Dec 02, 2020

Drama Historical Fiction Romance

The ancient Greek island of Delos just before the Trojan War; Circa 1200 BCE (estimated)

Eugenia bit her lip and gazed inanely at the murky waters that cast themselves upon the Island of Delos. Her deep brown eyes reflected the stormy clouds. The gloomy weather reflected Eugenia‘s mood; despondent and disquieted. She had always thought of herself as a fairly cheerful young women; but not anymore. She was now terrified and frail. And she had her reasons.

Talk of war was distressing the citizens of many once quiet Grecian city states. Just the day before, a large ship had sailed into Delos’s port, carrying some of the finest military leaders. Telling the tale of the notorious kidnapping of the beautiful Helen, the leaders gained the attention of Delos. They had began to call the men into action; Greece needed soldiers to fight. Of course, nearly every able bodied man came forward, hoping to gain honor and dislay strength on the battlefield of their most beloved country. So had Kyrus, the man Eugenia loved the most.

Everyone in town knew of the couple; it was perhaps the most controversial relationship Delos had known. Eugenia was wealthy; her aristocratic family possessed a overwhelming amount of gold and shimmering riches. They maintained an honorable status and were highly revered by the citizens of Delos. Kyrus, on the other hand, was unable to make ends meet. He was an orphan, a mere fisherman who somehow scrapped enough coins to buy himself a piece of stale bread for dinner. The other citizens frowned upon him. But Eugenia simply adored him; when she had met him in the marketplace, just a year ago, she had fallen head over heels for the man. She couldn’t help herself; Kyrus was handsome. He had dark, curly hair that reached his tanned and muscular shoulders. He possessed a strong and kind attitude. However, even with all of his extraordinary attributes, his status hindered him from finding love. Eugenia parents rebuked her decisions and forcefully pushed the couple apart; an act to conserve their own honor.

But Eugenia would not have it. She loved Kyrus so much that his status and wealth simply did not matter too her. She refused to obey the pleas of her family and instead remained faithful to Kyrus. They stuck by each others side, loving and steadfast. So, her disappointment was justified when she heard from Kyrus himself that he would leave soon to fight against the forces of Troy. Her worst fear had reviewed itself; she dreaded the thought of losing Kyrus. She wouldn’t let him leave without her care. He would surely die along side of a thousand more useless soldiers whose names were blotted out and forgotten. So Eugenia had looked him in the eyes, grasped his strong arm with her pale, shaking fingers, and begged him not to leave,

“Dear Kyrus, I can not live without you. The fear of losing the only one dear to my heart terrifies me. I will not let you die. Please, Kyrus, lets sail far away to a strange place where they know nothing of us. We can live the life we have always dreamed about, happily in love, with a home and a family, with nothing to separate us. We can stay far apart from this forsaken place; I never want to hear of Delos again.”

And Kyrus had reluctantly agreed. How could he have rejected the deep brown eyes that he adored. Besides; the idea of escaping his fate in battle didn’t sound too shabby. He formed a plan.

And the night to fulfill that plan had finally come. It was the night that Eugenia had longed for and feared for all of her life. It was the night she would escape pain and sorrow. She was eager to leave, and waited impatiently for the sun to set. She did not stir until the sounds of footsteps stopped echoing through the halls, and when the stars finally began to shine in the night sky. It was time. She arose silently from her tufted stool and threw a dainty shawl over her face. It concealed her most recognizable features; she couldn’t risk being caught. Eugenia looked at her strange self in the mirror, trying to build up courage. As she picked up a bundle of her most prized possessions and opened the heavy wooden door of her room, a shocking realization and a cold fear washed over her. She was about to leave her childhood home and never return. She stood for one last moment, letting a small tear fall from her cheek as she looked around. She had to think about her future, in a few days she would be far away with Kyrus, living peacefully. She made herself forget her past. It was time for the future. Once she had gathered her scattered emotions, she stole away quickly, running towards the port.

Eugenia breathed a sigh of relief as she took sight of Kyrus, attempting to blend in amongst a small group of sailors. The couple embraced, and waited silently. They had made plans to meet in this very spot. The sailboat before them was set to sail quickly to the mainland. They would board under the cover of darkness and leave Delos for good if all went well.

The sailors began to board the boat. Kyrus took Eugenias hand and helped her up a small ramp. They snuck quietly through the ship‘s interior and found themselves in the storeroom. It reeked of sweat and old food. Fresh air could not reach the airtight room and Eugenia gagged. She started to regret everything she had planned. Kyrus noticed her concern and assured her,

“Eugenia, look around, we made it! In the next few days we will be free. Don’t worry. Lay down, you must be tired.” He kissed her face. He had mixed feelings about their decision as well, but he dared not frighten Eugenia. She listened to Kyrus and nodded as she sunk onto a pile of matted hay, and gave way to a restful slumber in which she would never awake from.

The ship grew quiet, all was well. Until large, grey clouds rose over the water and sent merciless torrents of rain down. As the ship sailed over the darkening ocean, the gentle water passed into colossal waves, that with each strike of its foamy fingers ripped the tiny boat apart. It dragged its inhabitants down, deep down, towards each ones sandy fate.

The death Eugenia and Kyrus had so fervently ran from came swiftly and unexpectedly. Eugenia had let her fear take hold of her.

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