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Oct 10, 2020


Basking in the sun, looking at sister’s kid playing and Looking at Apple tree growing in backyard gives so much relief to mind. It’s the centre of attraction of backyard for many years, to sit under this big apple tree, Beauty of tree is like a human life that grows fruits and give shade to others as token of their love, when colour of apples turn from green to red with increase in density of apples on tree with every passing day made me and my sister so much tempted and wait for apples to ripe and make jars of apples jam but winters around also and in cold frui shred easily with wind.so we had to manage time accordingly coz

just a month before Ripening apples, we were to move to new house that was decided already and apple tree was already decided by nature to ripen on same time of season.

“we are going to vacant this house next month” sister said

“what about Apples”, I asked

“Not in our hands anymore, these are not ripen yet”, she said with low voice

and I saw towards big green apples on tree and took a deep breath.

Time came when we started packing out stuff to move to new place.

Its already been a month in new house and it came in my mind,

“let’s go and have a look on Apple tree and moreover snow didn’t start yet”, I said to my sister

“what if someone already move to that old house” she asked

“we will get permission from them to get our property that belongs to us” and we both laughed

we decided to go to old house and surprisingly no people around,

we jumped with joy

“No one moved in this house yet and apple tree is still ours”

Next day we took a big Empty box and it was time for one of us to climb on tree

“I will climb and will throw apples towards you,you try to catch” i said to my sister

“she said” ok

but there were too many beautiful big apples in bunches that it could make anyone tired of trying to catch one by one.

so we decided to throw apples on ground and she started picking it one by one.

“This is easy and fun” she said

there were already too many ripen apples on long grass that were still good to eat.

So sister started picking them up one by one to see and started keeping in cardboard box.

“Aaauuuchhhhh” she screamed and threw an apple aside

and diverted my whole attention from picking apples.

“what happened now” I asked

“worm on apple that I picked from ground” she said

I laughed and said “Not our property only, someone else deserves to have tiny bites of this delicious fruit”

and that’s reality of nature that someone else also have same rights that is birds and little worms have their right on trees as we humans do.

she said “there are many worms who already have concerns about their property” and we laughed out loud.

I was so much into beauty of Red and yellow streaks on apples that I was not looking down while throwing it on ground.

An apple fell off very near to her and she screamed “You gonna hurt me today”

“Apples don’t hurt” I said

And we laughed again

It was not only Sister talk and laugh, apple tree was also involved in our talk.

”I hope i am not hurting you at all” I said

“ you were about to” sister said

” I am not concerned about you at all this time“ I said

and she understood that I was talking to tree while climbing higher and higher on fragile branches of tree.

“Don’t you feel like climbing on tree” I asked

“No, I am afraid of falling” she said

but for me it was another experience to go up on tree and look beauty of ground that was covered with apples and leaves.

And looking on leaves very closely, picking apples in a way that it won’t hurt tree branches while picking apples, made me more fall in love with this tree.

Trees are very beautiful creation of God, part of nature, that make us lively, Trees always stand high with pride for the service of human, very beautiful gift of nature to all lifes on earth.

Beauty of every tree enhances by changing seasons, with wind, rain, sun...

“Life cycle” that everything on earth is chained with each other to grow and trees gives life to all.

Around the world, seasons change, if you don’t know, This is one of beauty of houses in Canada, you can find Fruit trees in backyard of most of houses or near backyard fences, beauty of Nature blossoms in different colours again in Fall season.

That happiness of climbing on apple tree in Love with it..and picking apple one by one was giving smile, laughter and immense happiness to both of us.

I was very busy in picking all good apples And throwing them on ground that I didn’t see big cardboard box was about to half already in first 10 minutes.

”Don’t you think we should stop picking, it’s too many apples” she said

“if we won’t pick all,it will go bad coz of fall season is about to done and winters around”.

and from neighbours we came to know that honour of housemay not find anyone yet to move into this house coz of some pending repairs.

“Here we go” we smirked and ran towards backyard on long grass like two little girls found a pot of gold.

We filled whole big cardboard box with apples but still there were so many apples left on tree.

”Let’s leave these for someone to get happiness if they are lucky enough to notice before all fall on ground before winters”

Before jumping down from tree, more and more apples On tree were keep coming in my view and i was not willing to come down.

In about 45minutes sister said “Box is full already”

I jumped off tree finally that we decided before climbing on tree that no more than one box and that box was big enough to have a big apple stall to sell.

but this fun and all apples were for family and it was good experience of climbing on Apple tree and picking apples so we decided to relish apples with family and friends.

“I will pick this box myself” I said and in no time

“I cannot move this box at all” I said

she laughed at me

coz she already had idea how heavy was box while filling apples into it.

“Can you help me please” I asked

“No” she said and came same time to help to pick this box

and “we both had big laughter”

and said with enjoyment

”we did it”

and in my thought when I saw tree while going back..”I will miss you alot for giving me all happiness you gave us today, I am taking your memories with us and will relish each passing day”

Now sweet fragrance of apples was in whole house and not only in kitchen and lobby  and we all relished apples for atleast a month, made jam.

“sometimes true elation is not in getting something back but in how we enjoyed to get it” 😊

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Kylie Rudolf
22:24 Oct 21, 2020

This is beautiful! Amazing job!


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Nav puneet Singh
10:38 Oct 12, 2020

Amazing 👌


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Chaman Chauhan
12:06 Oct 10, 2020

Beautifully expressed...


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