Dec 12, 2020

Romance Happy Funny

The annual cookie contest is in place! I want to do it, but I’m scared. I should just do it, Yeah I’m going to do it! It’s always in December, and every year the type of cookie is different. This year is whoever makes the biggest cookie. I don’t think it will be easy, but I’m up for the challenge.

I have to sign up, of course. They don’t just let anyone in though, You sign up, and they may accept you. I really hope they accept me! I’ve tried to get in for the past 2 years, but they have never accepted me. I always get scared, and then want to do it. I’ve always been top of my class, and people say that I have a talent for cooking. You have to use math for cooking, and I have always been good at math. 

A few weeks later, I got an email from the contest! I get this email every time I apply though, It either tells you that you got in or not. The past 2 years, It said I didn’t get in, but it could change this year. Okay, Time to open it. I... got in! It’s next Friday! They are going to pay for my flight, hotel, everything! I have to leave tomorrow, so I better start packing right now. I finally finished packing. It is pretty late, so I better go to bed if I don’t want to miss my flight. 

As I wake up, I remember. I have to go to London for the contest! I look over at my clock frantically, worried I was late. My plane leaves at 8:00 AM. It’s 7:00 AM, Perfect, The exact time I wanted to get up. I hop at of bed, Get ready, and make coffee. I load my trunk with my suitcases, and start going. I look at the clock in my car, It reads 7:28. It takes 20 minutes to get to the airport, so I just make it. As I am riding up to the airport, I think about the contest, I win, and win that nice cash prize. $1,000,000, What I could do with that kind of money. Next thing I know, I swerve off the road a little. I let out a little scream, and get back on the road. I rush to the airport. Hopefully, I will make it.

I run in the airport, Check in, and run on to the plane. It almost left, and I just barely made it. It was a long flight there, but it was worth it. I get into my hotel room, and unpack. I fall asleep, and think about the contest in the morning.

I wake up, and get ready for the contest. I drive myself to the contest, and try to make friends with my contestants. One, Ash, Is very competitive, and is not going to stop for anything to win. Jake, Just likes to cook, and doesn’t even know how he got in. Ashley, Is nervous, and doesn’t do well under pressure, from what I can see. Lastly, Jason, Like Ash, Wants to win, I feel like Jason is going to cheat. The announcer yells, “The Cookie Contest is starting! This year's theme is the biggest cookie! Our competitors are Ash, Jake, Ashley, Jason, and Alexis!” We all walk out, and wave. The audience cheers. I whisper to Jake, “I’m really nervous, Especially with this big crowd.” He says back, “I am too, Best of luck!” The announcer says “You have 5 hours on the clock, Go!” We all rush to the kitchens that the workers on the show have set up. I work really hard, and decide to make a chocolate chip cookie. Since, It’s the easiest cookie I know how to make. I look over at Ash and she is almost done with her whole batter. I rush, Worried I would lose. I get my cookie in the oven, While I am waiting, I decide to look around, and make another treat to sweeten up the judges.

My cookie comes out, and it’s perfect, It didn’t crack! I rush to get my other treat in the oven. I have to wait for the cookie to cool down anyways. I hear the oven ding, meaning that the bread that I made to try to win over the judges, is done. I see that everyone else is already finished and waiting for the time to run out. There is only 30 minutes left, so I start to clean my area. I looked over at Jason, and he was putting pepper on Ashley’s cookie. I yell to him “What are you doing, Jason?” He yells back to me, “Uh, Nothing!” I tell Ashley that Jason put pepper on her cookie, and she managed to take it all off. I hear the crowd and the announcer yell “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4!” It gets louder when they say, “3, 2,1!” The announcer says, “Bakers up! It’s time for our judges to see what they think!”

The judges come out and go to Ash first. They nod in delight. They say, almost in unison, “That’s a big cookie!” They go over to Jake. They look like they like it, but not as much as Ash’s. One judge says, “It is bigger than Ash’s cookie though.” Another chimes in, “I think it should be judged on taste and size. Jake’s cookie was not as good at Ash’s, but it is bigger.” They go on to Ashley. They taste it, They look like they really like it. Which makes me nervous. “It is bigger than the other’s,” They say. The Judges go over to Jason. Next is me, so I’m very worried. They taste his cookie, and exclaim. They take the trash can and spit it out. They yell, “This is Horrible!” That’s what he gets for tampering with other people’s cookies. They come over to me, and say, “Hopefully, You have something better than Jason!” They eat my cookie, and I wait anxiously for their response. They exclaim, “This has been the best cookie yet, and It’s definitely the biggest cookie!” They eat a second bite, That’s always a good thing too! I know I won! The announcer, and the judges get together for a second, and talk. The announcer yells, “Well, I think we found a winner! The winner is… Alexis!" I shout, “Yay, Thank you!” The announcer yells, “You win $1,000,000!” We all settle down, and Jake asks me if I would like to go grab a drink. I said, “Of course!” We go, and we go get something to drink. While we are there, he asks me for my number, We exchange numbers. I ask him, “Where do you live?” “Brooklyn, Why?” He replies. I exclaim, “I live in Brooklyn!” After a friendly drink, We go back to our hotel rooms. I get ready to leave in the morning. 

I wake up, ready to go home. I get on the plane, and 

Go home. I get in my apartment, and sigh, “Home Sweet Home.” I’m going to move out of here when I get that money. A few weeks later, I get the money. As soon as I do, I give some to my parents. Then, I move out of my apartment. I text Jason, and ask him if he wants to meet. We have a date, and after a few weeks, We are dating. What more could I want, I have money, A boyfriend, And I moved out of my apartment? My life is perfect!

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