Nov 09, 2020

Science Fiction Thriller Fantasy

3525 April, Tryon

               The nice thing about the human race settling here was that the natives that didn’t mind so much were also humanoid in nature. Oh sure, some had blue skin and others had green, but a majority of them looked human, just some bigger and some smaller. In the heart of the City of Shado, there was a museum that was housing an item that needed lifting.

               The sun was down and markets were still in full swing a few blocks away, the plan was to go there as the heist was done to blend in and hide. All that she could hope was that all would go off without a hitch and she could get away.

               Belle was a single mom. Her husband was killed during a skirmish in the outer sectors with a barbarian bunch of aliens that looked like all they did was lift weights. It left her and her daughter with no clear provider and she was trying to make ends meet. Being that Belle was a very agile woman and could trace some of her heritage back to a cat like alien race called the Diva; she was approached by the humans about stealing a talisman from the museum in the center of this city. Originally she said no, but when they took her daughter she obviously had no choice in the matter.

               A she stood among the carts and the booths that lined the streets, people of all varieties, alien and other wise pushed around her. It was not the first time that she came here but she always preferred under better circumstances. This was a great place. Anyone can get anything here. There was precooked dishes, raw meat, wild life trade, sewing supplies of all sorts, waters from various portions of the planet, and then there was the cat nips. Granted she was a cat a few generations back, she still loved the smell of burning cat nip.

               The woman stood around five feet and seven inches in height and had a Lilith build of a gymnast. Her eyes were one of the only things that physically still shown of the Diva species in that she had cat like eyes that were green but could shift to yellow in some cases. Her face was slender and her cheek bones were high. The way she chose to dress for the little walk through for the theft was a long cloak of hot pink over her black leggings and long sleeve black top with gloves. Only her black knee high boots were visible under the cloak as she watched the market a moment. She breathed in the burning exotic cat nip smell. Oh what a delight that was to her and did give her a bit of courage to do what she needed to do.

               Belle turned on her heels and made the walk to the Museum of Belore History.

            It was a large building that reminded her of the stories that Jaden told her of such building back on Earth. She used to lay with him in bed and listen to the highlights of what Earth had before its fall. He claimed that it only happened in the last century or two that the place became completely uninhabitable. Nevertheless it had a rotunda type appearance and the whole building looked like an oversized circle of rock and stone. She stashed her cloak in an alley way to keep it out of sight of people and went into the building an hour before closing.

               Patrons were already leaving and that was good. Belle walked quietly to the case that held the talisman in question. It was a gold disk with some Belore scribble scratch on the outer ring of it. Granted it was pretty and shiny, she didn’t have much use for it other than to get her daughter back.

              The lady removed her right glove and stared at her hand. As if a thing of will, her hand hooked into a claw and her nails extended. She tested this a few days ago on a guy that tried to take her daughter the first time; if she can cut bone, certainly she could cut glass. She placed the claws against the glass and rotated her hand. A line in a circle appeared on the glass and she smiled. With a tap to the lower half after, the glass fell out into her gloved hand.

               Hearing foot steps behind her, she quickly snatched the disk off the stand and wrapped it in a black cheese cloth and shoved it into her back pocket, pockets that were deep enough. Then she turned and slid out another hall way. She walked casually and hoped no one paid attention. She was near the door out when the alarm got thrown and the lights went out throughout the building. Normally this would be an assist to a Belore guard, but it was also an assist to Belle, after all she did inherit the eyes too. Immediately, they shifted to yellow. Everything around her became black and white and she could sense heat signatures.

              A guard ran up to her and yelled, “Hold it right there, Lady.”

             Belle waited until the last second and as he went to reach for her. Then she cut low and leg swept the brute with such a fast speed that he fell through the glass, setting her free. She heard others coming. As she attempted to run past the one on the ground, he grabbed her left ankle. Belle fell forward, caught herself and brought her right foot to the man’s jaw. She felt it break under the impact, but he also let her go.  She scurried and broke into the alley where her cloak was stashed.

              As she ran, she heard them reach their fallen man. Belle shifted out some things as she ran. She kept the pants but she got rid of the shirt so that she was wearing a hot pink work out top and she pulled her hair down as well as got rid of her gloves. Then she pulled on the hot pink cloak in time to slide back into the market.

              She calmed her breathing as she walked and went about shopping. She stopped at a booth with some bangle bracelets made out of wood and acted half way interested. The hand full of guards ran up to the place she came in at, looked around and started swearing. They had lost her as she figured that they would.

               Belle picked up the blue stone looking bracelet, “Is this aquamarine?”

              The clerk looked her way, “No, actually it is a stone that is similar from the planet Galle.”

              “Isn’t it normally frigid there? When does someone have time to mine stones?” It was small talk really. She wanted to seem like she was shopping there for some time. “I will take it.”

               “That would be one credit.”

              Belle placed her thumb on the pad and it was deducted. Then she walked over to a booth set up in files and bought a diamond file. She always had to use them on her nails because others always broke. She was shopping near a ribbon booth when someone walked up. She felt claws against her back and she swallowed.

               “You are Belle Star, aren’t you?”

               “Depends on who is asking.”

               The man spun her around and she found herself looking into a set of eyes like hers. He was a male Diva and he looked human too. Apparently he willed his fur back to look like a human. There were certain details about him that screamed a male of the species. “Give me the medallion.”

               Belle shook her head, “They have my daughter.”

             “Had your daughter, it was how we learned about you. No one grabs any of the ladies Diva without us knowing. Your daughter had been rescued already by a handful of us and is back in Velousha. She told the elders that authorized her rescue about you and what they wanted you to do. That is why me and my boys are here after you. If you are caught with that you will be killed.” He slid a hand behind her and snagged it from her back pocket and suddenly pulled her close and kissed her.

              It was a heck of a kiss and she swayed a little. As he stopped, she saw Belore enforcers walking away. They did not see her because of what he did just now.

               “Who are you and why are you helping me?”

               “You may be a half breed little kitten, but you are still one of us. Sure your human play thing is dead, but you should have come home to your people, we would have taken you and Vivian in before now.” He tossed the medallion into a tray of cheap jewelry and looked back to her, “Just come with me now and don’t argue the issue. Be it hook or by crook we are to bring you back home with us.”

              It was then that she noticed a few others like him walked up. They were not going to let her off, but if they were right and Vivian was safe in the Diva city of Velousha, then why not go back with them to be reunited with her daughter. Belle turned and pointed as a nice jacket that was hanging there.

              The male laughed lightly, “How much for the jacket”, he asked the clerk.

              “A hundred and eighty credits.”

              The man smirked and bought it for the lady. She shed the cloak and he helped her into it. “The name is Stride. You do realize in our custom, you have to give me a chance with you now because I bought you a nice gift.”

               The lady laughed, “Well Stride, let’s just say the kiss helped your chances.” She gave him a wink.

             Belle left with Stride and his clowder to return to the city of Velousha.

              As they arrived a day later, she was greeted by the elders and her daughter. Belle gained a boyfriend, got her daughter back, and found herself in a very nice city sat up in her own condo with her daughter. She made out like a bandit.


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Beth Connor
17:26 Nov 15, 2020

I really enjoyed this! Diva as the name of the cat race was perfect. I had a cat race in my sci-fi as well, but not described in depth as much. Great job!


17:40 Nov 15, 2020

I figured Alien Market place, why not bring a cat race into the equation? Granted if I were to run with the idea, I am not sure where to take it beyond what I have done here, but it worked wonders. I used some cat lingo in there for effect.


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Kylie Rudolf
15:55 Nov 17, 2020

I love the observative nature of your characters and how they observe the humans. Amazing story!


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03:21 Nov 17, 2020

I love it when the anti-hero’s gets a happy ending. I enjoyed how you built the suspense up in a way that the action came at just the right timing. A very fun read. Maybe you can take a peek at my entry and give me some much needed tips, I am a rookie writer haha🐫


18:53 Nov 17, 2020

Glad to have you


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Aisa M
05:34 Nov 09, 2020

Hi Amy! I loooove the title! This is a creative take on this prompt. Very well written! Love that the cat race is called Diva hehe. I just noticed one thing, >>> The lady laugh, >> is this supposed to be laughed instead of laugh? Cheers! Aisa


05:37 Nov 09, 2020

Thought I fixed all the typos, thank you for catching that. Fixed.


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Hari C
19:02 Nov 12, 2020

Love sci-fi! It was fascinating to read all the details in your story! The details brought the story to life!


19:09 Nov 12, 2020

Thank you, glad you like it


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07:46 Nov 10, 2020

I love a good sci-fi story. 👍


12:39 Nov 10, 2020

In my thought, it had to be Sci-fi if it involved visiting an Alien market place and she did twice in the story.


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