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The sight of the quaint castle style like home swimming in an ocean of blooming flowers wasn't even the most pecuilar part of her trip to the land of the Fae so far, it was the smell. The air was so sickly sweet that it practically clung to her like a second skin.Back at home, life was neat...elegant. Everything had a purpose and a place in society, here...it was a chaotic mess of sensory overload.

The Elvish lands just like their peoples were known across the Kingdoms for their refined culture and the incredible grace of it's peoples. Home smelt of a pecuilar mix of mint and freshly fallen rain...here, it smelt like the starbucks she had visited back in the mortal plane several weeks prior. Her childhood home, was a double story stone villa complete with a monochrome colour scheme and a garden manicured to within an inch of it's life. 

If her Mother saw the untamed beauty of this place and the ornate styling of the mansion size building before her, she would probably start another one of her lectures on being 'proper' and embracing ' functionality' over 'pointless decor'. It wasn't that her Mother was cold, it was just simply the way of the Elvish peoples...everything was purposeful and proper, nothing was left to chance or coincedence.

" Anita my child, it is so good to see you. It had been far too long!"

The sight of her father almost skipping down the multicoloured stone driveway, his long beaded white hair clinking softly in his movements had Anita fighting to keep her face impassive.

When had her Dad, the once perfect speciment of a male Elf turned into this hippie figure before her...it was almost as if he was Fae. Gone was the short hair and the neat hygiene of the Elvish peoples. This man in front of her may look like her Dad, yet he was so astoundaly different that she was having a hard time coming to terms with the change in front of her.

" Greetings Father."

She murmured back obediantely, years of discipline flowing back to her as she dutifully gave her father a stiff hug. They did not hug in the Elvish lands, no one did. Affection was shown with handshakes and the odd smile, none of these over exuberant physical interactions.

" Anita, this is my partner Daisy."

He explained, looking up at the sky as a youngish looking woman with ginger hair as bright as her flowing dress landed neatly on the path next to them. Her dragonfly wings stretched out elegantly behind her as the heavy scent of jasmine swished around them.

" It's so good to meet you Anita and let me just say how truly happy I am that you can be here to celebrate the Summer Equinox with us."

Anita forced a small smile onto her face as she let the young woman hug her, of course she knew that this Fae was probably her parents age...you could never tell how old immortal beings were, it was a very difficult thing to gauge. The womam's gossamor wings shimmered brightly in the afternoon sunlight and Anita found it difficult not to stare at them...it was such an odd way to travel. 

Her peoples, the Elvish peoples simply thought about the destination they wanted to go to and they were there instantly...a kind of instant teleportation. They certaintly didn't grow insect like wings and went flying around. No, the Elvish people were certainly more grounded that the Fae, both literally and metaphorically.

As the other woman started making small talk Anita found her thoughts drifting back to her homeland...her happy place. A place where everything knew its purpose, where everything was logical.

" Come Anita, I'll get my daughter to help get you ready for our first party tonight. It's only a small one but it will be held in our gardens. I am sure you will fall in love with them as your father tells me you study Botany and Environments back home. "

Nodding politely towards the chattering flame haired woman, Anita found herself quickly looking away from her Father once again as he looked apologetically in her direction. The Elvish people took love...they took any sign of affection very seriously in fact. It was one thing to respectfully agree to not be apart of one anothers lives anymore, just like her parents had. It was another thing all together to fling the word love around, especially from the woman that was her Father's new lover.

" She doesn't mean it Anita, remember the Fae are quite different from us in many ways...they don't take affection quite so as seriously as we do."

Nodding once at her Father's whisper, she continued to follow the cheerful couple . Large doorways, big enough to incorporate wings were spaced neatly along the floral patterened wallpaper. As they headed to the far right one, another Fae appeared through this same doorway and looked at them happily.

" Oh Mum she came! I am so glad she did I was worried that she would get overwhelmed,you know considering what the Elvish society is like."

" Becca, do not talk so in front of our guests."

Daisy looked apologetically at Anita as her Dad simply laughed.

" No worries at all dear, she has a point afterall...stereotypes exist for a reason. "

After pausing for a moment and staring at his new partner, clearly a sort of mental conversation occuring he nodded once before looking back at his daughter.

" Anita, while Daisy and I go get ourselves dressed for the party. Why don't you go with Becca, she will show you to your room and help you prepare for the party as well."

Before she had a chance to display her displeasure at this plan the two adults left the room, leaving the Elf alone with the overly bubbly Fae who was beaming in her direction.

" This will be so much fun, let's go up to the bedrooms...I think you will like yours..."

As the young woman nattered on Anita found her thoughts drifting back to her homeland once again. It was only when the woman before her took flight and opened her monarch butterfly like wings to get to the upper levels of the house did Anita realise her current predicament. She was in a Fae house, they didn't walk...but they sure did talk.

Staring above her at the landing, Anita visualised herself standing next to the lively Fae and within moments she stood by the young womans side. It was only her sudden appearence that had the talkative Fae silencing for a moment as she looked at Anita in surprise.

" I had heard about the Elf's ability to teleport but your Dad normally just uses the ladder we installed when they got married."

Shrugging in response, Anita followed the young woman as they entered a large room...the room's colour scheme was almost comical by contrast to her room back home. A monochrome and metallic colour scheme ruled her bedroom back in the Elvish lands.

Here the candy schemed room adorned with odd trinkets, lace curtains and embroidered bedsheets had Anita fighting once again to keep her face neutral and not display her distate with the decor.

" Now let's get you ready for the party."

 Staring at their reflection in the large mirror before them, Anita noticed the once again comical comparison of the two women. The pink haired woman next to her wore a short lime coloured summer dress, her tan skin sparkling in the only way a Fae's could. Compared to Anita's pale yet perfectly unblemished skin, long off white hair and her simply black trousers and white tank top the two were certainly a sight. If this was going to be the theme of her stay in the land of the Fae...almost comical contrasts, it was certainly going to be an interesting holiday.

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