Nov 20, 2020

Romance Fiction

It had been 24 years since she last saw it but the place looked exactly the same. She wanted to see it, wanted to see her childhood home. Charlotte Ramsey was a lawyer, she had found romance marrying someone formt he firm. How happy the day she graduated form high school and was accepted to an out of state college. All she wanted was to get away from this place it didnt offer her ant excitement. Any thrills or fun. She was remembering that day her final goodbyes. She wanted to come back just to look at the place see what it had to offer. She wasnt thinking of moving back though she did miss it. Missed everything the camaraderie the small town community people looking out for each other. She had moved to a big city got the big job with big pay and married prince charming. She had it all. She was not complaining. She only cam back because he mother passed away. She never to the funeral and thought how nice it would be to look back at her family home. She spent 18 years there she didnt know what to expect. The people that lived there welcomed with her open arms.s he was not sure how they would react seeing a stranger come knocking and tell them she wanted to look at the place. They were very courteous and welcomed he rno problem they gave her a tour of the place. They asked her how lk had it been she told them 24 years. See mom moved 3 years later when dad passed away so I had no reason to come back here. She moved to the other side of town. Have you seen the neighborhood curious to see how it changed. Looks about the same I'd dont see any differences. Very quiet a nic neighborhood you can raise a family in . Yeah they told her we raised 5 kids and now they are all starting a family of their own. Cant wait till they come back years later and check yo on this place after we are gone. Reminiscing. So yeah they exchanged pleasantries. My name is Charlotte I was a lawyer newly retired. About to go on vacation soon visit Italy, England, Germany. You are going to Europe. Yeah she said. Never been so busy raising those kids. So you are married well I'm divorced now my husband and I separated 5 years ago. Pig, decided he wanted to see other women. He left me for his 26 year old secretary. How sad. Dont worry about it I have moved on. You are better without him they said trying to be nice. She took the tour noticing all the similarities and differences. Look there was where we would have the Christmas tree and open up our presents. She looked in her bedroom she shared with her younger sister. All the posters she had hanging on the wall. Tore down now. Little things like that. She looked out the window saw they built a pool. How swell we always wanted a pool gave fun parties but mom and dad said no. She realized now it was probably they didnt have the money. Her room was empty now. She didnt want to be a burden so she didnt stay long. Nice couple they invited her over to stay for dinner but she declined told them she had to get going. She didnt want to be a burden tot his ice family take advantage of their hospitality. She thanked them for letting them take a look at the place but ow she had to go. She had been sad all week her mom finally passing away. they knew the day was coming she had been in hospice care. The doctors told her she didnt have long to live. To make peace with her. It was hard you know to lose an important piece of ones life. This was a nice way to say goodbye to this place to this town she doubted she would ever come back to. This was her last thing tying her down to this place. She was going back to the big city. She was in no haste to get going she had nothing to go back to. She said goodbye and got in her car driving around town one last time. She went to her old high school. The movie theater anywhere she had a good time. She was hungry so she stopped by the old diner she worked at for some time in high school try to get some extra money for college. She sat in her old booth and waited for the waiter when he introduced himself to her she saw his name tag read Johnny. She remembered an Johnny from old times. She looked him in the face see if he was the one. She stared at him but it had been so long. Why is this woman eyeing me he didnt know. Do I know her from somewhere. She didnt want to be rude she made her order and put her head down. She ate thinking about this man and wondering if he was the one she had eyes on when they were kids. Never worked up the courage to ask him out. It couldnt be him. She said. She ordered a chicken sandwich with fries and a milkshake. Her favorite order when she was back in school hanging out with her friends. Dreaming of all the plans they would make when they got out of here she lost track of them after school she wondered whatever happened to them. Where they still around. She could not get this man out of her head what if it was him. What if this was the guy she had always pinned for. She wanted to know about the town. Why not ask him an old man like that must know everyone and everything and must have a good couple sites to see before she left to go back to her drab life. She waited til the end til he came back with the bill to work up the courage and ask him hey ar you johnny schmidt from Tulane street. Well yes i am and you are. Well you won't remember me she told him but my name is Charlotte ramsey from hurtle avenue I live a couple blocks from you. Yes I remember I dont mind telling yo this now but i had a crush on you back then. Oh wow she said surprised cause he didn showed any interest in her back then. He wouldnt look at her she remembered. You what she said I swear to god I didnt think you felt that way about me. I did. Sorry about your mother I heard she passed away. Yeah she did. With tears coming down her face. I'm sorry I was offering my condolences didnt mean to make you feel bad. Is ok she is in a better place now. Her health was deteriorating so we were glad she can finally be at peace. Are you staying long or are you heading out of town. I dont know I have time but no plans. I am a rudderless ship. She told him. Alright my shift ends in three hours if you could wait for me I would really appreciate it. Oh ok. Sure. She said.

Couldnt believe this was happening to her this is something you only see in the movies. Could this be a Cinderella classic. She was living through. She sat patiently in that booth for his shift to end. Nervous and excited about this or what this could lead to. She didnt want to get ahead of herself. Anyone pretty that would walk in she would get mad and cursed under her breath I hope she doesn't get his attention. After his shift he walked out of the back and she saw his transformation wow a totally new person. Nicely dressed, had shaven before he came out. She was so excited and happy finally getting to live out her fantasies. And that was all that mattered.

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