Nov 19, 2020

Drama Kids Inspirational

"It had been twenty-four years since she’d last seen it, but the place looked exactly the same,”

Denny raised her head, staring at the plain blue sky. As puffs of clouds rolled and as different kinds of birds flew by. Each chirping their hearts and wings out, chasing each other. She looked behind as she heard the sound of an engine rushing towards her.


No, it wasn't a truck, sorry guys!

She closed her eyes and opened them, as she saw a speeding jet flew by. It spun around and did some other amusing tricks. It boosted, took a right, and drew a heart with it's blue-colored smoke, although, it seems like no one in the crowd of public even turned around to take a peek.

'They are missing out a lot..." Denny sighed, staring at the busy people crossing paths, staring at their phone or either chatting to someone.

"But never mind that, I have a place to go to. Good luck on your skills to whoever's riding that je-"


She noticed something red flowing onto her face. Yes, it was blood, but it wasn't hers...


She rubbed some of it with her bare fingers and raised it towards her face, confirming if it is real blood. Nevertheless, it seems she never cared. She's sure she wasn't injured or hurt. 'Probably someone else accidentally squirted their juice on me' she pondered.

But as she turned around to leave, a bird was lying headless on the ground. It's feathers were plucked out and it was bathed in blood, it's own blood. The bird looked at the flying jet, remembering whoever did this to itself, until it breathed it's last breath.


Denny walked towards an Ice cream shop and looked through the display glass...

Vanilla, chocolate, peppermint, ube, mango and other flavors of buckets of ice cream were available that day.

"Can I have vanilla?" She requested

"Sure, young child!", the seller replied and started making her ice cream. But while he was preparing, Denny took a close look on him, she noticed his palms were full of bruises covered behind his white gloves and his feet were half grey. 'He's been working in construction and as an ice cream seller simultaneously, poor guy'

Denny took pity of the hardworking ice cream seller and searched something in her wallet. As the ice cream seller reached out for her ice cream, she gave the man 5 dollars and smiled sweetly. The ice cream seller's eyes' widened in surprise, he was both confused and astonished.

"Umm, you're giving me a little too much, my lady" He answered

"No, you deserve this for working hard"

The man shed tears as he calmly accepted the extra money. Denny, on the other hand, really enjoyed the good deed.

But she's unaware, that life has been testing her. Perhaps, we have to continue reading what the dangers have been awaiting her...


A little boy tucked her shirt as she was trying to take a bite from her vanilla ice cream.

Denny took a look from the tip of the boy's hair to his toes, observing his looks. He was wearing an expensive sport's cap, his hair hardly combed back, wearing a jacket and dark polished shoes. 'He looks like he belongs from a wealthy family'

"What do you want, kiddo?" She asked

"Can you buy ice cream for me please?"

"Sure, where's your money?"

"No, I mean, err..."

The boy pointed towards her wallet and bowed his head in shame.

"Y-You want to me to give you free ice cream?"

"Y-Yes, please, just for once"

He putted his palms against each other and begged her. Although, Denny didn't seem happy...

"What do you mean, boy?! How about your parents' money, huh?!"


"Shut up! If only you saved the money when you bought your hat, you could've bought your. icE cReAm~"

She replied, rudely. Leaving the boy crying, running outside the ice cream shop.

'Tsk, rich kids' she pondered

"H-hey, you were... a bit impolite on the kid" Another lady in line tapped her back and whispered to her ear, which made Denny realized her mistake.


The boy she was just talking towards to, he ran towards a tight and hollow street. The street was full of boxes and trash, puddled with standing water and mud, as fowl smell of a dead rat hovers the air. He went up to his friend who was sitting, leaning beside a brick wall.

The sitting boy's eyes were all white and he was, thin and... dying...

"I'm sorry, I was not able to buy you ice cream without letting my parent's know about our friendship. I hope you'll find ice cream in heaven..." He cried


Denny, again, marched the streets, heading towards her true destination. She was pouting and ashamed. 'I could've rejected him politely' she regretted.

She stopped to see a man hitting another teenage boy with a stick. The boy was masked and his arms were tied together. He was lying on the floor, taking every hit. His back was stained in blood.

Denny readied her high horse and gathered all her bravery to stop the man. She did a somersault and kicked the man down, as the man took time to stand up, she used those seconds to untie the teenage boy, he was running after that.

She dropped on her knees to catch her breath, the man was already on his foot by now.

"Why did you help him?" The man asked

"Depends on why you were hitting him" she barely replied

"He raped my wife just now..."

Denny's eyes grew wider after hearing his sentence...


"Mhm. He got in at the backdoor of the shop while I was working, he went straight to where my wife was currently sleeping then I heard her scream, you probably know what happened next"


Denny shivered, it's quite unbelievable she was actually helping a bad guy. She was very unaware that her body was shaking. She really regretted this decision and without either a doubt:

"I-I'm sorry..." She shuddered as she swiftly ran away, tears in her eyes.


'What's wrong with me today?' she pondered

She continued on running, following the street's turns and passed every pedestrian lane by it's red light. She ran, and ran, away from her problems...


She opened a door, aggressively. She was now at her destination, it was her home...

Her dizzy body swayed as she was heading towards her room. She pushed the door gently as it swung open, revealing... herself.

She was hanging from the ceiling, her neck tied around a rope, her eyes were empty and dark...


"Of course, I understand now..."

She told herself, slowly ambling near her dead self...

"No matter who you are, you'll always be both suspect nor victim..."

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