Apples, Apples, and Apples Some More

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Oct 10, 2020

Fantasy Happy Romance

(Wren and Eve a year later)

Wren and Eve traveled together; it was what they did now days. To conceal herself a bit she dropped her sir name of Solara. They had been a pair for almost a year now; the Sorceress and her protective romantic interest of a Knight.

            Eve altered her looks a bit. Her hair was still gold and her skin tanned and her eyes blue. Just now she wore deep purple leggings and a purple halter with a jacket. Her boots matched but were more hiking in style. She also wore her hair up more often than down. It made her more casual in look and a lot less conspicuous as a Sorceress.

               Wren still wore leather attire but sometimes now it was dyed. In the moment in time he wore brown leather pants, green hooded shirt, and boots with a green and brown jacket. The blade that he received from stepping into the role as Sorceress’ Knight was kept concealed under his jacket unless he needed it.

              Many simply saw them as an elf couple now days and it suite them just fine. 

               On their way out of a town known for coal, a barb walked up and offered the lady a flyer. “Apple festival in Pectin, it is just down the road a spell. There is fun, there are games, and apples galore for patrons who attend.” 

         After Eve took the flyer, he shuffled on to the next group of people close by. Eve looked at it, “I heard of Strawberry Festivals, Pumpkin festivals, Watermelon festivals; I don’t think that I have ever heard of an Apple festival.”

           Wren gave a partial shrug, “Well, since we have nothing else to do, why don’t we go down the road and check it out? If it is all apples, can it really hurt anyone or have any issues?”

       “You still worry about me.”

          “I love you, lady. Worrying is what I do when we enter strange towns until they lighten up. So what do you think? Apples or do we go west?”

          Eve laughed slightly, “Meh, what is a little fun with apples.”

             “That’s the spirit.” He grabbed her hand and they jogged off down the road toward the little apple orchard town of Pectin.

               After traveling on foot for a few hours, Eve paused to look at all the apple trees that lined the road as they got closer to the town. “Wow.”

               The adventurer looking man walking beside her chuckled, “Well I see Granny Smith, Crab, Fuji, Red Delicious, Gala, Honey Crisp, wow. They were not kidding when they said an orchard town. I see apple trees even I cannot identify.”

            “So everything at this festival is supposed to be apples?”

             Wren looked over her shoulder as she looked at the flyer again, “Yup and it all begins tomorrow at noon. Why don’t we slip into town, get a room and tomorrow apple ourselves into oblivion?”

               Eve laughed as he slipped a hand into hers and pulled her along over a bridge and into town. The Inn was close just inside of town and they slipped inside.

             At the desk, Wren did the talking. “My wife and I need a room and hope to enjoy the festival tomorrow.”

            An older woman chuckled, “Starting tonight, our menus have switched over to apples as well. So I hope you really like the apples. The room will be twelve gold pieces and includes dinner and breakfast in the morning.”

         Wren dumped the gold on the counter and smiled, “We have never been to an apple festival and are looking forward to it.”

            She gave him the key. “Dining room is around the corner as well as the stairs headed to the rooms.”

         “Thank you much.” He took Eve’s hand in his and they slid around the corner.

          Eve did not mind being passed off as Wren’s wife, it kept suspicions down and saved her from cheap lines from other patrons where they go. There is also the fact of extracurricular activities they do at night in the inn rooms they occupy so all was good for the ruse.

           He swept her to a table near the stairs and sat her down before taking the seat across from her.

A waitress walked up and gave them a menu. “Can I bring you folks some apple spice cider?”

Eve nodded, “That will do to start and when you get back I think we might have an order for you.”

Wren flipped opens the menu where Eve could see too. It was true to what the festival flyer said apples, apple, and even more apples. He laughed, “So what would it be?”

Eve chuckled, “Apple seasoned pork, and apple sauce, fried apples, and an apple turn over for dessert.”

The waitress was setting down the ciders as she said it.

Wren smiled, “Make that two of everything she just said.”

            The waitress smiled and slid off to go get the order. It didn’t take long for the order to be brought back. Over a casual chat over apples and everything, the couple ate their dinner and then went up to bed.

              As they stepped through the door, Wren swept her to him in a kiss and the door closed.

               Morning, Eve stirred as Wren sat up out of bed. He was quite the lover and she welcomed it. After a brief clean up in the room next door he pulled on his pants. Eve did the same and they got dressed. Breakfast was apple cinnamon oats and apple juice.

            Noon came and the couple found their way out to the celebratory area. Eve blinked as she looked around at the apple pillars, apple chairs, rides created that had apple seating, and the booths for the food…apples…all apples. There were a lot of people out already as well.

               Eve walked over and noticed a funnel cake that had apples on it. Then she saw apples to eat and apples in pastries. “Wow.”

            Wren bought a pair of cups of Hard Apple ale and gave one to her. “Definably an apple bonanza”, he said as he took a taste of the booze. It had a sweet yet sour taste all at once and he puckered. “Sour apple ale, talk about tart.”

               She laughed at his expression. Rather than a full mouth full, she took a sip. “Yep, sour apple with a touch of crab. It is good however.”

            A vender chuckled, “We have multiple apple ales to try and those were just the two your husband picked up.” He gestured before him to smaller taste test cups full of ale of various colors. Eve picked up a pair of ale that appeared blue, “I tried the one you picked.”

              Wren took it and downed it with one gulp. “Mm, taste like a pie.”

              Eve laughed.

               Before they were done at the table, Wren and Eve were both just a tad tipsy. They picked and tried one of every type that was on the table. Each one had its own distinctive taste and color. From there they moved on to apple pastries and picked and chose various ones based on type. Eve liked the dumplings and the pies. Wren had an appreciation for the scones, apple turn overs, and the apple fritters.

               From the food, they went to contests and games with other folks.

               Granted Eve cheated slightly, Wren and Eve won an apple picking contest in the orchard. They had to be the first to clear the tree for the prize. The prize just so happened to be a malted apple whiskey. Normally one would save something like the whiskey for a special occasion. Not these two as they passed the bottle back and forth while they continued through the day.

               By night fall, Eve and Wren reported back to the Inn. Eve was cuddling and being bit amours and touching parts of his body. At the desk, Wren tossed down another twelve pieces of gold. “We are going to need the room one more night for a total of three days.”

              How he was still talking without a slight slur was anyone’s guess. Eve slid a hand over his rump as they stood there a moment.

             “Very well”, said the Inn keeper, “I am betting you two will have a hell of a hangover in the morning and it looks like your misses is getting frisky.”

               Wren chuckled, “Tell me about it.” He laughed as he slid an arm around Eve’s waist and proceeded to carry her up stairs.

               “Ah think I’m drunk.”

             “Tell me something that I didn’t know.” He opened the door and sat her down inside. “But is it wise to get a sorceress so wasted?” He turned from shutting the door to Eve undressed before him. “I guess I am about to find out.”

               He stepped forward and their lips met in a passionate kiss. She helped him out of his shirt before he pulled her naked body into his.


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14:10 Oct 22, 2020

You might see perhaps two to three more stories featuring these two.


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