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I was so excited my favourite cafe had added an autumnal menu.  The food was filled with amazing stews and casseroles.  What got me excited was the coffees and their added spices.  The smells in the cafe were filled with warmth.  Sitting at my usual table I wait for my lover to arrive.  It had been a cold day and was surprised when he suggested we meet.  He usually wanted to come over to my place where we would eat something I cooked and binge watch Netflix.  We’d then make love and he’d leave.  I often wondered why he never stayed the night.  I thought he was married or had a girlfriend however I found no such evidence.  

He walked in and smiled when he saw me.  My heart always melted when he smiled.  Removing his scarf he came over and sat down.  He leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.  “So what is good here?”  he asked as he took off his coat.  

“Everything.  And it’s nice to see you too,” I replied.

He laughed as the waiter came over and took our order.  “Big choose for a little girl.  Are you going to eat all that,” he joked.

I nodded. “I have something to say and well I don’t know how to say it.” he said with an ominous tone.

My heart sank.  I prepared for some bad news.   “My grandmother is very ill.  They don’t think she will make it longer than a week.  I have to go home.”

“Of course.  If you need me, just let me know what I can do.”

“Come with me.  I need you.”

“Of course, I’ll get everything organised and when do you want to leave?”

“We have a flight it leaves at 5 in the morning.”

Everything was going so fast and I was amazed he booked a flight for me.  He continued telling me about getting to the airport etcetera. By the time our food arrived I knew my next 24 hours were going to be on the go.  At first I didn’t think I could eat something.  My mind was spinning,  however the smell was so good.  I started on my casserole and let him talk more about our journey.  

The coffees arrived and I couldn’t wait to take a sip, I needed this.  It was helping me calm down.  This was going to be tough as he was about to lose his beloved grandmother to begin with.  For me I was to support him and be there for his family as well.  It was then I realised his mother, she was about to lose her mother.  I felt extremely sad.  Paula was a wonderful and kind woman and welcomed me as if I was a member of the family.  Then of course his grandmother who was so much like her daughter.  I was going to have to say goodbye to her.

Matthew got up and said he wanted to speak to the waiter about something,  They had a brief conversation and Matthew came back over with a satisfied look on his face.

The waiter came over and placed a dessert in front of me.  “I didn’t order dessert,”. I told him.

Smiling the waiter walked away.  “I ordered it for you.  Matthew explained.

“Oh, I didn’t know you had,  I’m full and can’t eat this.  Do you want this?”

He shook his head.  “You know I love you don’t you.”

“And I love you even more than this coffee.”

“Wow, I’m higher up than this coffee.”

I laughed and next thing I knew he was on a bent knee.  I thought ‘Oh God he is going to ask me to marry him.”

Expecting to hear the words will you marry me.  I said something else.  “Have a bit of the dessert.”


“You are going to make it difficult,” as he took a spoon and cut into the dessert,  Bringing the spoon down I noticed something glittering,  

“Gran gave this to me months ago,  she wanted me to give it to you.”

He pulled out a ring that was so perfect it brought tears to my eyes.  “I should have asked you when she gave me the ring and I wanted to,”

“Ask me what?”

“Marry me?”

I jumped up from my chair and spilled the coffee all over the table.  “Yes, yes,” I said,

Matthew breathed a sense of relief.  The waiter rushed over and started to clean up the mess I made.  “Congratulations to you both,” the waiter said, as he quickly finished cleaning up my mess.

I smiled at the waiter and took the ring from Matthew.  I stood looking at the ring that was now on my finger.  “When we get back, I’m going to have to leave my apartment and move in with you.”

“Or I could move in with you.”

He shook his head.  “A dog kennel is bigger than my apartment.  I have to go home every night to make sure my goldfish had enough room to breathe. Seriously.  I know you want to know why I don’t stay over at your place.  Truth is my neighbour Mrs Brady, she lives alone and like the fact I’m next door.  She is 87 years old so I try and look after her.”

“She will miss you.”

“I told her I might be leaving and she’s going to move into a nursing home when I’m gone.”

Just then Matthews phone rang, he looked at who the caller was.  “Mom,” he said, taking the call.  “She said yes.”

I sat down as the waiter put another coffee in front of me,  this one was different but just as tasty.  Matthew told Paula how we would be there soon,  He paused for a moment, then he burst out laughing.  

Wondering what was so funny,  I stood up to try and hear.  However he quickly bid his farewell to Paula.  “Everything okay?” I questioned.

“Gran is getting out of hospital and going home tomorrow.  I can’t believe she did this,” Matthew said continuing to laugh,  “She went into hospital as she had taken a tumble.  Then she made all of us think she was dying.  Mum said she believed  that I was never going to propose.  So she came up with this scheme.

“Your gran is quite a character,” I said laughing along with Matthew.

I took a sip from my coffee and although it made me warm, there was nothing like the love from family to really keep you

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