Oct 29, 2020

Friendship Thriller Horror

Its Halloween night and the streets are filled with kids. Now and then, I get vampires and goblins to knock my door. These kids, and their costumes make me remember my childhood. Seeing them makes me cherish the moments of my life.

"Trick or Treat!", I heard a familiar voice. As expected, it was a familiar face greeting me at the door. It was Damian in a Lion costume. Seeing him in that made me laugh. I asked,"You think, you are still a child?" with uncontrollable laughter. He replied," Huh, I thought you would like it." I said,"I like it!" while laughing terribly. He gave an annoyed look, and I told him to come in.

Damian is my childhood friend, we studied in the same school. The whole school envied our friendship. We were always there for each other. We studied together, played together, did everything together. But our friendship didn't last long, Damian's father got a transfer and he left the school and town. It was a tough time for me. It was weird and awkward for me to walk alone to home. I felt very alienated. But as time passed I learnt to live without him. I graduated from school and joined a university with good reputation. My life was going like that until I met him again a few weeks ago in a birthday party. I never thought I would see him again, it was a surprise to me.

After a cup of soda he asked,"Can we visit the graveyard now?" I replied,"Why are you so keen on this? There are many places in this town, I think you remember." He said," When we were kids we used to play hide and seek in the graveyard. Do you remember?" I said,"Yes, but we aren't kids anymore, as you can see we are Adults." "Knock, Knock", Someone was knocking the door. I opened the door but there was no one. Maybe some kid playing pranks, I thought, and went inside again.

Damian said." Long back when we were still in 6th grade and playing hide and seek in the graveyard as usual, I saw a mysterious kid there. He gave me this ring," Damian showed me a ring,"and told to keep it safely. He told he would come the next day to get it back at graveyard. But that was the day I left the town. But now I am here, I believe he is somewhere near there still waiting for me." I saw his face and knew he meant what he said. I told,"Alright, what are we waiting for now?" He smiled at me, and I smiled back. We started our journey to the Graveyard by walk.

All the kids on the road were laughing at us. I told to Damian,"See, I told you, you are the clown of the year." He roared,"No, I am the King of the Jungle!" I laughed, so did he and everyone on the street. We were a joke to them. We were almost halfway to graveyard when I heard someone,"Help me!! Oh God!! Save me!!!". We both rushed towards the voice.

It was a man fighting a wolf. There was a stick nearby I picket it and hit the wolf as hard as I could. The wolf changed its target. It pounced upon me. Damian kicked the wolf before it could get a bite. Everybody around came and threw stones at the beast. The stones made it bleed and finally an old man with a rod chased it away. It was a frightening experience for me. The man thanked me and everyone for saving him. We smiled and continued to move.

We finally reached our destination. I said,"Here we are." Damian said,"Lets go," and we opened the gates. The Graveyard remained the same. With small walls, which we used to jump on and get in. and graves. Yeah the number of graves increased. The Gravedigger greeted,"Happy Halloween!!" and asked, "How can I help you?" Damian greeted back,"Happy Halloween!"and asked"Do you know Freddy?" The Gravedigger replied,"Oh him, he has gone out, he said he will be here at 9, He may be here any minute now." Damian said," We will wait." Gravedigger said,"Okay, you be waiting here, I have a small work, I will be back in ten minutes." and he went.

I asked Damian," So, you knew his name?", Damian replied,"Well, yes. Everyday after we play, On my way to my home, I see him, in Graveyard. He was always there, mysteriously. He said that his father was working in graveyard, so it didn't remain that of a great mystery," He took the ring from his pocket,"The ring is magical, he told me, if we bring this to graveyard at midnight, it will take us to another dimension." I laughed, I laughed like a clown in the circus. He stared at me and told," Let us stay here tonight, I want you to see the magic." I agreed while laughing.

An hour passed. The Gravedigger who promised to return in ten minutes didn't come neither did Freddy. Me and Damian were talking about our past, remembering our memories. I said," I always think about those times, sweet memories, I wish I was still a child. But life has to move on, I realized." Damian told,"I told my father so many times that I didn't want to leave, I cried, I had thrown a tantrum and protested, but his job was important for him." I patted him,"Its okay, at least we had a happy childhood." He nodded his head sadly.

Time flowed like water. It was 12 already. I asked," Hmm, what happened to your friend?" Damian replied,"Hmm, I am also with you," he laughed. The watch in his hand was glowing in the moonlight. It seemed to me that Damian was expecting it to do a magic. But sadly nothing happened, or that's what I thought but something did happen. "Do you hear?" Damian asked. I said," yes, howling sounds, probably a pack."

Yes, it was a pack. A pack of blood thirsty wolves. I noticed that one of them was the one which we met on the way. Damian said,"The ring attracts wolves. hmm." I told," I don't wish to be buried here tonight." One by one the wolves came into the graveyard jumping over the walls. I said,"One wolf a night wasn't enough." Damian said,"Don't run or stare at it, I will take care."

Damian raised his hands and roared like a lion. He roared and roared till his throat went dry. I laughed,"They are a pack, this won't work." But surprisingly it did. Damian looked like a real lion or more scarier to them. He told me to throw stones at them, and I did and they began to back off.

Damian said,"Silently and slowly go into the room and close the door." and I slowly went inside and once I was inside he slowly followed me and we locked the door. He said,"And that's how you survive a wolf attack." I clapped mockingly. "It is very sweaty here," I said. He replied, "Do you want to chill with the wolves?" I laughed and we were watching them from the window.

"When will they go?" I asked. "They will be here as long as they can smell us," he replied. That meant we had to stay here for the rest of the night. "This room was built to keep the grave of our old mayor," I said. He told,"Yes, I do remember when they built this."

Suddenly a noise came. Somebody yelling out. Damian peeped in the window and told,"Freddy is in danger."

I said,"Go out and help him, you are trained right?" He said,"I need you with the stones." I nodded. He asked," Why are a pack of wolves loose in your town? Seriously? When I was here I didn't see even one of them." I replied," They could be a werewolves that prey on humans at the Halloween night." Damian took a shovel and went out.

He ran to Freddy and hit the wolves with the shovel. I came out armed with stones. I used my lethal weapon and showed them who the boss was. I said," Stones are god's gift to humanity." Damian managed to save Freddy with minimal injuries. The wolves's bite weren't effective on Damian's Halloween Costume. We quickly managed to get into the room again.

When we were safe, Freddy began to talk. He told Damian," Thank you, and a pleasure to meet you again." Damian gave the ring and said," Sorry for the delay." Freddy said that it was okay. Then Damian introduced me to Freddy. Freddy said," Oh, so your name is Damian, I have seen you several times in the town. Nice to meet you." I said,"Nice to meet you too." While we were speaking we heard a sudden thud in the door.

The wolves began hitting the door, scratching it and one wolf even tried to jump in through the window, but unfortunately for it, the window was grilled. I asked Damian," Can they break in?" He replied," I don't know." The dashing sounds became louder. The door opened and we could see the wolves covered in blood.

We ran inside. Freddy pointed behind the grave of late mayor. There was a staircase heading down, and we rushed there.

We three ran down, Freddy was bleeding but we couldn't help, we started going down. "Where does it lead to?" I asked Freddy. He replied," The basement. People give us money to hide drugs and weapons there."

Weapons, they would finish all our problems. We ran down the stairs as fast as we could. But the wolves were faster, they used their powerful jaw and tore flesh from Freddy's leg. He cried in pain. Blood everywhere around. I punched them as hard as I could in their faces. Damian was tired and hurt too, he tried but couldn't help much. I dragged Freddy down and was delighted to see what was in front of my eyes.

Firepower!! I took a shotgun and blasted at the wolves. It hit one of them at the head, blood spread everywhere around. The wolves charged for revenge. I closed my eyes and blasted again and again. That's what I last remembered that night.

The next morning I woke up in hospital along with Damian and Freddy. They both smiled at me. The cops entered the hospital room. They said that the pack of wolves were grown secretly by drug mafia to protect them from cops. They continued," When we caught a few members of the drug mafia, they let their wolves loose, people contacted us about wild wolves attack in your town, we rushed as fast as possible."

After that I learnt that the cops found the remaining drugs and weapons because of us. I told to Damian,"Next Halloween we can celebrate in your town." We both smiled and started walking together. Freddy got up from bed and told us to wait. He slowly stood up and walked towards us and told," This ring," he showed the ring in his hand." was my mother's. I gave you that day to keep because the bullies in my school challenged to steal it. This ring is very special to me, it has my sweet memories of my mother. Thank you." he said, tears in his eyes.

Damian's eyes showed happiness and tears. Freddy said good bye with one last hug and went out and we followed him. The sun was greeting us. I saw the gravedigger, he told us that he saw the wolves roaming and so he didn't come back. He told that he was sorry for not helping. Our smile showed him, "it was okay". I and Damian went to my home, and were watching old movies, which we used to watch as children. When suddenly, we heard a knock at the door. I went and opened the door. There was no one on the other side.

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Hello there!! You had just asked me to critique for you, and by the way, I am so happy that I got a chance to read your wonderful story! Honestly, many of the stories I read for this prompt are so amazing, and of course, yours is part of the 'Mind Blowing Stories'!! Thanks a lot for asking me to critique for you! It really means a lot to me that you asked! 😊 First things first, all the things I liked about your story. To be quite honest, if I had to write EVERYTHING I love about this story, well that would be it's own story right there! T...


Wow, you are such a nice person, I will surely miss you, a lot :( I don't know if you will even see this, but if you do, know that you are such an amazing person, kind and soft and positive, you were the reason I continued writing stories after my first short story, I will surely miss you Haripriya, have a great life.


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Tiffany 🌻
17:39 Nov 01, 2020

I love this!! creative plot and so much suspense and actionπŸ™Œ


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