Nov 13, 2020

Crime Suspense Thriller

It’s a day spring and the sunset. In the bedroom and on the bed is Alex and his wife(Olivia) sleeping. While window left wide open, a mild wind blows the cotton covering the window. The light from the sun shines narrowly through the window, reflecting brightly on the face of Alex as he sleeps backing the bed with his face on the upward direction.

Alex feels the brightness and the warmth heat from the sun on his face. Which stimulate him to wake up. He wakes up and stretches is hands backward while still lying on the bed. Then turns his face left and acknowledges that is wife is not yet awake. 

From the right hand side of the bed is a small size locker with a standing clock on it. Alex get out of the bed sheet, drop down his legs, takes the clock and check the time. The time reads 7:30 am. He stands up with haste from the bed. Because he’s to embark on a crucial assignment by 8:00 am. He walks straight to the restroom to take a quick shower. 

After taking the shower, he rush and brushes his teeth. As he's done brushing, he cover his mouth with his hand palms and breathe out. He smells his hand palms to verify his breathe odor. And it smells good.

Again, he rushes back to the bedroom and head straight to his wardrobe. He chooses the outfit he desires and put it on. While fixing the buttons on his shirt, his wife wakes up. She stares at him amazingly and wonder why he’s in haste. 

Alex turns back to her direction and realizes that she's awake. Alex quickly takes his face away as they both have direct eye contact. And he speaks with her tremblingly. 

“Hey Honey! I can see you’re awake

“Yes Darling! I'm awake." She replied. 

“So, how did your night goes?” He asked.

“Well, not bad! I had a wonderful night. " She said.

“Wow that’s awesome! I'm glad to hear that." He said. 

As they both converse, Olivia didn't find the moment fascinating because she couldn’t comprehend her husbands(Alex) behavior. Which makes her remain astounded. After he's done dressing, he turns back and see her still staring at him dazzlingly. Observing that kind of look makes him sigh deeply.

“Olivia! What’s this look for?” He asked. 

“Alex! Honestly, I don’t understand what this haste is all about." She said.

Alex smiled and responded. 

“Oh! Is that why you’ve been looking at me like that?” He asked. 

“Off course, how do you expect me to look at you? I just wake up and then see you hastening as someone who is been pursued for a crime. Sincerely, I’m surprised to see you hastening like this." She said. 

Alex deeply smiled again and responded compassionately.

“Okay, I’m sorry! Though I should have tell you before now." He said.

“Alright, so what’s that you want to tell me?” She asked. 

“Yeah! There is this notorious killer and drug dealer who I’ve been trying to expose. And I’ve been making crucial investigation about him for a long time now. Which I’ve gotten some vital information about the dreadful killer. But there is still more concrete facts that I need, which will bring him to justice." He said. 

“So, is that why you’re in haste?” She asked. 

“Yes! Honey. That’s the reason. I want to do my job that’s it. And as per the information reaching me that the notorious killer will arrive 5 Star Hotel in Kano by 9:30. And my journey to the destination will takes at most 11 – 12 hours. At least I have to arrive there 1 hour before time. So that I can smartly carry out my investigation." He replied. 

“Alex! I know you’re trying to do your job as an investigative journalist. But I can’t afford to lose you. I don’t want to lose you Alex! This is a risky assignment." She said. 

Olivia speaks to Alex compassionately. Because she fears the assignment he's embarking on. 

“Don’t worry Olivia! I'm going to play safe. And I will be back for you." He replied. 

Olivia stands up from the bed, approaches and hug him. While still hugging, Alex speaks to her ear.

“Pease, don’t worry much. I will be back for you. All I want from you is to calm down. Okay?” He said. 

Alex embarks on the journey to his destination using a public bus. He arrives safely and 30 minutes before time he’s already inside the Hotel. About 9:25 pm, the notorious killer walks in with 2 of his boys following him from behind. Alex turns back and sight them coming, he takes his sight back and pretend and continue sipping the wine he ordered from the bar. 

Zuma, the notorious killer and his boys have a sit in the VIP section. They order wines, drinking and chanting louder. After a few minutes, they ride onto business. Zuma brings out bundles of drugs which his boys will take out for distribution. 

“Gentle Jack! I want you and Rogo to carry our this task. And make sure it’s done smartly." Zuma said. 

As Zuma converse with his boys, Alex smartly glance at them. He strategically brings out his smart phone and capture them silently. After a few minutes of disguise, Alex and Gentle Jack coincidentally have an eye contact. With some kind of reaction from Alex, Gentle Jack find him suspicious. 

At the moment, Alex begins to lose confidence. He could not stay any longer. Then he takes his briefcase and leave immediately. That makes him become more suspicious. As he walks out of the hotel, Gentle Jack calls the attention of Zuma. 

“Boss! Boss!” 

“Jack! Any problem?” Zuma said. 

“Yes, Boss! I smell something fishy. I don’t trust that man going. He might be spying on us." Jack said. 

“Okay! Jack! Go after him. Follow him until you know where he lives." Zama said. 

Alex travel back home and he don’t know that he’s been followed. Jack leaves after identifying Alex house. 

“Boss I found where he lives."

"Great Job! Jack. So, the next notion now is to adopt him. He must tell us his mission." Zuma said.

A day after, the notorious group adopt Alex and take him to a deserted area. They tie him up on a wood chair. Alex knows that he’s going to die. So, he becomes extremely troubled. 

“Please, don’t kill me. Don’t kill me please! I’ve a beautiful wife and family to care for."

Alex cried bitterly.

“If you tell us what takes you to Five Star Hotel, and it’s not relating to us, then you’ll be safe. And if we find anything about us with you, you are gone." Zuma said. 

Tears dropping massively from Alex. He keeps begging and begging. But they didn’t listen. Zuma order his boys to check his pocket. And they find two phones. Alongside his I.D card. 

“Boss! He’s an investigative journalist. Look at his his I.D.” Rogo said. 

“Hmm, wow!, wow!, wow! This is serious. Is he trying to expose us? Check his phones now." Zuma speaks aggressively. 

Jack checks one of the phone after they have forced Alex to unlock it. They find photos of them. And Zuma becomes more astound, and speaks crazily.

“We’re not going to waste more time. He’s going to celebrate with his ancestors today! And I don't want to know who he works for."

Zuma brings out a pistol and shot Alex four times on the chest. He gives up the ghost and they clean up the mess. 

Whilst committing the murder, a young boy of 20 passing by on a bicycle sees them. He slow down, stop, and hide somewhere close.

The young boy watch and video the act. After that, he turns back and take a bush road. On is way back home, he encounter a fatal accident and undergo severe trauma. The young boy's phone drops in the middle of the road. And a huge truck coming from behind climb and grind the phone into pieces. 

The 20 years old boy is known as Simon. He’s then rushed to the hospital. His parents don’t know his where about not until when they watch the news and sees that it’s their son that’s involve in the accident. So, they rush to the hospital to see that their son is extremely unconscious.

The parts of the bicycle and the pieces of the phone are given to them. But as for the pieces of the phone his parents throw them away in a public waste bin. 

Unfortunately, the young boy also dies after three days. 24 hours passed and Alex is not yet back. 48 hours passed and he's still not yet back. Olivia becomes more uncertain and restless. She calls his line numerously. And she couldn’t get him. Without hesitation, she walks to the police station and report the case. 

“Good day, officer(Maxwell Drake)."

“Good day, Mrs. Alex Bruno. How can we help you? The police officer said. 

“For tow days now, my husband is no where to be found. And I don’t know what to do right now. I'm just confused."

Olivia speaks with an extreme expression of her feelings.

“Alright, Mrs. Alex Bruno. I will forward your case to the commissioner(Stephen Lawson), and will release the investigative team to assume the assignment as soon as possible. So, just go back home. We will call you for further enquiry." The officer said.

“Thank you so much. I'm really grateful." Olivia replied. 

After 7 days of serious investigation, Alex is still no where to be found. So, they calls her back for further enquiry. 

“Mrs. Alex Bruno. We have run series of investigation and no result yet. But is there anything you know about that you can tell us?” The commissioner asked. 

“Few days ago, he told me that there’s one notorious killer and a drug dealer he's trying to expose. He had completed numerous investigation about them. I fear if they might have kid napped him. He got missing a day after when he came back from Five Star Hotel in Kano. That’s where he went to carry out his investigation." She said. 

“Definitely, he must have been kid napped. And even killed because of the nature of his job. However, we can’t come to conclusion now, because we are yet to find any evidence of a murder case in all the investigation we have carried out so far." The commissioner said.  

Olivia couldn’t control her self. She cried extremely. But the commissioner calm her down. They advice her to go back home and promise to continue with the investigation. 

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