back on the wolves, “ENOUGH!”

           The seven wolves pulled back suddenly and then they were gone as quick as they appeared.

           Lucian turned and knelt, “Woman, what the hell were you thinking? Of course I would have places like this guarded and Werewolves work cheap.”

           She looked his direction and wanted to speak but words didn’t come to mind.

          He took her face in his hands and looked into her frightened eyes. “I figured this would happen. That is why I told you to stay put and rest in the note.” Lucian shifted and picked her up in his arms. Then the air shimmered once again.

           They appeared back in house in the living area. Lucian sat her on the couch but kept close to her. “Haddock pour the largest glass we have.”

            The butler saw her condition briefly when the statement was made and went over to the bar. He poured a large hurricane glass of forty-eight ounces of type AB positive blood and brought it back to the master.

           Lucian took it and offered it to her, “Alisa, you don’t feel too well right now and you can’t think clearly. It is an irrational state. You and I will talk about all of this, but I need you to drink this.”

           “What is it”, she managed in a question.

           “Don’t worry about that for the moment, just drink it. I will explain everything once it makes your head clear up.”

           She reached out and took the glass from him. With his encouragement, she took a big pull off the glass. Alisa literally felt it spread through her veins on the first drink alone. “This tastes sweet”, she commented and took just as big a pull off of it as she did the first time. She took more swigs off the glass and the pain started to subside and she calmed. “What is this?”

           Lucian half smiled to hear her sound and act a little rational again, “AB positive blood, I had to turn you Alisa. I sensed when we made love that a child was conceived. If I didn’t turn you, your body would have started breaking down by now and liquefying and killing both of you. I couldn’t have that.”

           Alisa looked his way, “I can’t get pregnant.” Some confusion was still there.

           Lucian half smiled and tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear. “Normally the sterilization you were put through would have prevented it, yes. But I gave you my blood on two different occasions. One while you were in the coma and the second time when I found the Nightshade in your system. My blood repaired your body and the destroyed the poison without killing you. The problem is that it didn’t stop there and I didn’t realize that until the conception.

           “My blood repaired your reproductive drive and regrew your ovaries and in the heat of the moments, a conception happened. You are pregnant and with a vampire off spring. If I didn’t turn you, it would have slowly killed you. As I don’t want to lose you and am dying to see my child in your arms, I did what I had to and forced the transformation. You can’t leave me, Alisa. Not now or ever because I doubt you have any ability to survive on your own beyond this city as a vampire and I won’t let you leave with our child. I can protect you both right here and you are safe here.”

           The thought of a baby thrilled her as she was told that as a member of the Witch Order called Helix, she was sterilized to prevent a meta-human witch from breeding at all so the line would die with her. Now Lucian was telling her that he had to transform her to save the life of their child and her own. Her hand slid over her tummy and she smiled big, “Vampire or not, I will be happy to give you that image of your child in my arms. I love you Lucian and thank you for this beautiful gift I was never supposed to have.”

           Lucian smiled himself; he treasures those words coming from her. He had told her many times and hoped that it would sink in. “I love you too and I will help you through this transition into the world I live in and keep you in blood, which you do need now.”

           “I have a curious question, why does AB positive blood taste sweet?”

           Lucian relaxed and smiled, “Something about the positive Rh factor in the blood and the AB combination. I want you at least drinking three of these a day. I know that will take some getting used to, but I promise you will be fine. I am going to want you to drink two of these before I let you off this couch.

           “Promise me that you won’t run off like that again. There are some hazards that could harm our child in the outlying portions of this city and that forest is no different. Also beyond this city, the meta-humans that have not awakened yet and the humans would try and kill what you are now.”

           Alisa was compliant with the drink of the blood. “Can you teach me something…that shadow step thing you do which moves you around so quickly from one location to another? That way I can just come see you if I get bored here in the house.”

           He smiled at the notion. “Tomorrow perhaps, but right now you need nourishment.”

           She nodded and was finished with the first glass only to have a second glass full presented to her. Alisa did not want to argue, that would only make him mad at her and she could be without that. However, she found herself making a promise that she would never have a year ago to anyone, let along an Eclisper that she has done the forbidden and fallen head over heels for. “I do promise you, I will not run off like that again. We are definably going to need you. Our baby needs his or her father as much as I do. I love you Lucian.”

           Lucian smiled at her promise, “I will kiss you once you finish that glass. This is me taking care of you, my love.”

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