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(I have been playing around with the With Raven Eyes story and expanding things. A possible part of it)

A year after Ana Lee’s disappearance just after sun down

               At the Orphanage that once housed Ana Lee, the door was kicked open and a raven mane male walked inside in fatigues. His hair was in a ponytail on the top of his head swayed as he walked casually, his boots clicked on the black and white checkered linoleum. A woman started to step out of a side room but then tried to retreat. A low level growl made her stop in her tracks.

               Slowly she turned to face him and the scowl he had. She wore a red dress and had red hair and shook so nervously that she fell out of her high heels. Her green eyes looked like a deer caught in the head lights. “Ye…yes sir…can I help you?”

               The man threw her a sideways grin and spoke normally, “Perhaps you can help me out. You see an old acquaintance of mine passed through this city almost seventeen years ago. He and his mate were ambushed by a bunch of K9s and his mate died. He altered his daughter through his power to appear more human. She had raven hair that had started gaining eyes like these.” In that moment, his eyes flared and his green eyes became black.

               The woman took a step back and fell to the floor. “Yes. Yes I know of a girl like that. She was brought here and raised by us until well last year. Genevieve, the old foundling nurse that is now dead named her Ana Lee, but she ran off about a year ago.”

               “So she was here and when she ran away you sent no one to look for her?” He tsked and did a motion at the door. Twelve very large two tailed black and red cats stormed the room. 

              She shivered, “No, because we are short staffed. We did not have anyone brave enough to hunt her down and bring her back. I’m sorry but she is probably alive, that girl is stubborn and head strong but also very smart.”

               The man sighed, “Well, you are useless then. I came all this way to take her off your hands.” He gestured and the cats scattered. One leaped and landed on the foster worker and began to tear into her body, blood flying as it greedily killed her and started to eat. She did not even have time to scream as her blood pooled.

             The raven haired man stepped outside. His eyes still showed black as he walked toward a military style jeep. Another near him that kept his hair short but also black spoke up. “So the girl was not there I take it?”

               The long haired inquisitive one glimpsed his way, “No, Vaughn she isn’t but I do have a name to work with and that is more than I had before. Ana Lee is her name. I doubt she is dead, but she has had a year to go anywhere she wanted. Where could she have gone?”

“Shonac told you about her. Too bad he was chicken shit and gave her to humans rather than give her to you. She would have had a pretty plush life with you.”

               “Shonac knew that I have wanted a mate for some time and none were worth my time. I bet he hoped for a daughter to settle up with me and get his tails back into the Tribe. Finding her here would have been an easier task, but she will be found regardless of her disappearing act.”

               The two men walked up to a jeep and a third rolled out a map of the surrounding zones on the hood.

              The man on the map, Drago, spoke up, “Being that the girl is most likely on foot, Lord Malachite, she would have to be in the area as walking between any of these areas would take a long time. Unfortunately it could take us a year to find out where she went.”

              Malachite scratched his head, “It would no doubt be remote. Being a bit like us would come into play because she would not want to call too much attention to herself.” He tapped a town to the north. “There are six all toward the north. We will take them one by one.” He whistled and the twelve cats came out of the orphanage. All of them had blood dripping off of claws and their faces. “We’re moving out!”

               As the three men had a seat in the jeep, the cats ran alongside back out to a larger group that they were a part of just outside town. As a unit, several carriers and the jeep escorted by dozens of the two tailed red and black cats headed north to parts unknown.

               A year later…

It was a work day and Ana Lee was by herself in the evening. It was typical that she covered for a lot of people and the Bistro owner required his staff to cook everything. It was how Ana Lee actually learned how to cook. Because the night shift didn’t seem to scare her, she always drew it. It was just as well as not many came in after dark and it allowed her a bit of privacy. Many of the older men came in during the early part of the night on some weird notion that they needed to protect her from something, but she didn’t mind the momentary company.

Ana Lee brought drinks to a hand full of older gentlemen that always reserved a table to themselves. It was not unusual and they never minded her being around. She stood by for a few minutes waiting to see if they needed anything else. One thing she liked to do was listening to the stories that the old men talked about. It was hard to believe that the world was any different than the way it was now, but their stories were believable. 

“You know, the bombs were the end of us. If those morons in power didn’t want a bigger and better H.E. then we would not be living in a world that only has patches of life in it.”

               “Yeah Jake, I know. There is still areas out there where the sands glow and don’t get me started on those things that come out at night out in the desert.”

               Ana Lee spoke up, “And just what is H.E.?”

Jake was a grey haired old coot with a resending hair line. He was one of the miners and had a hit with emeralds today with the traders. “Baby girl, it was long before your time. You don’t need to know what that stuff is. You just stay in here by sun down at night and don’t walk alone. There is some scary shit out there because of what the old governments did.”

Ana Lee nodded to the old man, “I guess you can say I am a fan of history. I cannot help but be curious over what you are talking about. Glowing sand, what caused that?” She knew some of the scary things out there. She didn’t need a lesson on that.

“Well, it was about a hundred years ago now. Let’s just say that it was really a bad time and people just wanted to find bigger ways to kill people. The bombs they used made the sand toxic. You stay away from that if you see it. It would make you sick. I got told the stories by my pappy about what the big wigs in government did. They blew open some doors that should never have been opened and now we are meat for the beast if we are not smart. But you are a bright girl, aren’t you Ana Lee?”

“I try to be smart about things Jake, but sometimes I wonder. I guess it is a good idea that we do not have governments anymore if they didn’t give a damn about people and turned the world to crap. Let me know if you guys need anything else.” With that, Ana Lee departed. In the back room, she stepped into the cooler and she picked up a small steak patty. She took it back to the kitchen and barely cooked it on the grill to rare status. Then in the break room, she ate it on her mini break.

After her brief meal, she headed back out to check on the old timers and take their money for the check. Then she moved on to the nightly chore list to see what was on it that she had not done yet. Trash seemed to be the dirtiest of jobs but she really did not seem to mind. It did not take long for her to gather it all up with how slow it was at night and get it all out to the dumpster. 

Out by the dumpster, she saw some lights to the east but she figured it was just people passing through out in the dust bowl. She went back inside.

               He stood looking down on the town from the East. This was the sixth town to the north and so far the farthest away. He had been searching for her for a year now and it annoyed him to no end that he had not found her yet. Why did finding one girl playing human in a dying environment like the Earth had become so difficult. It was as he scanned the night that he allowed his eyes to gather all the light he could to see who might see them out there possibly watching them.

There was one that his eyes focused upon. 

She had long black hair and wore a set of glasses. It looked like she was taking out the trash somewhere. The girl looked to be the right age and despite being over dressed, she had a nice body for being in human form. This was the most likely prospect that they had found. As she went back inside, he found himself licking his lips as if craving a taste of her. “I think we found her.”

Malachite wore a black shirt with his fatigues over it. His hand slid in his pocket to pull out a small chunk of emerald that was brought to him earlier. “Maybe I should take a closer look in town at that girl.”

A man stepped up beside him and looked for himself, “Go have a bite to eat then. She appears to be working in the Bistro down there. On the night shift, she just might be by herself.”

He grinned. “Have the men on stand by and await my orders.”

“Yes sir.”

After a short thirty minute jaunt in his own feline form, he retook human form in the shadows at the edge of town. The thought that ran through his mind was to do what he could to act human like for the moment.

He found a handful of older humans headed home for the night. “Excuse me”, he asked kindly, “I just got to town and am in dire need of a bite to eat. Do you have any recommendations?”

An old man in coveralls spoke up. “There is a bistro down the ways four doors on the right.”

Malachite had his eyes green for the concealment and gave a wink. “Thank you kindly.” He continued on toward the Bistro mentioned.  When he walked in, a chime went off which made him pause as he did not expect that.

A lovely little voice called from the kitchen area, “Have a seat anywhere, I will be right with you!”

Malachite half smiled and threw the lock on the door and flipped the sign to closed. If she wasn’t who he was looking for, he just might eat her. He walked over and had a seat at the bar and was stunned at his closer look of her when she walked out. She was tying her long black hair back into a ponytail as she walked out. She was adorable with her soft looking skin, the green glasses on, and the basic hiker ensemble. “I was told this was a good place to get a bite to eat.”

She smiled, “I think I am one of the few that work here that will cook it how you like it. My name is Ana Lee, what can I get for you?”

“I’m Mike. I would love a good steak of anything rare and times two and how about a couple of beers and a pretty lady’s company while we eat?”

“We”, she questioned.

“You are the most beautiful lady that I have ever seen out on these dunes. It will be my treat.”

She laughed lightly, “I will be right back.”

He laughed as well as she went in the kitchen to see about his order. Fortune had smiled on him this night for the lady he saw was his prey that he had been searching for all this time.  “About damn time”, he mumbled under his breath.

               Ana Lee had just put the steaks on the grill and turned around to the guy standing there. It was not what she expected to see. With her on the job, the Bistro was pretty clean in the kitchen.

               “Normally customers don’t come back here, Mike.”

               “It was lonely out there. Besides, I wanted to watch you. What better way to view how good of a cook you are then by watching.”

               “OK”, she turned and flipped the two steaks.

               When Ana Lee turned back, it was into Mike’s chest. He was that much taller than she was. Being so close, she could smell him. His smell was by no means offensive, but very masculine and a arousing to her. To a girl that had never given her hormones the time of day; the thought was new to her. Do I find this guy attractive?

               Malachite was taking a chance. In reality, he did not know what she was capable of and she certainly did not know what he was capable of doing. Her scent was intoxicating to him and he decided to give into one such temptation. The Alpha took her face in his hands, tilted her head up, and kissed her. It tasted sweet to him for such a little taste and though she hesitated a moment, she did return it. Something about her blood spoke to him…she was untouched and that thrilled him as well as the point that she was in the early stages of her first heat. When the kiss broke, he told her in a low tone, “I will go back out here now. I don’t want you to burn those.” Then he turned on his heel and went back to the dining room.

               After about three minutes, Ana Lee stepped back out with the two plates and sat them down on the bar. Then she slipped over and pulled two beers out of the cooler. Before she could see about opening them, Malachite took hold of each one and with a simple flip of his thumb nail on the tops, had them open a sat one beer with her plate.

“It is so rare to find anyone willing to fix a rare steak.” He used the fork and steak knife this time as he was being human for the moment.

“I know what you mean, for as long as I can remember, a rare steak was a good steak in my mind. Just don’t ask me to eat Brussels sprouts, the last time I was forced to in the orphanage, it made me sick for a week.” She began to eat with him.

Malachite smirked, “Oh, never would I do that. Those things taste like they came right from a manure pile no matter how many times you wash them. So, you work here alone at night? With all the crap I have seen out there, most ladies fear it.”

Ana Lee shrugged, “I’m not scared of the dark like most people are, Mike. They seem to think that the dark is all bad, but some good things can come out of the dark too.”

“Lots of good things can come out of the dark. Even the most intimate of things can happen in the dark.” She blushed where he was taking the conversation. “Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?”

Those words made her stop and think a moment. “The only one that I have memory that did that was Genevieve, she raised me from baby to age seven. She even named me from what I have been told because no one else expected me to live she said.”

The details were the same he got at the orphanage and he kissed her hand, “I am glad that she showed you such special attention and made sure you did. You are a very beautiful woman in my eyes, Ana Lee.”

She blushed further.

Other small talk ideals followed as he simply wanted her close for a bit. After dinner and he came to depart, he paid in chunks of silver which was typical. However before he left her, he took Ana Lee’s hand in his and placed the small chunk of emerald that he was given in her hand. “Consider it a gift from me to you. I have definably adored your company and will have to see you again.” He kissed her again before he slid out the door.

Malachite left her there to return to his men. It was midway through the night and a perfect time to catch everyone off guard, including the delicious little lady back there in the Bistro. No more games, she was his to take.

Ana Lee pocketed the Emerald and took the dishes to the back to clean them up.

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Great story! :)


00:14 Nov 14, 2020

Thank you, I appreciate it. These prompts are a bit difficult this week, I think I am lucky that two came to me.


Yup! I also felt that these prompts were a bit difficult! =)


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Wolfy 🐺
15:26 Nov 16, 2020

This is the kind of story that keeps one on their toes- great job :o)


15:30 Nov 16, 2020

Glad you approve. It was an idea I wrote about before and had been playing around with it a in the off line world. I actually have quite the start to a novella.


Wolfy 🐺
15:31 Nov 16, 2020

Nice! Looking forward to it :D


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