Nov 27, 2020

Crime Mystery Drama

  Blood. It was everywhere. Where was it coming from? Well, you could say my parents' bodies. But...are they? Aren't parents supposed to love and care for you? Shouldn't they be there when you are going through rough times? 'Cause if that's what defines a parent they were anything except that. I tried to please them. I did everything they wanted and how they wanted it...it was never enough... The more I tried the more they asked. It was a vicious cycle and something had to break it. Guess this is it then. Though, if you are wondering, I didn't kill them. That's what I think anyway.

  "Ace, are you alright?" Ms. Ada says as she opens the door. "No!" I yell without thinking. She can't come in. If she sees this...What to do? "Thump" The bodies fall to the ground. Maybe trying to hide them wasn't the best idea... "What was that? I'm coming in!" She says as she slams herself into the door. It opens with a thud and she screams. A terrified expression covering her features. "What's this...?" She asks looking at all the gore. "I can explain." I say, instinctively holding up my hands. "Aaaaaah" She screams again. Such an annoying sound. This time security barges in through the door and yells, "Lower the weapon or we'll shoot!", as soon as they see me. That's when I realize. Uh no. I have the hammer in my hands, don't I? Could I make a run for it? Do I have to run when I know I'm innocent? How can I prove it, though? I drop the hammer to the floor. Put my hands up in surrender and they cuff me. This is going to be a long day...

  In the drive to the police station, I kept wondering. What happened? When did they do it? WHO DID IT? Those thoughts repeated endlessly in my mind 'till we got to the station. Now, I was sitting on the suspect side of a vega's strip-like lit interrogation room. Here, a tall, gruff man in a police officer's uniform confidently started to approach me. With his every step I 

grew more nervous. Why? I don't know. He sat down and introduced himself. "I'm officer Sevn and I want you to tell me everything that you have done this past day." F*ck. I'm scr*wed. Now he's going to think I killed them. I don't blame him though. I would have. When he notices that I have taken a few minutes he gives me a stern glance and I start recounting everything. Starting with:


  I have decided. Today is the day. I'll finally be free. Are my thoughts as I open the doors that will seal my fate. "Mom...Dad...I came here to tell you something I have been meaning to say for a while." I start already inside. "Then spit it out," Father yells, his temper rising. My nerves take over. "I...uh...I res-" I try to say before 'dear' mother interrupts me waving her hands in dismissal. "Ace. Before you say whatever crap you're gonna say. Have you finished your management course at Harvard? Remember that we need that license ASAP." I look down. Tears growing in my eyes. Ugh. I should have known... It's always the same with them. Why do I still care..? "You didn't do it, did you? Max have you seen the garage of a son you have. He's gonna costs us a fortune!" Mother says while pointing a demeaning finger at me. "Wdym my "garbage" of a son? May I remind you that you are the one that gave birth to such an abomination." Father says as his eyes pierce my soul. "You-" is the last thing I hear mom say before I run down straight home. I'm such a coward. I couldn't stand up to them. I promised Elaine that I would... She's probably going to leave me now.

  I enter our apartment and the first thing I feel is Elaine's hug. "How did it go?" She asks excited but that look quickly fades once she sees my broken face. My eyes were puffy from the crying. My lips bleeding and my face full of scratches from my nails. "I couldn't do it... I'm sorry... I'll leave now if you want..." I say as I start to go. Then I see a hand in my way. "Why would I want you to leave? I love you, Ace." She says while hugging me again. "But I couldn't stand up to my parents. I'm a coward..." I say pushing her away. She ignores my efforts and hugs me tighter. "It doesn't matter if you couldn't tell your parent you didn't want to continue the family business. That doesn't make you a coward! It doesn't matter what you do, I'll always love you!" She says. Tears falling down her face.


"The next day I went to my parents' office again and you know what happened." I said finishing up the story. "Mhm. That all seems clear. Even so, there's still something missing." He starts and jots on his notebook. "What happened after you said you loved each other?" I try to recall the memory. Nothing comes. How can this be? Did I hit my head? "I can't remember," I say nervously. The officer notices and says two last sentences, "If you don't tell me the truth I can't help you. Your trial is tomorrow.", before leaving.

               The next day

  We are in the trial room. All the evidence points against me. I'm sure you are wondering why I'm not doing anything. The answer to that is, I deserve it. I deserve to suffer in that cell. I'm a useless piece of garbage just like my parents said.

  They are about to make a verdict when Elaine jostles in. "I did it." She yells. Everyone turns to her. "I'm the one that killed Ace's parents." "No. Elaine don't." I say trying to go to her. Something's in my way though. I'm chained to that stupid chair! No one pays attention to me, still focused on Elaine. I'm unable to do anything as I watch the person, I'm supposed to love, confess to a crime they didn't commit.

 How do I know this? There's a simple answer to that. I KILLED THEM. It all came back to me in the cell. After my horrible breakdown at the apartment, we did something I never thought she would do. We did drugs. It was her aunt's prescription. I had suggested it before though Elaine, being who she was, never agreed. This time it was different... I got too high and an 'incredible' idea popped into my head. What if I killed them? And that's what I did. She tried to stop me by hitting me in the head with a lamp. The deed had already been done anyhow, so it didn't matter. 

  Like always I was too much of a wimp to do anything. In the end, she was sentenced to 20 years. She got butchered before she could get out, though. You know how there's always a lesson in every story. In this one, it's that anyone that gets close to me is doomed.


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04:08 Nov 27, 2020

He ignores my efforts and hugs me tighter. I think you mean "she". "If you don't tell me the truth I can help you. Can't I think. Other then the two typos and you have time to fix them still, This is an awesome story.


Black Raven
06:15 Nov 27, 2020

Thanks a lot for pointing them out. I'm going to fix them in a minute. I had noticed a little while before but decided to correct them later in case there wasn't much time left. Also glad you liked it.


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