The Pain of Wingless Angel

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Oct 06, 2020

Christian Fiction Sad

One cold starless night in a world where mankind has built an empire on greed, the blood of many cries out from the ground.

Hiding in the shadows, an angel of the Lord with bloody stumps on her back where her wings should have been, held a time capsule tightly in her arms.


Men with guns and dogs stood a few yards away from her. Fear overcame her and her body reacted before her mind could hit the panic button. She took off running through backyards of sleeping families, jumping over fences, and avoiding waking up sleeping dogs. The angel ran, daring not to look back as she came to a backyard that had a massive hole in it that was being filled.

Knowing that the men were still on her tail, she quickly threw the capsule into the hole and filled it half way.


The angel then took off again with the men and dogs behind her. She led them into the woods just outside of the kingdom.


As the years passed, that kingdom grew. And in that backyard where the capsule was buried, a girl with brown hair sat by the hole glazing into it, lost in her thoughts. Out of the corner of her eye, something shimmered in the dirt. The girl reached into the hole to pull out the strange object.

It was a grey cylinder like box. As she examined the capsule, the sound of mechanical clicking came from the capsule. The lid to the capsule popped open. As the girl looked inside the capsule, the feelings of curiosity were followed by many questions.

Inside, laid a brown leather book and a single, solitary feather. The girl opened the little brown book.

My name is Anna and I am an angel of the Lord. There used to be six of us that came down to Earth on a mission of the Lord but mankind has hunted us- now I am alone. We were once humanity's protectors but we are no longer glorified. Man has turned away from God and burned my wings. All that I have left of them is this feather. I'm writing this to humanity so they will know their wicked deeds. I know that I will not live long enough to save mankind, so I seek out the kind hearted souls. May they be the light in the darkness for the Lord.

The girl, unknowing of God's teaching, closed her eyes and prayed. Then, the voice of God came down from the Heavens and forgave her for all her sins. The girl was filled with the Holy Spirit as it was spoken by the prophets, "A person who was dwelling in the shadow of death has seen a great light.". The girl went through the kingdom's stone streets, proclaiming the teachings of Jesus. She opened her mouth and taught the crowds that were gathering around her by saying:

"What we do for ourselves dies when we are dead and gone, but what we do for others and the world remains and will never die for God has spoken to me and I am speaking to you about His ways. We must repent for we have persecuted His angels and the prophets. Listen all, to the angel's story. Will you hear the despair of the affected? Will you strengthen their hearts? Will you incline your ear to do justice for the fatherless and the oppressed so that man who is of the earth may strike terror no more? Darkness has fallen in paradise, and children cry out from their villages that lay in ruin due to man’s hate."

As she spoke, the king's guards drew near. They talked amongst themselves.

"This girl has been oppressed by Beelzebul, the prince of demons!"

Knowing of their thoughts, the girl spoke to the guards, "I have been reborn by the Lord and the Spirit, not the Devil for I was blind to the wicked deeds of man and now I see."

"If you have spoken to God, command the water in well flow for it has dried up."

The girl turned to face the crowd, "When the Son of God was tested by Satan, He said what was written by the prophets. You shall not put God to the test.". She then prayed.

They will not believe for their hearts have become stone.

Then, a great roar came from the well that was in the center of the kingdom as the water flowed back into its place.

"God has heard you and has brought you water that you may believe." When she had said this, many people in the crowd believed, but the kingdom was divided amongst themselves. With every miracle God did through her, the girl's faith strengthened and more the king wanted her dead.

One cold night, an angel came to the girl while she was in her room, in a dream.

"Please wake up. Your enemies are near. You must flee!"

She awoke and quickly wrote in the little brown book and handed it to the angel. The king's guards were at her mother's door. The angel held in the tears as he turned to go bury the book.

In the morning, the girl stood in chains in front of the whole kingdom in the amphitheater of the king's arena. The cries from her mother, for she was refusing to be comforted, were heard throughout the kingdom. The angel watched as he prayed for the girl's safety. The king watched with joy while the girl had a blank look on her face. The king smiled as he spoke, "Who gave you the power to heal and drive out demons?"

"You stiff-necked king, you know God because you have killed His angel, Anna, and murdered children in the streets of your enemies' kingdoms." When he heard this, he had become enraged and ground his teeth. She was shot by a firing squad.

As the red sun set that day, the angel sat on the edge of the cliff that was outside of the kingdom, talking with God.

"She was the light in the darkness, and now she's gone."

"There will always be light if there is darkness."

"What do you mean, Lord?"

God pointed at the little brown book in the open time capsule beside him. The Angel opened the book.

My name is Elizabeth and I have found Christ's love and forgiveness.

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Ashlyn Anderson
03:44 Nov 18, 2020

Please, call Adaline. It's my middle name. Yes, I'm AAA


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Ashlyn Anderson
17:50 Oct 14, 2020

I wrote this for people to see the way world is. I don't want them to change their beliefs but to change the way they act towards others. #Kindnessmakestheworldabetterplace4uskids


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C. jay Loren
03:15 Oct 12, 2020

Rather sad but also kind of hopeful feeling. I enjoyed reading it. :)


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