Dec 18, 2020

Romance Creative Nonfiction Suspense

It was the last Friday of November when Lucy was released from prison after her ten years murder sentence. The police officers dropped her off in the middle of nowhere a few kilometers from the Prison. 'Madam, we have to drop you off here. If you are lucky, someone will give you a lift home.’ 'But Sir, you can’t leave me alone, please rather take me back to the Prison and I’ll get a lift from there.’ The other Officer flung the door open and ordered Lucy to step out. Puzzled, she stood by the side of the road and watched as the police vehicle make a turn and leave a cloud of dust behind. For few minutes she froze and her thoughts were blank as if someone erased all the good thoughts she had. 

Soon the blazing sun made her start walking. She still could not remember where she was. She’s physically fit from all the daily routine exercises they had in Prison but walking for over two kilometers made her legs feel heavy and sore. When she mentally tried calculating the distance ahead of her, for as far as her eyes could reach, she saw that it will take her till sunset to reach her destination. Sweating and dehydrated from the heat was unbearable and her legs could no longer carry her. Too many unanswered questions came to her mind. ' What if the two Officers deliberately dumped her on this side of the road to come later and kill her, she thought. What if God is punishing her for her deeds?' She tried to convince herself that God would not punish her for defending herself. The flash backs of the murder scene came rushing in, and she could still remember how on that day she was awakened by an unidentified noise. Swiftly donning her dressing gown, she took pillows, lined them as if one is sleeping, and then covered them with a sheet. Taking a knife she used to eat an apple, she quickly hid behind the door . Seconds later the burglar came in and took off his trouser. Just when he was about to climb the bed, Lucy came from behind him and stabbed him on the neck. All this thoughts made her to lose hope and she started moving at a snail pace. 

A big black car pulled right in front of her. Stuttled, she jumped off the road and kept her distance. Mesmerized by this beautiful machine before her, she walked slowly past it, admiring it like a small boy receiving his Xmas gift of his most loved toy. Her smile broadened and for a moment there, she forgot all her fears. She hasn’t seen such beauty in a while. When the driver finally stepped out of the car, her beautiful smile was wiped off her face and she came to her senses and started moving away. Her fears resurfaced and reality hit home. 'Madam, please don’t walk away. Please let me help you.’ Lucy stopped walking and looked at the stranger, and something in his voice and the look on his face made her believe he’s harmless. Beside, if she refused the help, how is she going to reach home. The thought of what could happen to her should night come while on the road, also made her to accept the offer. The interior of the car impressed her even more. The stranger stretched his right arm towards Lucy’s breasts as if to grab them, but Lucy, who at that time started breathing heavily tried to reach the door handle ready to throw herself out of the car. The stranger grabbed hold of the seatbelt on Lucy’s side, loosen it’s hold, pulled it until he put it on it’s safety holder. Lucy dropped her face in shame for doubting the man who went out of his way to help her. 

The car drove off and the stranger cleared his throat to talk to her. 'My name is Glen. Who are you and what the hell are you doing on this lonely winding road?' ' My name is Lucy, Lucy White. I’m from Prison.’ 'Prison? Why, and what brought you here?' Lucy explained her whole ordeal to the Glen, who listened attentively without interrupting. They must have travelled for another three to four kilometers before they reached a direction sign written BEVERLEY, Lucy’s Home town in bold letters. When she saw the name she started crying. Floods of tears rolled down her cheeks. Glen, who was patiently listening to her story, when he saw that she’s crying, he reached out and held her hand tight to comfort and calm her down. Glen reduced the speed and drove slowly because she must give direction and now she’s crying. ' Lucy, what happened to you is not fair but you have to forgive and forget.’ 'Thanks for listening Glen, no one ever cared to listen to my side of the story. For the first year people came in and out of Prison, not to visit but to question me and to hear me confess that I’m guilty. 'What about your parents and siblings?' 'l don’t have any. My parents died years before my arrest and I don’t have a brother or a sister. I live in my parents house and my friend took care of it while I was away.’ 'At least you have someone on your side.’ Lucy lost direction to her house because a lot has changed. Uncle Samuel's Fruit and Vegetable at the corner of her street still kept it original colours and it helped her to locate her place. When the black machine pulled next to Lucy’s gate, Julia was standing at the gate waiting. She knew that her friend is coming home today because she’s the only contact the Prison had for Lucy. Looking at the car, she quickly recalled that it is the well-known business man's car. Julia still surprised and asking herself what the man wants, saw Lucy come out of the car and without a word they both ran towards one another, hugged, kissed and held each other for a moment. When they finally pulled away from their hug, they realized that the Black car drove off. They went inside and Lucy had a long bath before she could sit for dinner. As they took their dinner, Lucy poured her heart out to her friend about the difficult years she had in Prison. They talked about this and that, cried, laughed, sang as they remembered years together as friends. The few glasses of wine they had made them lose track of time. They then decided to rest and continue tomorrow. Julia just had to ask Lucy this one question that’s been itching her since she arrived. ' How did you and Glen meet?. ' Glen is a very good man. I know him for only few hours but it feels like I’ve known him for years.’ ' You are avoiding my question.’. 'No, I’m not. He gave me a lift, listened to my story and brought me home, that’s all.’ 'My friend, beautiful girls have been queuing just to have the opportunity to be with him but all have failed. With your murder record, he’ll never see you that way. He’s very proud, wealthy and famous man. I don’t think you fit the description of the woman she wants my friend. Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to see you hurt.’ ' Julia, there’s so much in my mind right now, please fill me in and forget about useless talks. Who said I’m falling for the guy. He was just concerned about my safety and everyone could have done what he did. Maybe you are amongst those who are queuing up.’ 

They both started laughing and they said their good night, switched the lights off and slept. Lucy woke up refreshed and one could have thought that she will be haunted by what took place in this house years back but her meeting with Glen and Julia helped her not to think about the experience. The whole of Saturday they locked themselves in the house and enjoy each other’s company. The morning of Sunday when they were busy preparing breakfast they saw Glen’s car parked outside. Both looking through the curtains and wondering why he came, did not realize that he’s already at their door step. His knock on the door gave them a fright. Julia went and opened the door. 'Good morning Mam, I’m here to see Miss Lucy.’ Julia let him in and led him to the living room, then called Lucy who looked shocked. 'Morning Glen.’ Glen stood up, extended his hand to great her. 'Good morning dear, how are you? Don’t look so shocked, I’m here to see how you are doing.’ ' I’m good I guess, my friend is keeping me company. At least I’m not alone. What really brings you here Glen?' 'I want to know you better Lucy. Remember you never finished relating your story, I need to hear all of it.’ ' Glen, tell me you are not serious.’ Glen looking straight into her eyes was mesmerized by her wonderful smile, the smile he fell in love with when he picked her on the road on Friday. For the past two days Lucy never left Glen’s thoughts. He knew in his heart that what he felt the first time they met, he has never felt with any other person before. To him the murder story, is just a story that will, like other stories fade away. He chooses to believe Lucy and vowed in his heart that he will forever believe her side. Lucy on the other hand knew that whatever thought she might have about Glen will never materialize. Glen will never fall for a convict. ' Should I bring you something to drink.’ ' Please allow me to take you to dinner tomorrow night. I want to get to know you better.’ I’d love to Glen but I don’t think it’s a good idea because people will start talking bad about you because of my record.’ 'Who cares about what people say. I love your company, to tell the truth, I think I’m falling inlove with. I know it is too soon, please don’t shy away, I’ll give you all time to think about it.’ Lucy who still could not comprehend all what he said, stood there speechless. Glen stood up and never gave Lucy the chance to agree to his dinner request. He kissed Lucy on the cheek and said, ' I’ll send someone to pick you up in the morning so you can shop around for a dress to wear in the evening. When he left Julia came were Lucy was standing, still shocked by what Glen told her. ' My friend, I heard all what he told you and I’m still shaking. This man surprised me, I’m shocked. I never though in my wildest dreams that, you, of all the girls in this town would attract the man like Glen. I believe him, he really loves Lucy.’ 'Now it feels like I’m dreaming and that all what happened today will go away when I wake up. Please Julia tell me this is not a dream. How on Earth can one ever explain what just happened.’ ' My dear friend I think this is God’s way to wipe your tears.’ The two ladies spend the whole day relaxing each other’s hair, trying out make-up and talking about Glen. The day went by just like that.

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