Nov 20, 2020

Inspirational American Crime

β€œIt was me,” Su broke the silence.

Annie froze in the spot.

β€œI am sorry, I didn’t mean to...”

Annie went in to the bedroom and slammed the door. She didn’t want to hear anything.

Su knew he couldn’t live a life as a liar. He would die of guilt if he didn’t keep his promise.

Annie hugged her blanket and began to cry, she couldn't accept that he was leaving her. Su gave a silent knock to the door.

In the inside he knew that he wouldn’t get a response, so he left the house and started walking away.

The sky was black with huge clouds covering the sun.

He went to the park nearby and sat in the bench opposite to the fountain.

The air was cold and the clouds began to pour. He didn’t get up and run for shelter.

He sat there as the tears in his eyes were washed by the rain. He sat looking up.

β€œHas he gone mad?” Maeve asked.

Her father didn’t reply. They both were standing nearby with black umbrellas.

He was looking at the man’s pain. After a minute of silence he replied, β€œHe will be fine.”

β€œHe will be jailed for a decade,” she whispered.

β€œHe won’t,” he replied with a smile.

She knew the smile.

β€œ You didn’t mean it, right?” she asked in a low voice.

β€œMe and Becca used to come here every day,” he remembered.

β€œBecca Williams?” she asked.

β€œShe was only Becca then.” He murmured.

β€œWe both used to come here everyday and meet.

Our life used to be so beautiful.”

His daughter listened keenly.

β€œIf not for that day, we would have been married, but because of that I had to spend five years in

prison. While I was in prison her parents had forced her to get married to someone else.”

Maeve saw her father cry. β€œ That man was a drunkard and abused her everyday, she couldn’t take

it anymore...”

β€œIt wasn’t supposed to be like that dear, our lives, but see how it turned into.” he sobbed.

β€œI can’t see her son facing the same situation in his life Maeve”

Β Suddenly there was a flash and they heard the roar of thunder.

The wind was blowing harder.

β€œ I think we need to go,” Maeve said.

They both began walking, He gave a final glance at Su and started to move.

The sky was pouring, Su knew his fate but at least he didn’t die as a liar he thought.

β€œ The sun ain’t gonna set today! Brother don’t...” Su’s phone started ringing. He took

It from his wet pockets and wiped his eyes to see the caller. He swiped it with his wrinkled


β€œHey Su, Annie told me,” The caller said.

β€œKiran, you know I can’t lie.”

β€œWe didn’t knowΒ they were going to make it explode, it wasn’t our fault Su”

β€œBut the law doesn’t say so...”

β€œ Who cares about the the law? Lying is no harm to anyone now, you will lose your life you remain stubborn.”

Β β€œ You know what happened when I lied last...”

β€œSu, it was a different scenario.”

β€œ...she died. I swore on her soul, I wouldn’t lie in my life after that.”

β€œ Su, we were kids then, its not your fault.”

β€œ Just leave this Kiran.”

β€œSu, I don’t know how to say... please don’t do this to Annie, she loves you so much.”

β€œShe will be alright Kiran.”

β€œYou are lying Su, lying to yourself, that’s the biggest lie,” Kiran cut the call.

It was still raining, Su got up from the watery bench. His clothes have become heavy with water.

He walked through the exit and looked at the sky. No light, the sky was darker than the

road beneath. He didn’t care to remove his wet socks which he would have if it wasn’t

the situation.Β He walked past the bakery without stopping to buy an orange velvet cake for his love.

β€œHaven’t I told you to always carry and umbrella with you?” Su heard a familiar voice.

β€œOh mom...”

β€œYou never learn things Su, you are still my little boy.”

Su began to cry, he hugged her.

β€œDon’t leave me mom,” he cried,β€œ I miss you.”

His mother was wearing a white gown as white as though it seemed it was

made of snow. Her earrings were made of crystals and she wore a beautiful

diamond necklace. She looked like an angel.

β€œSu, I am always with you dear.”

Tears in his eyes, Su said,β€œ I am sorry mom.”

β€œIt’s ok dear, everything is alright.”

β€œI miss you,” he murmured again.

β€œI am here for you Su, I am here to guide you.”

β€œMom, I kept my promise.”

β€œSu, I wanted you to be happy.”

Su couldn’t say anything.

β€œNo one can define right or wrong in this world Su, people give only their opinions.”

β€œBut, Mom...”

β€œTruth is not what you think it is.Β Even Falsehood has the nature of truth, if it confer a benefit that is

free of fault. This is your second wind Su.”

β€œMom, but I promised to you.”

β€œA promise is a word of trust, that’s all dear. All these laws are man-made too. The point of these

is to not hurt each other, that’s the ultimate reason, dear.”

β€œ I understand mom.”

Su’s phone began to ring, β€œ The sun ain’t gonna,” he quickly picked it up.

β€œMr.Su?” The caller asked.

β€œYes officer,” Su replied.

β€œWe need to ask you a few questions about the accident in thermal powerplant.”

β€œGo ahead officer.”

β€œ Do you believe thatΒ the explosion was an accident?”

β€œ Yes, sir, there was a fault in the system I believe.”

β€œDo you know anything else about this?”

β€œI don’t know sir,” he lied with confidence.

β€œOk thank you Mr.Su. Can you please come to the station sometime to record your statement.”

β€œSure sir.” Su cut the call.

His mom smiled and disappeared in the bright sunshine.

Su looked at the beautiful rainbow in the sky, the sun was greeting him with bright light. He enjoyed the sunshine after the terrible rain was over.