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Oct 16, 2020

Romance LGBTQ+

Henry gold got the call two weeks ago from his friend Aladdin ferrari. He was glad to hear from his friend. He had not seen his friend for a while. I have not seen you in a week or two let's do something together i need to have some fun, we have wasted the summer let it go completely to waste. We didnt so anything. That is a shame. We have to do something for the fall. We cant do nothing. We have to do Something together, something we can remember forever. Henry couldn't agree more but he didnt have any clue as to what could be done during quarantine. What are you thinking about said henry. His friend suggested they go apple picking when he heard that he could not believe it, for him that seemed something done long ago but not at this time. An adventure done in the 1950s by bored housewives. Who goes apple picking said Henry

well I do interjected aladdin.

Henry felt bad about the way he came across towards his friend so he asked him if he knew anywhere they could go. Aladdin told him about a spot in maine he had been going there for years. Is this state park real nice place. I have been there many times ever since I can remember. My family use to go there every year as a family bonding trip. Was not a year we didnt go there. I have so many fond memories of that place.

I would love to take you said aladdin.

Ok let's pick a date. Said henry. He wanted to go out and do something too so far he had cabin fever. Staying home, self distancing from friends and family for so much time can kill anyone's spirit.

Sure said aladdin. Happy he would be able to take his friend back to his childhood.

I am tired of trump and covid. Trump and covid. Trump and covid is all they ever talk about I need something new to break through the monotony. I need to unplug from my computer and television. And the more he talked about it the more excited he got. Henry was getting apple picking fever. Tell me more about this state park seems interesting what does it look like? What kinds of apples are out there? Are there other fruit Or just apples?

You asking too many questions. You got to learn to go with the flow. We will go and have a good time. Said aladdin

I got to know what I will be doing over there. I dont want to go over there and look like a fool, totally out of place over there.

You will be Picking apples dont worry you will be fine I will make sure to guide you through everything.

Henry was nervous this was something he had not done before but he was always up for an adventure so that did not bother him much. His friend will make sure he is okay.

Ok so I will see you in 2 weeks.

Yes said Aladdin. Of course there was the big elephant in the room. I wonder if he will address it thought Henry. He did not want to be the first to broach the subject but there was some sexual tension last time they were together. A month ago at that party if kenny had not come through to pit his coat away he was sure they would kiss. He came and as soon as they heard the door open they snapped out of their reverie. I wonder why he wants to do this thought henry does he want to make a move take the next step. Is this what this is all about. Now he liked him and all he definitely was ready to go to second base that day but he also thought about their friendship and he did not want to ruin it. It was hard being in a new city with no friends. He did not want to mess this up this relationship meant something to him.

For aladdin Ferrari this place in maine meant something to him ever since he was a young man his family went apple picking. The family tradition started when he was 6 years old and it lasted until his rebellious teenage years. Once he hit 15 and puberty he did not want to go apple picking with his family he wanted to hang with friends and do all sorts of things. After 20 years without visiting this place it meant something to him. He still remembered those family moments him and his sister fighting in the back seat of the car. Arguing and complaining about the ride. It was to him the perfect moment to share his feeling with henry gold. His dad passed away because of covid and he realized how precious life is and how valuable time he could not waste it any longer. He loved henry and he had to tell him how he felt could not take the chance to lose him cause he knew he would not be around forever.

The day of, aladdin was excited and nervous he was going to tell the person he loved that he wanted to be more than friends. You are always scared when you put yourself out there to a friend like that what if he says no and it ruins the relationship. He thought about it but he could hold out no longer. He was going to put himself out there.

Aladdin went to pick him up and he was so jittery around him. He stumbled when he got out the car to introduce himself. He opened the door for him and caught a whiff of his cologne.

They drove for hours making small talk. How is your family fine they said. Did anybody you know get the Corona. No the said they were lucky they were not immediately affected by it.

Finally aladdin broached the subject how is your love life he asked henry.

Oh still single. I am not looking for anything right now. I need to focus on me right now. Tired of all these silly relationships that lead nowhere.

Dejected was aladdin but he did not care he had to let him know he felt one way or the other.

After a few pit stops they got to their destination. They were taken aback by the beauty of mother nature.

When you live in the city you dont get these views said henry.

You are right agreed aladdin. That's why is important to go out and visit the country.

They frolicked around smelling, seeing everything. Not many people out there. They walked around picking apples. Some of them were rotten. They got a whole wheelbarrow full of them. Aladdin always the practical jokester kept things light and fun. Making funny faces and voices.

Henry loved having him around and spending time with him. He could not believe how fast the time went and how much fun he had. He was only doing it at first because aladdin had invited him he was not too keen on going. He did not want to turn a good friend down.

They got their apples and were ready to head out when all of a sudden aladdin stopped Henry. He put his hand on his shoulder and spun him around so they could be face to face.

I have something to tell you said aladdin

What said henry confused.

I think I am falling for you and I want you to be my boyfriend.

Henry was shocked he did not think aladdin had feelings for him.

So do you want to go steady said aladdin do you feel the same way I feel about you.

Henry thought about it for a minute. He did not want to let his friend down but he had to be honest I dont feel the same way about you. I want us to continue to be friends.

Aladdin wanted to be more than friends but he enjoyed Henry's company and so he hugged his friend and said ok. They got in the car and went back to the city.

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Ari Reynes
20:01 Oct 22, 2020

This is a really sweet story! The only feedback I would give, would be to maybe use quotation marks for when someone is talking. It'll make the story easier to read. But it's really good otherwise!


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