Dec 11, 2020

Horror Romance Urban Fantasy

(This story follows Ignorance was Bliss)

That panicked her even more. What did he mean by like him, sire, and new born cub, that was what raced through her mind; that and the curiosity as to why being in close proximity to this man making things ache that she never gave much thought to before. Her heart began to pound as this man got her back to the tent and unceremoniously dropped her in the center of the cloth walls. Strangely she landed on all fours, hands and feet, even though it stunned her but a moment. She scurried toward one of the walls to slip out again when she found that it was not a cloth tent now, but a solid building. She turned and looked at him in shock.

“Where do you think you are going to go? You are surrounded by my tribe and if one of them doesn’t stop you, now that I have your scent, there is no place on this rock you can hide from me. I would just come bring you back again.”

               It was then that she noticed his eyes. He has black eyes, too.

Her silence and frozen shock brought a smirk to his lips but he also noticed her eyes dilating to all black and she stopped blinking. It was true that he wanted her badly; Malachite also noted that he needed to calm her blood down a little. He didn’t want to just rape her in a blacked out state. They would both enjoy it more if he eased into it while she was in a lucid state. Malachite swung his leg over the chair he had freed from a stack of them, and sat on it backwards resting his arms on the backrest. “Come now Ana Lee; let us have a meaningful little conversation. I can see you are curious now more so then fearful. You have questions that I know I can answer for you.”

Ana Lee felt herself starting to calm and a breath escaped her lungs. She looked to her left and saw the large cot; she got up, dusted off, and stepped to it to sit down. “You said that you have been looking for me. Why? What makes me so special to warrant such attention?” She tried to keep her voice steady as being in this place with him was doing things to her. Ana Lee could smell his scent from the short distance away and was trying to bury naughty thoughts about him in her head to try and keep her composure.

“It kind of begins with the other half of the story that the humans don’t talk about. Back in the past when the humans began to experiment to create bigger stronger more powerful bombs, they ripped down some dimensional walls. It is probably the real reason most of the world died and the handfuls still remain. On the other side of those walls was what they communicated with when they played with spirit summoning, a sort of dark barrier with many a race of folks all their own. There are all sorts of dark beings that crossed over. Among them was a species called in this worlds way of tongue, Nekomat Raven Claw. We go by the common name of Nekomat. In our own world we were massive black and red cats with two tails and black eyes. In this world, we took on a human form for casual things. What you see is my human form.

               “When you look in the mirror, you see your own. To protect you, your sire locked you in a human form long before you were ready to find one for yourself. That way he could hide you among humans and the ones that killed your mother would not be the wiser. Then he came to me and said that you were born and hidden in a town somewhere. What he should have done was bring you to me. I would have made sure you grew up with full knowledge of what you are and we would not be having this conversation because you would already know.”

She could care less about the parents that abandoned her, but all this time she thought that she was human. This beautiful man was telling her that she had been lied to because the one who he says was her sire locked her in this form that has been looking back at her in mirrors all her life. Ana Lee shivered slightly, “And just what am I?”

               He got up and stepped closer to the cot, “You are a Nekomat Raven Claw locked in human form. That makes you a demon hell cat for the lack of a better term, but we prefer the term Nekomat. Fact of the matter being, you are not so alone in this world like you once thought. I lead this tribe as its king and prime Alpha. Through me, you gain family and a sense of community. I can do so much for you if you let me. I can keep you safe, help you learn about what you are and what that all means. I have no problems playing teacher to a hottie like you.”

The thought made her even more nervous, if that was possible. He wanted something from her and she was beginning to piece together what that was. “All I know was that I was born somewhere south of here and no one gave a damn about me one way or another. Now you tell me that this is but one form and I have another altogether and that I am a demon. I am having trouble assimilating all of this.”

Malachite stepped over to her, having a seat beside her on the cot as he faced her. The Alpha male leaned forward and nuzzled her hair, breathing in her scent. His tone was low and sultry, “You are so beautiful and so vulnerable, more so then you can imagine by not knowing who you truly are. Trust in me, I can look after you my Ana Lee. I can keep you safe and warm and loved.”

               “So is there a catch?” She had trouble resisting kissing him. His scent permeated her senses and made her blood and body temperature rise. She felt a heat suddenly like nothing she had felt before. It was all over her from her flesh to private areas and feelings that she never thought about. She wanted him as much as he wanted her and if she was indeed one of his species, the King primal alpha male would be a good catch, right?

“Maybe a few catches”, he whispered and then his lips found hers.

Ana Lee found herself thrilled by his act. His mouth was heated as it claimed hers, she gave in, and she found herself laid back on the cot with his body over hers. The logic centers of her brain turned off and she returned the passion he was offering even though she was still nervous. Her shirts were ripped open and his lips and tongue trailed down her neck to her breast. She actually tore his shirt as he continued his kisses. She allowed him to take her.


As their energy was spent, Ana Lee could only lay there. Malachite was very warm in a physical sense to a point that Ana Lee was content and lay purring as she drifted off to sleep. He liked her sweet little purr of contentment and she fit so neatly into his arms. She was his mate now whether she knew it or not. 

The next step would be to break the locks on her physical form but he had that planned for a meal together. He kept her in the niche of his body as he rested a bit. As he recovered, he had things to attend to. He wrapped her in a blanket he had on the cot and left her there, sealed in.


It was six hours later when Ana Lee finally stirred. She was alone on the cot and wrapped up in a very warm animal hide blanket. Her clothes were torn up on the floor so it wasn’t like she could put them back on. Then the smell hit her on what wrapped her. “Tanned Bison hide?” He had her wrapped up in a Bison skin blanket to keep her warm until he got back.

Ana Lee ran a hand over her neck to her shoulder on the left side and found marks. He did bite me, but it was only a momentary discomfort. Some species do bite their mates in the animal kingdom; she did not realize that it would extend to a demon which was something she was not quite sure she accepted yet.

Other than the lady, the tent was empty several minutes before the flap door on it appeared and opened up. Malachite stepped back in but was not alone. It was something he was doing to keep her sealed in. If she were going to get away from him, she would have to bide her time for the moment. Still with others present with him, she pulled the hide around her so nothing private showed to the men in question.

Malachite noticed and thought that she was being cute about not the showing other men any part of her. It was a sweet thing that she would not want others to see what he has. He kind of liked hiding certain things from them and looked to the three men that came with him, wanting them out all of a sudden.

The three men that came in with him sat some stuff at the table: two place settings, a platter at the center of the table, a bottle of something, and two glasses. Then they departed. One stared at Ana Lee a moment only to get hit in the kidneys by Malachite and thrown out. Then it was as though the room transformed again and became more solid.

               “I figured you might be getting hungry.” He was shirtless and wearing just a pair of pants and boots. She had a full view of the chest, abs, and well-built arms that seemed to assist in driving her insane hours before hand.

               She blushed as she nodded, “I am, but is there anything I can slip on?”

Malachite chuckled, “My little kitten being modest, how cute. Oh I am sure there is something around here.” The Alpha stooped and popped open a trunk that was at the foot of the cot to get her something to slip on; granted he had a different hunger in mind at the moment.

               He pulled out a black pull over shirt of his and walked it over to her.

               Ana Lee sighed and figured that it was something. She stood up, allowed the hide to fall, and reached for the shirt.

He used the shirt as bait and he swept her to him before she could take it from him. His lips met hers and she swayed in his arms during the kiss. Malachite bent his knees a moment and drew her arms around his neck before catching her waist and lifting her into alignment with him where he took her again. Then he stood again with her in his arms and walked over to a chair and sat her in it at the table.

               Ana Lee sighed as she was now seated at the table in nothing at all and a little breathless.

              He flipped up the platter lid to expose a roast that was made a bit rare but steaming hot. Then he poured two glasses of the ‘red wine’ for them and had a seat across from her.

Ana Lee was surprised to some degree. He did not apologized for leaving her to wake up alone but he was feeding her. To him at least, it was more than a one night stand. “You don’t even really know me, but you seem to like my body enough.”

               Malachite chuckled, “Whether you realize it or not, you have become my mate. To me you are like a drug that I find extremely addictive. I cannot help but want more hits of you. You will also find that clothing is optional when it comes to you. As we are the only ones here now, I don’t think you need any. In front of the Tribe, you can cover up. And don’t think for an instant that I will ever let you go.”

Ana Lee sighed again, “Well give a girl a break for a bit. I was a virgin before you and now my hips ache like no tomorrow.”

“I figured that they would be, but if the soreness is not worked through, all you will do is ache. Provided that you behave, being sealed in a tent like this is the least of your worries. I won’t let anyone or anything hurt you. You mean way too much to me.” He picked up a knife and cut the roast into four chunks. The outside was cooked and the inside was pink. It actually looked very good. “A perfect cook”, he said as he placed a chunk on the plate before her.

“I used to steal steaks and meat patties from the bistro and cook them up like this. I was surviving, but that was about it. This does look good.” She picked up the fork and stabbed the roast. It tore a chunk right off and she ate it.    

               “You won’t have to worry about stealing it anymore, kitten. Around the tribe all you have to do is mention being hungry and something would be supplied if not by me then by one of them. Women are well taken care of among our kind.” He ignored the fork and simply picked up the roast chunk he took and tore into it.

After a few minutes, she forgot about the fork as well. It was a good chunk of meat and no one but Malachite was watching her. After she finished the first chunk, he slid a second on to her plate. She looked at him a moment and he nodded in the direction of it as he pulled over his second.

              “I don’t want you starving, so eat.”

She ate half of the second chunk before she reached for the drink in question. Ana Lee smelled it at first and then took a sip. It smelled like wine so she could assume it was. Then it was like her body temperature sky rocketed. She felt over heated and slumped as her head began to pound.

               “What was that”, she mumbled.

Malachite got up and walked around the table to her as he seemly downed his glass, then he caught hold of her, and kissed her. In the kiss, he pushed more of whatever the red stuff was down her throat. As the kiss broke, she coughed. He simple offered her the glass she had originally, “Either drink it all or I will help you to do so.” When she hesitate, he half smiled, “Have it your way.” He caught her by the chin and forcefully poured it down her throat and made her swallow.

               As a result, Ana Lee pulled back from him and fell out of the chair. Her head was spinning as she attempted to crawl away from the table.

Confident that she was not going anywhere, Malachite picked up what was left of the roast on her plate and downed it. “You know”, he added, “For a whining little brat, she made up a very good roast.”

               She looked at him and felt sick, “What?” A sense of vertigo took over and she slumped fully to the ground hiding her face and a sever chill sat in.

“You ate a human child. It is a bit of a delicacy to us to eat a human that is why when we hit towns we simply gathered up the more tender aspects and send them to the stables. You ate the little girl that screamed and said you had demon eyes. Granted I had some of her myself, she was quite the little mouth full.

               “That is not what has you shaking, after all you would not even have noticed had I not just told you. No that is the elixir I had the ingredients gathered for. While you slept a short while ago, I took the time to mix them up. Your locks are breaking on who you are. No doubt you will sleep awhile, but when you wake up, you will feel fine and we will be in home territory. So go on to sleep and we will chat when you wake up.” 

               Ana Lee passed out on the floor of the tent.

             Malachite picked her up and laid her back on the cot and wrapped her back up in the blanket. He took extra special care; after all he didn’t want to upset anything. He wanted to be gentle all things considering with this woman.

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I loved that twist you added!! It's amazing! :)


19:52 Dec 13, 2020

Which the eating the kid from the last chapter or the gentle attention...


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Are you okay? Would love to chat and (hopefully make you feel better <3)


02:15 Dec 16, 2020

I think it is mainly the time of year. I am a bereavement mom and my son would have been five this year, the time when he would have really absorbed Christmas memories. Instead I still deal with what ifs. It gets to me sometimes.


Aww... Pls get better, I’m sorry 😐 Hope that you can make good Christmas memories:)


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Ray Dyer
21:23 Dec 11, 2020

Well, THAT was a twist! I like that you foreshadowed the twist during his thoughts earlier in the story. One line that jumped out at me - "...locked her in this form that has been looking back at her in mirrors all her life." Very visual; I liked it.


00:22 Dec 12, 2020

It kind of fit the prompt in my mind because not every inheritance is money par say. In her case it is a genetic heritage. She is basically forced into giving into what he wanted and then there was some pain associated with the receiving.


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