Dec 17, 2020

Romance Funny Fiction

My roomate was a prick...and that was that, that's how this story begins. Before I truly start this speech I would just like to apologise to anyone this might offend including my brother and of course Cedric...the said roomate. Dear Cedric, I am sorry that you are such a prick...I am also sorry that you are going to be stuck with me for practically forever thanks to our ridiculous life spans. 

I'd like to begin with the fact that I never wanted to attend university in the first place, It wasn't my destiny...I wasn't the oldest. If it wasn't for the fact that my brother got kicked out thanks to his failing grades then I wouldn't be standing here today. No, in fact I would probably be working at our local animal sanctuary...caring for the incredible creatures we share Fae with rather than be standing here, a proud albeit compulsory member of the queen's guard. As for Aslin...well he would probably be in the same place career wise...although his personal life would be quite different, life partnerships are quite rare this young afterall.

As you all know, I met Aslin 2 years ago to this very day through Cedric. As I had spent my whole life knowing I wasn't the eldest child, I had given little thought towards the King's univerisity, the place where the eldest child in each family would be taught to hone their natural born magic and spend several years in mandatory army service before being allowed to live out our near immortal lives in whatever way we see fit.

Being as it was, I was incredibly out of my element. Growing up in suburbia Fae bordering on the rural countryside I was as sheltered as they came. Being thrust into the role as a recruit at the King's university overnight this borderline country bumpkin was way out of her element. This being said, the first person I met was Cedric which explains my first interaction with Aslin.

After having spent several weeks of passive aggressive gestures, tense silences and awkward interactions imagine my surprise when I met Aslin, the carbon copy of Cedric yet completely opposite in all the ways that mattered. I have since apologised to Aslin, to my now husband numerous times on my behaviour at the party that night. However in my defence, I did think he was his brother who had spent the first month of us being roomates treating me like a virus and doing his best to make me feel like an outsider. I have since come to the realisation Cedric that you didn't mean this, you just hate everyone.

I can see you all laughing now but in all honesty I am still appalled by my behaviour that night, circumstances irrelevant. No one deserves to be insulted, ranted at and be splashed in the face with a sneezing potion by a tispy, bordering on drunk pixie with homesickness and a intense dislike for their twin brother...who the tispy pixie has mistaken for them. Aslin also didn't deserve to be called a 'melodramatic, moody so and so' which is the only thing I can remember calling him that night

The following morning as I lay in my bed nursing an intense migraine and ignoring the obvious judging stares from Cedric a knock on the door to our student flat interrupted the awkward silence. On the other side of that door stood Aslin and as the humans say, the rest is history...although here we prefer 'their story'.

Which is exactly what it was, or what it started anyway...the story of Aslin and Aima. Despite my inebrity...even my alcohol addled brain could connect the dots, twins. Of course they were twins. In my defense, firstly, I didn't realise that they seperated siblings...and secondly, I hadn't even seen twins before.

Cedric had swiftly left, simply pointing in my direction and muttering something incomprehensible that I later found out was his deep down mostly invisible yet caring nature coming through for me...or perhaps he didn't want the burden of a dead roomate who had either choked on her own vomit or succumbed to alcohol poisoning. 

Thus started the relationship between Aslin and I. While I can barely remember those first few hours together, he assures me that he fell for me straight away...althought I reckon this is a blatant lie. Who could fall for a drunk, gullible country girl way out of her league...especially when that said woman insulted and assulted you the night before. 

Over the next few weeks I ran into Aslin multiple times around training and classes, as well as in the dining hall. As we got friendlier we started sneaking out of this said dining hall in the search for decent food. The true reasoning behind these ' searches for better food' eventually became as obvious to us as it was to everyone else.

I won't pretend that it wasn't weird to fall in love with someone more and more everyday while I hated their carbon copy who I happened to live with. This is of course, the happiest day of my life being my wedding and all but moving out of my assigned student flat and into Aslin's apartment as an official couple was definetly in my top 3 happiest days...I am sure both Aslin and Cedric feel the same, especially considering Cedric's new roomate moved out less than a week later leaving him to live in the solitude he so desperately craved. 

Looking back at these last couple of years...looking back at my life in general I never would've expected to fall in love...especially to fall for someone like Aslin. I expected to live out my life alone, dedicating my time and energy towards ensuring the positive health of our lands flaura and fauna...that had been my dream as recent as 2 years ago. Yet 2 years ago that vision had been thrown out the window. Today I can proudly stand before you and annouce the opening of a new divison of the royal army, a division headed by Aslin and I...a division dedicated towards the welfare and sustainability of the flora and fauna of Fae.

Opposites attract like magnets which can be the only explanation as to why me, a free spirited yet scatter minded hippie is marrying the cool,calm,collected yet fiercly loyal and kind hearted man next to me. To an eternity of balancing each other's ying and yangs. Thankyou all for coming tonight, to be surrounded my our closest family and friends on our special day truly cannot be expressed in words...our language has failed us yet again. Just know, know that you all mean the world to us and we are so grateful that we can share the rest of our lives with you. 

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