Oct 17, 2020

Funny LGBTQ+ Adventure

"Hurry up, hurry up!" I hissed, smiling despite myself.

Saira hit me lightly. "Shut up, and it might go faster."

I giggled wildly, clamping a hand over my mouth. I had never done anything, anything like this before, and I didn't know how to act.

"Done!" Saira exclaimed triumphantly, leaping up and high fiving me. I wrinkled my nose at that.

"We high five now?" I asked, feeling unusually flirty. I opened my mouth, wanting to ask her out, right this second, but all that came out was a weird mumble.

Saira laughed, "What the hell was that? I think being a bad girl has fried your brain."

I was going to say something when Saira pulled me under the table.

"Whoa there, buy a girl dinner first!" I yelped without thinking, blushing when Saira pulled me close and pressed a finger to my lips. I hate you, I told my brain furiously, desperately trying not to give myself away.

"Shh!" Saira whispered, listening to something.

The pounding of my pulse made it impossible to hear anything, and I pouted, lightly hitting Saira when she smirked.

I did hear the sounds of something breaking and a sudden whoosh, and I leaped up, slamming my head into the table. "The hell?" I looked up at Saira, and both of us scrambled out in a panic.

Saira pulled me up, and I gasped, staring at the suddenly orange-tinted halls. "Oh please tell me that isn't fire!" Saira growled.

"Fire?" I yelled, tugging her hand towards the back exit of the library. "Come on!"

The fire alarm went off and I screamed, and then laughed because holy shit this was crazy! My vision was suddenly disrupted by searing red lines, my synesthesia blocking my view.

"This away!" Saira pulled me against her, shouting over the alarm.

"I like you!" I said, too quietly to be heard over the alarm, just because I could, and because I felt like I was dying.

"What?" Saira yelled, as we both skid into the double blue push doors.

"Nothing!" I rammed against it, and it didn't budge. "What is happening?"

"Those morons locked the doors!" Saira slammed her hand against the doors, and I could hear the clanking of chains. "Remember? The people protesting against the army? They probably thought the place was empty!"

"My brother's one of them! Jakob!" I yelled, pounding the door. "Jako-oh my god, it's getting, hot." I stared at Saira, unable to keep the smile off my twisted face.

"You've lost it!" She commented, and I swear my hearing was getting, either way, better or much worse because of the alarm. "But come on, there are other exits!"

We ran through the school, heading for the front entrance when I grabbed Saira's arm, realizing something terrible. "Wait, wait!" We screeched to a halt, with me wrapped up in her toned arms. "Uh, okay, uh, we need to find a way to disable the school cameras, otherwise they'll think it was us!"

"Stupid Emily, we wouldn't be here if not for her!" Saira looked right at me with her gorgeous brown eyes. "Fine, head for the office."

"What are you doing?" I asked, huffing due to the worsening air quality.

"Front entrance, gotta check if it's open," Saira called over her shoulder, breaking into an easy run.

Oh god, stop it! I pulled my eyes away from her long legs and ran into the office. Naturally, it was locked, but if my rebellious little brother taught me anything, it was how to open a door. I pulled out my identification card and inserted it into the gap between the door and the hinge.

Wow, so I'm useless, I realized when the door didn't open. I stepped back, sweat pouring down my chest in an incredibly disgusting way. Panic seized me and I frantically looked around until I saw it. The metal folding chair. Grabbing its still cold surface, I moved back and swung it into the glass that lined one side of the office.

Oh haha, shatterproof glass. I panted like a dog and threw my hair out of my face. Wait, wait, wait!

I burst into laughter. "I'm so stupid!" Still giggling, I raced down to the art room.

Once I burst in, I enjoyed one last breath of the paint infused, clean air, before grabbing every bottle I could see.

When I ran back, kicking a fallen, leaky canister with my feet, I saw Saira, looking totally dishevelled and exhausted.

"What the-okay, whatever, we have to get going! The front door is a no go, but I found somewhere else!" Saira told me, running one of her warm hands down my face and I nearly self-combusted. She was so pretty, with her perfect dark skin-not the time, not the FUCKING time!

"We don't need to do anything, just help this place burn down!" I splashed the horrific smelling liquid all over the floor and Saira jumped back.

She snatched one of the bottles and did the same, throwing it down the corridor. "Let's go! There's a place we can get out of!" She took my hand and we raced up stairway A.

"What, what are we doing?" I panted, inhaling in a lot more smoke than I should.

"Upstairs, roof, trees, safety," Saira said quickly, moving way faster than me. She took my hand again when we reached the top floor, dragging me with her as we raced down the halls.

"This one!" She declared, hitting an unmarked door.

"Stand back!" I declared, pulling out my busted identification card. The door and hinge had a wide enough gap for me to exploit, and I pushed the card in, twisting the knob.

The door popped open. Saira whooped, leaning in and kissing me.

I kissed her back, really fast and with everything. "I like you!" I told her, my voice permanently loud over the alarm, but she seemed to get it.

"I like you too, but we're gonna die!" She laughed, pulling me through the door.

The butterflies I always had in my stomach were fireworks, and I used them to power me as we took the stairs two at a time, finally collapsing out on the rough surface of the roof.

"Come on, girlfriend." I gasped at her, feeling deeply unattractive, but who cares? I had thought I was in love before, but this was leagues better. I knew for sure that she loved, well, liked me back.

"Ooh, now who's moving fast?" Saira giggled for the first time ever and I scrunched my nose, how can anyone be so adorable? Covered in soot, smelling of painting oils, and adorable?

We were at the edge of the roof and I slung my legs down into the ladder, slowly climbing down. I heard sirens clearly now and knew we were screwed. Then I looked up and realized I had both the brain cells in this relationship. "Saira, you idiot, get out of the tree! There's a ladder!"

"Astagfirullah!" Saira awkwardly climbed back onto the roof, missing death thanks to the strength of one branch.

I rolled my eyes and jumped down the rest of the way, feeling a shooting pain in my foot, but otherwise landing normally.

Saira cackled and I scowled even though she couldn't see me. "Hurry up, please!"

When she was on the ground I launched into the proper kiss I had missed earlier. It was so weird, but also perfect, and then Saira pulled away, laughing.

"What?" I hissed, but without any fire. Oh, that's too soon.

"We need to go!" Saira whispered, barely audibly, pulling me along with her.

"That's it?" I cried out, half-serious and half-amused. "I just kissed you- we almost, you- I can't believe this-"

"You got this, use your words." Saira laughed again with a snort and I swore.

"This way!" I pulled Saira suddenly, seeing Emily's house. "She has to take us in, we almost died just now because of her crimes!" I turned and glared at Saira. "Are you going to be checking me out all night?"

Saira nuzzled her chin into my neck, making me giggle and crumple into her. "I've been doing it for months, you're just blind."

"Uhuh." I made a sound of disbelief. "Right and-"

"You were so obvious about it though, kinda weird."

"Hey!" I punched her, embarrassed out of my mind! "You could have said something, instead of your flirty little, double-ended-"

Saira rang Emily's doorbell. "Double entendres, babe."

"No babe, but yeah, you know what I mean." I lightly kissed her cheek, feeling weirdly confident. Oh right, because we almost all died just now. Funny how that works.

Emily answered the door, her phone pressed against her face, eyes wide and dripping mascara. "Oh my god, you're alive!"

Saira winked at me as she pulled me in. "It was a team effort."

I grinned at her and turned a murderous glare onto Emily. "Emily, the next time you break the law, I swear to god, I'll let that stupid dictator we've got come and kill you. But yeah, we are an amazing team."

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John Del rio
02:58 Apr 06, 2021

Well done. I say the same thing about all your stories that I have read so far, because so far it has been true about all the ones I have read. This had a comedy of errors feel to it. It could have turned deadly, because of the whole fire thing, but luckily the two of them made it to safety. You writing is too good for me to notice if there are any grammatical or other errors. If I did another read through I think I would still be too busy enjoying your storytelling to look for any imperfections. I will keep reading. If you want to chec...


Moon Lion
04:03 Apr 16, 2021

Thank you, I will most definitely read your story!


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John Del rio
05:14 Apr 16, 2021

The story “Not just another day”, is the third in a series of 4 stories so far about a couple in a near future post apocalyptic world. Each of the stories have the word “Day” in them


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