Tracey's Halloween Party

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Oct 27, 2020

Funny Friendship Holiday

“Hi Josie, are you nearly ready for Halloween tonight?”

“Yes, Tracy, just getting ready, really looking forward to it. If it’s anything like last year then we will have a whale of a time. Can’t wait.”

“That’s great Josie, me too. I’ve been busy all day cooking up some wonderful cakes and some brews. Would you mind phoning the others to make sure they know the time and my address, thanks.  I’m rather busy just doing the finishing touches to the cakes and witchy goodies, so would appreciate it if you could call the other girls.”

“No problem, Tracy, it’s a pleasure. There should be about twenty of us if we all turn up. It will be a blast. Speak later, bye.”

Tracy put her mobile down on the table and continued stirring up the cake mix. She did a mental check. Oven on, cake tins greased, food colouring in, then poured the green batter into the waiting paper cups and put the trays in the hot oven. Better check the clock too, she thought, as she made herself a cup of coffee.

Twenty minutes later the green cakes were ready to come out of the oven. She placed them alongside the orange ones she’d made earlier and the witches’ brew punch she also made and the numerous bottles of home-made cider. She fussed about with the decorations of tinsel, paper ghosts, cobwebs and spiders that she’d scattered around the room and then sat down with a great sigh and drank her coffee.

Thirty minutes later there was a knock on the door.

“Do come in girls. Oh, you look amazing.” Twenty young women burst into Tracy’s hallway carrying bottles of booze, tins of cakes and biscuits and gifts galore.

“Put your bits and pieces in the kitchen and come and get yourselves a drink so that we can celebrate this wonderful Halloween night.”

The girls rushed into the kitchen like a mob at a football match, grabbed a glass of cider each and a cheese nibble and sat in a circle in the lounge.

“Well, I am so pleased you have all managed to turn up this year.” Said Tracy.

Giggles went around the circle of friendly witches.

“Karen, I do love your green hair. It matches the cakes I made.” Said Tracy. More giggles went around the circle of friendly witches.

“And what about my orange hair to match my orange dress Tracy? I did it all myself. A bit of a mess but what the heck.”

“You look fantastic, Sarah. You all look fantastic. Now come on girls, no time to waste, let’s get these drinks down us and the food is all waiting in the kitchen.”

The group meandered toward the kitchen pouring cider and punch into their glasses and downing it like there was no tomorrow, as they went.

“Whoops,” said Megan, I feel a bit wobbly already.”

“We’ve only just started,” said Tracey. “Wait till later, when we get to dancing outside.”

“Dancing outside. But it’s freezing tonight.” Said three of the girls in unison.

“Oh, you’ll be all right once we get going. In any case I’m going to light a bonfire. Can someone help me, I should have got it lit by now.”

“We will,” said Sarah and Megan as Megan picked up a cigarette lighter by the back door and hurried outside.

Within a few minutes the bonfire was well alight and the girls began dancing around it, glasses in one hand and food in the other.

“This is amazing,” said Josie. “I just so love bonfires and dancing around them.” Josie began to cough as a sharp breeze blew some smoke from the bonfire in her direction.

Tracy smiled at her wonderful group of witchy friends, dancing, chatting, eating and drinking the night away.

“What’s Megan up to?” shouted Tracy as she watched Megan slowly do a striptease. Megan carefully swapped her glass of cider between her hands as she wiggled out of her cardigan, dress, bras and knickers and stood there naked apart from her socks and trainers.

“Wow, you look a sight,” Shouted Sarah above the crackling of the bonfire and the laughter of the other girls. “You could at least go the whole hog and take your shoes off as well.”

“No,” said Megan, I’m cold enough as it is, I’ll have to run around the bonfire a bit more to keep warm. Megan ran around and around the bonfire like an Olympic athlete, spilling her cider as she went. Everyone stood back and laughed at her antics until their sides aches.

“Come on girls, have some more punch and cider,” Said Tracy as she went around the group with the bottles. “Hey, is that Brenda and Miranda taking their clothes off now?” Tracy laughed.

Soon all the twenty-one in the group were dancing naked around the bonfire. Cider and punch were flowing well, and the cakes were almost all consumed.

“Josie,” called Tracy, help me get this top off the jacuzzi will you.”

The two girls heaved the lid off the jacuzzi, and Tracy switched it on. “Come on girls, everybody in.”

“But there’s not enough room for us all,” said Sarah.

“Yes, there is. Come on.” Replied Tracy as she shuffled up again Josie.

Warm water splashed everywhere. The girls laughed and chatted and joked amongst themselves.

Suddenly a window in the neighbouring house flew open and a man leaned out. “Can’t you lot shut the fuck up. Some people here are trying to get some sleep.”

“Get stuffed,” shouted Tracy followed by everyone’s laughter.

“Woohoo,” shouted Megan. “Come and join us your boring old fart.”

“I’m going to call the police if you don’t stop that racket and put the bloody bonfire out.” Called the neighbour.

“Try it,” shouted Megan and the girls all laughed once more.

“The police can come and join us.” Said Sarah, and more laughter could be heard coming from the jacuzzi.

Five minutes later two policemen came in through the garden gate.

“Can I help you?” asked Tracy as she staggered , naked out of the jacuzzi with her cider glass still in her hand and tripped up a paving slab. The policeman caught her and tried to stand her upright.

“Thank you, officer.” Said Tracy, that was very kind of you.” She said between giggles. “Would you like a drink?”

“No thank you,” said the officer, “I’m here because there have been complaints about the noise you are making.”

“We’re not making any noise, are we girls” Said Tracy as she turned to the group huddled in the jacuzzi.

“No,” everyone said in a soft gentle voice.

“My friends are as good as gold officer.” Said Tracy and she waved her arm at the jacuzzi full of innocent faces.

“Well we just had to check.” Said the nice police officer as his mate stood and looked on with his mouth wide open.

“Come on Jack, shut that mouth of yours and let’s get out of here.” Said the officer as he pulled the young policeman by his arm. “Nothing much going on here at all.”

“No sir,” said the young policeman as he walked backward out of the gate, in the dark and tripped over the neighbour’s cat that ran screeching across the lawn.

The girls all screamed with laughter.

Two minutes later the two policemen returned, completely naked, ran three times around the bonfire and then jumped into the jacuzzi on top of all the women.

Once more the neighbour opened his bedroom window and leaned out, but he saw very little of the policemen’s bare bottoms through the thick smoke of the bonfire. He could still hear some giggling and lots of, “Oos” and “ahs” and he thought he heard someone say, “you naughty boy.” Then he shut his window and went off to bed.

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Karen Mcdermott
18:25 Nov 01, 2020

Saucy and entertaining - it reminded me a little of a Carry On film!


Barbara Burgess
07:46 Nov 02, 2020

ah - and thank you - yes I seem to do funny plots all the time - glad you enjoyed it - thanks for your feedback.


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Kaitlyn James
19:26 Oct 27, 2020

Great job, Barbara! I liked the way you pursued the prompt. The plot was very interesing and I liked it a lot. Keep it up!


Barbara Burgess
15:49 Oct 31, 2020

thank you


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Barbara Burgess
07:46 Nov 02, 2020

thank you very much for your feedback = greatly appreciated.


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Kaitlyn James
13:57 Nov 02, 2020

No problem! I am always glad to give feedback on stories!


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