Oct 29, 2020

Fiction Coming of Age

John avery sr was so excited for today like he was going trick or treating instead of his son john avery jr. He looked at his phone to make sure it really was the big day, yep he said to himself October 31st the big day. His son was going to celebrate his first halloween, this was a huge day for his son and he knew it. He wanted it to go just right nothing could mess this up. He understood the importance of a day like this. He wanted his son to enjoy himself and have everything he never had. See john avery sr. Never knew his father and so he never went trick or treating his mom was too busy. She worked three jobs and did not have much time to spend with him. He had to go without a lot. Holidays, birthdays his mom worked so hard she did not have the energy to make those special days. She would come home tired and how could he make those days harder on her by asking to go out or engage in any childhood pursuits. He was happy she provided for him and knew how lucky he was to have her. He wished he had had those moments growing up. He wanted to tell his mother mom I want to go trick or treating, I want to go to chuck e. Cheese I want to do all the things kids my age do. He never had the nerve to do it. So He knew how important those days were for a person's life. Now that he was a father he went above and beyond for his kids. Everything they wanted they had. He planned this halloween months ago, he had to make sure he bought his son's costume and had it ready months before halloween. Nothing was going to be left to chance. He wanted to make sure not a twitch, nothing could go wrong. His son was watching television and he looked him over. Sitting there watching television he had not shown him the costume yet. He wanted everything to be a surprise so not a word about halloween. He kept it top notch secret.

Hey jr. He said. I want to show you something come over,daddy wants to show you something. He waved his arm to the bedroom to add to the suspense.

They walked over to the room, and jr. , said daddy what do you want. He was a little upset at having been disrupted from his television watching.

Try this on. He handed his son the costume. This was his first glimpse at it. And he was beyond excited.

He held it in his hand thinking his dad had forgotten about halloween he could not contain his glee. Thank you daddy. Thank you so much. I love it so much. You got my spider man like I wanted. He looked at the thing he was holding in his hand and that joy could not be explained. Thank you. Thank you. He was jumping up and down. Screaming.

No problem. You deserve this. You know I love you and I will do anything for you. His father told him. He knew how much he loved spider man so it was the only thing he could get for him to wear.

With costume in hand he went over to plant his father a kiss. A thank you for this gift.

They embraced and he said I love you daddy.

I love you too son. Now try it on to see if we need to return it. His son tried on the costume. It fitted him perfectly. This was a perfect moment.

At that moment he caught a glimpse of his son in his bedroom mirror and he was so happy watching him grow and become a young man. Watching him with that big smile on his face. He realized how much his son looked like him, his spitting image. The pride he felt being able to provide for him and take care of him this is what being a father is all about. He took pride in what he was doing for his family. Then he started thinking about the day he was born. It was just yesterday he was at the hospital taking him home. That was a scary time see they didnt think he would make it. His wife was having complications. The doctors told him she was losing a lot of blood. The happiest day of his life was turning into the worst day of his life very quickly. They kept him informed the whole time he wanted to know what was going on. The tears kept streaming down his face. He was not a religious person but that day he prayed to god a million times. Prayed and prayed all day long. Hoping for a miracle. It was a tough couple of hours but he was so happy when they told him everything was okay. The doctor said we had a scare we did not think she would make it but everything is fine now. He hugged the doctor and went in the delivery room to check on his wife and child. How time flies look at him now 6 years old and ready for the next chapter in his life. He and his wife were going to take him trick or treating for the first time. It was just yesterday he was taking him to school for the first time. Now he was taking him trick or treating for the first time. Then he got all excited about what was to come. His first date, graduation, marriage, grandkids. All those happy and great moments. He slowed himself down I am about ready to put myself in the grave he said.

What daddy. His son asked him.

Nothing. Nothing. His father replied.

His son saw the tears coming down his face.

Are you okay daddy.

Oh man I am perfect could not be better.

We got a few hours before we go outside give me the costume and go back to watching television. He did not want to.

No daddy I want to wear it for the rest of the day.

Is better if I hold on to it. Make sure you dont break it or rip it.

His son was not budging from that costume like he could never see it again if he gave it up.

Ok no problem he told him just dont break it.

Dont worry daddy.

He went back to the living room with a hop in his step, anxious and excited to go trick or treating with his dad.

John avery sr. Wished he could hold on to moment like this forever. He waked up his wife she was startled

What john she said

I wanted you to look at our son see how happy he is.

She got up from the bedroom and took a look at him in the living room. They stood there watching him. The biggest smile on their faces.

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