Nov 29, 2020

Sad Drama Teens & Young Adult

After Ethan left Artie in the unused classroom, Artie pulled out his phone and started to punch in numbers unaware that Ethan was right outside the door, listening.

“Hey, it’s me. We need to have a club meeting.” 

Who else knows about the Pens? , thought Ethan as Artie began to make his way to exit the classroom. Ethan bolted around the corner just in time to avoid Artie. As Ethan followed Artie, making sure he kept space between them, Artie made his way to a classroom. The door was opened and on it was a poster with a serial killer wearing a baby face mask, standing in front of a cornfield. Also on the poster was the Blood Moon with lettering: The Midnight Horrors- A club for young writers. Enter at your own risk.

Those last words had been made to look like blood dripping down.

Well, that’s a great place to hide magical pens, thought Ethan sarcastically, as he peered through the door. Standing in the center of the room, was a group of teenagers in the school’s uniform. Two girls weren’t students of Phoenix High. One was wearing a plain white mask and talked like she was from England during 1835. The other looked like any secondary character in a movie. She didn’t say anything or look at the rest of the group. 

“So, Ethan Eval has the Pen of Life and Death,” said Tana Willer as she looked at her twin, Liz, and continued, “What do we do now?” 

Everyone turned to look at a boy named Cody Reef, “No. Stop looking at me! You all know that I can’t make choices!” The girl who was staring into space, turned to face Cody, “Cody, what do you hold dear?”


“ Your pen can fix the damage caused by Ethan’s pen. Therefore you are our ace in the hole. Ethan won’t stop ‘til justice is served by his hands and that’s why he needs to be stopped.” 

Ethan left with a sinister look in his green eyes. That night, the game had begun... 

Cody Reef woke up in a room that was in was dark but it was definitely a basement. He looked back and saw his footprints, shiny and clear on the dark stone floor. What is that? He thought, reaching down to touch the bottom of his shoe. Blood. Oh my god! The gray stone walls were covered in the blood of a human. The smell of blood met his nose. The broken glass shimmied in the moonlight against the floor. The glass leads to the center of the room. The brick floor felt wet and sticky with blood and mud from the backyard. In the corner, full of darkness, Cody saw one thing, the body of a little girl. She looked like a china doll with a blood-soaked nightgown that was once the color of deep blue like a stream. He could hear the wind howling through the broken window. In the girl’s hand was a tape recorder. Great! Just great. I’m trapped in a Saw movie, thought Cody as he pushed the play button. Ethan’s voice came out of the recording. Trying to move was pointless, his feet were rooted to the floor by pure fear. 

“It’s nice to meet you, Cody Reef. You and your friends know who I am, so I have to get you all out of my way. You, Cody, are a tool to stop me, so no hard feelings.” And then, dead silence. 

Cody took off running into the darkness, not knowing what to do next. Cody, not focusing on reality, ran into a door. After regaining feeling in his face, Cody opened the door only to find a room full of nightmares. His older brother, Simon, had been hooked up to Artie’s wheelchair and they were being towed towards a car compactor. They turned to face Cody. 

“Stop staring and HELP US!” screamed Simon. Cody bolted to the machine. There were three wires colored all blue. One was dark blue, another was light blue, and the final one was just blue. 

Artie saw the looked of panic in Cody’s brown eyes. “ Cody, just beath, and look at the bigger picture.” 

Cody nodded as something caught his eye. There, hiding under the plain blue wire was a green one. As Simon and Artie were pulled inches away from the metal walls that were crashing into one another, Cody pulled the green wire out of the machine. The mechanical sounds came to a sudden stop. 

As the three of them made their way to the next room, knowing that someone they love will need their help. Simon had to carry Artie because his chair had been put on to a track which made it hard to roll and couldn’t be taken off. 

“You’re heavy, dude.” 

“Thanks for carrying me.” 

Cody stopped the group. There, another door, but this one had lettering on it: Choose who lives and who dies, Cody Reef. It was written in red paint. Well, that Cody wanted to believe it was. Cody took a deep breath and pushed the door open.

Tina and Liz sat on a spinning disk that was next to a saw. Also in the room was a desk. On the desk was another recorder. The door slammed shut and the recorder played itself. 

“Cody Reef, I’m giving you the power to save one of your friends. One will die. The saw will decapitate both girls unless you put your hand in the cage under this desk. You must press both buttons in order to save one. You can’t save both because pressing the buttons will Inject you with a posion. One dose wouldn’t kill, but two will.” 

Artie crawled over and put his hand in the cage, causing a cage to drop on Cody and Simon.

“Artie, DON’T!” 

Tina and Liz started to cry. Artie began to cough blood out, as he pressed the buttons again. Simon pulled out his pen and took off the cap which causes it to a sheet of paper. 

“WHAT I AM GONNA DO WITH THIS! DUMB PEN!” Simon threw the paper over his shoulder. As the saw came to stop, Artie pulled his hand out which let Tina and Liz out of their chains, and left the cage so Simon and Cody could get to him. Cody pulled Artie’s cold body close to him and cried into his chest. Cody knew what to do with the paper. His pen can’t bring the dead back but can fix this... 

Ethan was surprised when no one remembered who Artie was or that he was dead. In fact, there was no evidence that Artie even existed. When Ethan went to the Adams’ home, Mrs. Adams was holding a baby boy who was named Artie. So, this is your pen’s power, Cody...  

In the writing club, Artie's pen laid on its side as the group stared down at it, remembering what Ethan had done.

Adaline, the girl who had given the pens to them so she can get the one Ethan stole back, spoke up, "Artie's death and rebirth was not your fault, Cody. We will get through this, and Ethan will lose. Liz, you will take Artie's pen. Tina, you are now part of the student body, so we can get information on Ethan. Cody and Simon, we need a war plan."

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Lonnie Larson
21:34 Dec 09, 2020

This should make for an interesting series. Keep at it. Good read.


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Ashlyn Anderson
16:46 Nov 30, 2020

My plans for these short stories are BIG. I'm trying to recreate an old idea that I had back in 8th grade. One way or another, there will puzzle pieces in all of my writing. I would like it if you guys pay close attention to settings and characters' backgrounds. I'm hoping to make these stories into a big novel one day, with each story its own character. If there's anything you guys have any ideas, changes you want me to add or fix, please tell me.


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