Dec 05, 2020

Coming of Age Creative Nonfiction Inspirational

Here's a few short words to fulfill the story requirements. Then I'll get into the good stuff. I'm indecisive and it always leads to my failures, and this story is about me talking about people who've helped me deal with this indecisiveness and the consequences.

Anyway- here are a few words of appreciation for the people in this modern world that have helped me get through said depression. Please do take the time to read the whole thing, many of these people are not recognized or appreciated enough. Mind you, this list will be mostly music artists and YouTubers. Please don't judge me, and don't say that some of the music artists have done bad things, or have been involved in scandals. If the music artist is like that, then let me inform you that it will only be their music. Don't worry. I may not know much yet about some people, that's because I've only just found them or because I've just been really, really busy trying not to fail life. There are definitely people I didn't write about but if I did write about them I would never finish this list, so I will only mention those I have time to write before the deadline, who have affected me the most and whom I love the most.

Let's start with the big one. RoomieOfficial. Joel Berghult. One of the original YouTubers that have been there since the very start, his videos are music and comedy. I only discovered him at the start of the summer, but I created a channel(DJ Antisocial) to subscribe and support him. Now, many people think his videos are 'cringy' but he's really hilarious and is just trying his best. Being a YouTuber can be really stressful, and he cares for us fans. He's not afraid to speak his mind and shows he's human, unlike a lot of celebrities. He laughs a lot and lets us make fun of him, in a joking manner of course. I mean come on, Joel, that's not how you drink water- His voice is amazing, with a heavy Swedish accent, and his music producing skills are on point. Livin' For That has such a dreamy atmosphere and true lyrics, and it's just a great song in all. His singing impressions sound a lot like the originals, especially the Bastille one. Bahama blue eyes, a bright smile and baby face are a bonus. And let's not forget Jonas the editor and Chai. Jonas has an animation channel as well, and he has only one video but it's a great video.

NF! The rapper who doesn't curse or promote. People say he's like a copy of Eminem, but I disagree. NF has never rapped about making lots of money, or women. While I respect Eminem's rapping skills, in my opinion, NF is a lot better than him. Eminem talks about being the best, NF talks about how he isn't. NF's songs are medicine, for him and all his fans. He raps about his problems and the problems of us fans, he has mental problems but pushes through. He doesn't care about the fame, or the money. He just wants to help us, and his own mental state. And for the people who say his music is violent, it's not. It's angry. He's angry for the unfairness of life, for the hardships he's always gone through, and for us. For the fact that most of his fans are dealing with things they shouldn't have to, that they come up to him and tell him that his music is the only reason they're alive.

My Chemical Romance. The 'emo' group. Yes, the only songs I know are Teenagers and Welcome to the Black Parade. But they are amazing, and they have helped me express my frustrations when I feel like no one understands me, or when I feel really bad about death, and just imagine that they're rocking out with a black parade, away from the suffering of life. G Note.

Green Day. Only a few songs, again. The classics American Idiot, 21 Guns, Holiday, Jesus of Suburbia, Wake Me up When September Ends and Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Boulevard was a great song for every night I lied at home, alone, with no friends, and just feeling dead because of the sheer amount of work and lack of sleep. Even with the extremely meaningful lyrics of the songs, they were just great songs to rock out to. Screaming "DON'T WANNA BE AN AMERICAN IDIOT!" is just hilarious when you're an American Idiot.

Panic! At The Disco. Yes, I'm aware he has allegations against him. His music is what we're talking about. His voice is absolutely beautiful, no one can deny that. The first time I found one of his songs- High Hopes- I played so much my dad wanted to undownload it and never hear it again. His lyrics have deep meanings- or sometimes it's pretty obvious. The way he sings, too, is also great for me to try and sing along. Compared to other girls, I have a slightly lower voice and his songs are perfect for my voice and have many great ways to push it with vocal runs. Well, when he's not singing Into The Unknown.

Halsey. I know quite a few songs of hers, and she is an amazing artist. When I play her music in the car my dad says it's boring, but let me just tell you this, people don't need to hit ridiculously high notes for them to be great singers. Her voice is unique and just beautiful, and I am going to run out of acronyms. Changing the moods of her songs is no problem for her, she can make them depressing, dreamy, or powerful. She is very politically aware, having a series on YouTube where she talks about problems with Bernie Sanders. She know what it's like, as she is bisexual and did not grow up rich. She knows what problems are going on right now and why they need to be fixed.

Black Gryph0n. Sorry Roomie. I know he's stolen your pen and is threatening to destroy it, and you guys have a little rivalry going on. But he's a great YouTuber, and he is more underrated than you are. He's got a sense of humor and has a great voice, and can somehow do character and singing impressions extremely well, some of which I just stare in disbelief at. He also makes great music. Let's also appreciate Baasik, his brother and amazing music producer, and his off-screen associate.

nigahiga. Another original YouTuber. His videos are the definition of quality over quantity. Pure comedy, with a whole lot of planning and effort, he doesn't post videos too often, sometimes once a month if it took a lot of time, sometimes a few times a month. Like his dancing without moving video, where it took them an entire week and over four thousand pictures to film a quality video of Ryan dancing without moving. He's hilarious, hardworking, and makes great videos with the help of his friends. I miss Sean... People have watched videos of his as a kid but never knew who he was, like the How To Sound Like Your Favorite Artists video, which I watched as a kid but I only just discovered who he was.

P!NK. A fiery, confident woman who always cranks out great songs, a lot of her songs made up my childhood. I rocked out to Raise Your Glass when I failed to gain any real friends, sulked to Just Give Me a Reason as I moved away from my hometown, dreamed to True Love. F*ckin' Perfect helped me through some of my lowest points, Try made me keep trying to climb out of the pit, and What About Us let me scream out my frustrations. I sang So What as I dealt with my fake friends leaving, belted Just Like Fire to every time I lost, and screamed Cuz' I Can as I finally accepted myself. Music sometimes won't make sense, until you live it.

Imagine Dragons. Do they even need an introduction? Just so many songs, so many. Every lyric is a punchline, every song outstanding. Again, so many songs from my childhood. Listening to On Top of the World or It's Time is like being by a bullet train of nostalgia. They're classics, and every song they make has a different meaning and a different feeling. I honestly can't describe it at all in words.

Daily Dose Of Internet. Just a nice guy with a calming voice. He never clickbaits, and just scours the internet for the best clips of the internet, from cute squirrels and beautiful timelapses, to underwater pizza deliveries and music-making plants. A little break from the harshness of life, he just wants to make the internet a happier and better place.

Mark Rober. The rocket scientist who worked on the Mars rover and literally resigned from NASA to do YouTube. He doesn't upload too often, but that's understandable. It's science. His videos are ridiculously cool, addressing world problems, making cool things like squirrel obstacle courses and testing things like swimming in a pool of Jello. One of his most known videos is the Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap, and it's pretty cool. He's got a sense of humor as well.

Unlike Pluto. A music artist that has some popular songs but not enough fans. With only 238k subscribers on YouTube, he's one of the most underrated on this list. He creates incredible music, with the hardest beat drops and cool animations. He has a great voice too, and continues to sing in his music even though he had Laryngitis. He uploads very, very frequently, cranking out songs and making my days better. He has an alias he calls Like Saturn, which gives out more lofi style music, which are beautiful, incredibly calming and perfect study music, always with a gorgeous original background.

Marshmello. He's already really well known, but for some reason whenever I try to play his music, people laugh at me. His music is great, and his music videos usually have nice messages in them. He may not be in everything he claims he is, but I think it's rather ingenious. If he's having an off day or is really stressed, he can simply send someone in his place, and he has privacy unlike many other celebrities since he hides everything besides his hands.

Alan Walker. Another popular artist, yet only one person I know knew of him besides my family and my best friend who I converted. Music is extraordinary, and his logos and style are awesome. His music videos are cool and sometimes have deep messages in them, like Alone, which at the end shows different Walkers of all kinds, which is him trying to tell us we are not alone, we have each other and the people who care for us. Walkers Unite.

AJR. A band that is truly underrated, but blew up a bit more after the release of BANG!. Many know their songs like Weak, but aren't aware that they wrote it. I swear, they made a song about a sponsorship from Beats. We're not really sure if they actually got a sponsorship, but still. Every lyric has an amazing meaning, and it's in the categories of "depressing songs you can dance to." I swear, every song is absolutely pure gold. You can relate to each and every one of them, and they're incredibly nice with great personalities. Every concert you go to makes you feel alive, it's like a light show and their stage presence... The happiness when my parents bought me the virtual concert ticket I can't describe in words. Also, a quote from one of their songs is in my profile.

twenty one pilots. A band full of amazing music, meaningful lyrics and of course, aggressive ukulele. The fan base is great, massive, and very aware of the problems of the world. They know of their fanbase, and make their music about us, them, and everything wrong in the world. For example Guns For Hands is a song about how they can't got to sleep peacefully knowing so many of their fans struggle with their mental health and lose to their demons.

Avicii. He died way too young, but I hope he's at peace now. He knew one day, he'd leave this world behind, so he lived a life he would remember. I hope I'll live such a life before I leave this world. Until then, Avicii, we miss you. Maybe you'll wake up when it's all over, when we're wiser and we're older, but until then I'll keep waiting for love.

Juice Wrld and XXXTentacion. I did not know of them before their deaths, and I really regret that. I remember finding them and getting excited about finding more cool artists, but then I saw the news. I couldn't believe it, and I didn't want to believe it. Their music is amazing, relatable and with deep messages. They will always be with us. Rest In Peace.

Billie Eilish. I love her. Why? Because she's like me, but prettier and with a lot more talent. She was the first artist that made me open my eyes. I was shocked. She understood me, despite being so far away and not even being aware of my existence. She is faced with a lot of hate, body shaming, for her voice, for her style. But she deals with it through her music. Honestly, she's my idol. I hate how people say that her fans are all just us female teenagers and we use her music to feel edgy. Maybe a few of us, but I can legitimately relate to her music. She's one of the few popular artists who doesn't sexualize her body or use it to sell anything. Her style is comfortable and casual, she's funny, and she's a great dancer.

Jeremy Zucker. I only know one of his songs, but that song really, really, really hit me hard. All The Kids Are Depressed, to be exact. The music video features the different stories of different kids who have battled with depression and can't tell their story to anyone else. And honestly, every lyric is true. No one really likes us kids and teens. We're both overestimated and underestimated. Expected to make a life for ourselves and vote for the future of our country before we even figure out anything, but opinions brushed aside as we watch the adults burn the world.

OneRepublic. Another band that's made songs that made my childhood. For some reason people say their music is boring. It's not, it's dreamy, it's beautiful. The dreamy atmospheres mixed with the melancholy life lesson lyrics is just- amazing. So many people know about them, yet they still manage to be underrated.

Alec Benjamin. When my mom first listened to him, she thought he was a kid. He is young, but not THAT young. His music addresses many sad things, like I Built A Friend, which describes a story of a boy who left his childhood best friend behind, portrayed as a toy he made with a cardboard box head, and forgot about him. The boy finally comes home to him after a very, very long time and finds he's committed suicide.

Queen. Legends never die. So many amazing songs. Marvelous. Absolutely stupendous. Freddy didn't die, he's just up there rocking out in heaven. Nothing else to say.

grandson. Another very underrated person. He writes about the problems of world, and has great beat drops. Only person when he curses at us, you know he loves us. There's a lot of profanity but it's used well.

Preacher Lawson. Yes I know he got recognized from Got Talent but he is a very good comedian and always makes me laugh. When he makes jokes, he uses his entire body. His entire body and face can make the funniest movements, and he can improvise on the spot. You better not get up to go to the bathroom at his shows.

Rapid Liquid. Just a cute little wholesome channel. With Imagine Doggos, cute shibes, and just so much adorableness. Possibly the most wholesome channel on YouTube.

Kameron. His subscribers are in the hundreds and he hasn't posted much, but I love his style of music. His voice is beautiful and both it and his lyric writing skills are best exhibited in Sometimes.

Coldplay. My mom said that they were only for girls. I object, they are a great band, and have an amazing voice. Honestly, it's really great because you can relax to it but still sing along with passion. Perfect songs for a car trip with headphones on.

Nico Collins. Get this man some fans. He's a very sweet, aware person with a beautiful voice who writes about the problems of the world and isn't afraid of them. Nothing Ever Changes showcases this perfectly, and his voice gives you goosebumps. Us fans are called Nicotines, and sometimes his sister Chelsea, who also has an angelic voice, duets him and/or comes in for livestreams.

YUNGBLUD. Yes, he uses a lot of profanity, but he writes about heavy topics and his songs are amazing. They can have different moods, too, just compare Parents to love song.

I ran out of time and I'm typing this in the last minutes. Some people I didn't have time to mention: Fall Out Boy, Cadmium, Phillip Phillips, Daniel Thrasher, Avril Lavigne, August Green, blackbear, starset, Set It Off, cavetown, Eminem, Owl City, Nico & Vinz, Anne-Marie, American Authors, Scotty Sire, The Wanted, Fun., Citizen Soldier, Adele, Sia, Ava Max, Lizzo, Au/Ra, B.o.B., and so many others.

I wish I had the time, memory and dedication to credit everyone who's helped me, but I don't. So here are a few people, and I hope they get more recognition even if they don't know I exist.

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Cathryn V
03:31 Dec 10, 2020

Hi Ashlyn, Your story is a good list and descriptions of the influencers in your life. It might help if you included in how these people, artists, rock groups helped you in your tough times. That way it relates to the prompt and your beginning. I hope this is a helpful critique for you. If not, just disregard. Thanks for writing! Onward!


Ashlyn Leung
18:49 Dec 10, 2020

I kind of ran out of room...I was planning to write much more and add in a lot more people, but I went past the word limit.


Cathryn V
21:48 Dec 10, 2020

I totally get it. I've had to cut and trying to find what to leave in, take out etc, is aggravating sometimes.


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