The Rightful Heir: Part 2

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Submitted on 10/03/2020

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The Rightful Heir: Part 2 

“Iris this must be hard for you, I knew Rose was an evil witch. The way she behaves around you and treats you...I just can’t stand her! I mean I would have done something to her, but you just let it slide. Now, she has just crossed the line. You must do something Iris. Don’t just stand there and, not so anything, act.” Sage had motivated her, but she was too depressed to hear anything she had said. 

“Sage be quiet! Let her think. Then do your motivation class.” said Holly. 

“Yes, Holly is right. I mean, usually, sisters would just do a prank war for revenge, but stealing her rightful crown, that is too much. I mean, she needs time to process all of that information.” explained Orchid. 

“No, it’s totally cool. I’m fine, but you’re right Sage. I can’t just stand here; I need to act. My sister was right. It isn’t fair that only the younger daughter gets to be crowned. My mother and father had told me about the story of our first queen, Lady Aceland. She thought that just because her older sister didn’t deserve everything she got; it was the same for everyone. I need to change this rule. My sister, I don’t know about her. The maids around here always used to bring up Rose, and how sweet she was when she was younger. I think... I am the one who caused this mental jealousy to her. She has been showing it to other people because it really hurt her.” Iris said and sighed. 

“How can you support your sister, when she wrote all of this about you!!” exclaimed Sage. 

“Now that I am thinking about it, Iris has a point. Though what her sister had planned this entire time wasn’t too nice, the rule isn’t fair either. We can step up and change things. I’m with Iris... who else is with her?!” shouted Orchid. 

“Me, I am with her...” Holly spoke up. 

“Yes, I guess I'm with her too.” said Sage. 

“Thanks for understanding, that a time capsule? It’s my sister’s! I didn’t know she had a time capsule! Let’s go check it out!” exclaimed Iris. 

“I don’t know if it is a...” just as Orchid began talking, Sage interrupted. 

“Come on Orchid! Try to have a little fun! Who knows what mysterious items lurk inside there...maybe not mysterious, but still, I am curious to see what’s in there, so come on!” Sage pulled Orchid’s arm towards the time capsule. 

“Wow, it is made of pure gold. So beautiful, though I feel bad opening it, should we?” questioned Holly. 

“Well... it’s not mine, and I want my sister back. I thought that, maybe I would add something in here, to show how much I love here, whether I am queen or not. I want the sister who everyone talks about, not what I am experiencing right now. I am the reason why she is behaving this way, and it is only right if I fix it. I need to remind her that, whoever gets crowned, we’re still sisters always together, no matter what. Let’s go outside the garden instead of just looking at it from the window!" signaled Iris. 

The 4 of them slowly opened the garden door and looked to take a quick peek inside. It read, “August 14th, 2007, to be opened 2020” It was perfect because it was 2020 now. There were drawings, poems, cards, presents, toys, flowers, everything to make the capsule more memorable. 

One poem had read: 

Whoever is reading this,  

I wish I would have a little sister, 

Someone who would play, 

With me 

There were many drawings of Rose, and some other girl, at first, they didn’t know who she was, but there was an arrow which pointed downwards to a text box which read, "One day, I will have a little sister who will listen to me, and play with me, and love me. I will love my little sister too, and play with her, and help her. She will be my best friend. She will look beautiful, like the girl I drew above.”   

There were also tiny cards wrapped beautifully inside wrapping paper, and with a ribbon around the gift. The girls noticed a little note attached to present, it read: “Dear sister, this is my favorite toy, this doll. I wanted to give it to you because mother always says that sharing is caring. Also, I will give you my dresses and hair clips. I want you to look beautiful, just like the doll. I hope you like my presents.”  

The capsule looked ever pretty because there were flower petals, not just any flower petals, but irises. “Do you see these flowers? Those are for you sister. I want you to be like there irises. Pretty, beautiful, and loving. I will name my sister from my favorite flower, Iris.” 

When they were looking at more items, Rose had come, waiting impatiently outside the garden. 

“Iris! I told you to do a chore hours ago, and yet you seem to be wandering around here and there! All 4 of you, come inside, why are you playing outside? Come...” Rose started talking but got surprised. 

“Why are you looking at my time capsule! I... how did you find it? Why did you go through it? It wasn’t meant for you.” Rose scolded but was too embarrassed to even look Iris in the eye. 

“Rose, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have gone through everything in there, but now I understood everything. It’s all because of me that you started treating everyone like this. I know that you want to be crowned. In fact, I never wanted any crown, but just my old sister back. I get it, Queen Aceland wasn’t being fair when she created this norm, but I think that we can change it. Not to the oldest or the youngest, but who deserves to get it. Who rightfully should be awarded this prestigious honor. Also, I didn't know you wanted a sister. I thought that you disliked me. But I was wrong about everything.  Will you ever forgive me Rose?” Iris asked, innocently. 

“Come here Iris. Close to me, I just want to hug you. should be the one asking you to forgive me. I was so greedy, and wasn’t thinking of my actions, and how it impacted the person I loved the most: Iris. I really wished for a little sister every day, now when I got one, I am treating you like a slave. I was foolish. But, on the day you were born, mother and father had told me they weren’t going to break the rules. You can’t persuade them to. Tradition matters to them. Queen Aceland matters to them.” explained Rose. 

“If we can’t tell them, then we got to show them.” Iris smiled, rather wickedly. 

“Just out of curiosity, how will we do that?” asked Sage. 

“We’re talking about Iris here; she always has her ways.” chuckled Holly. 

“Whatever the plan is, let’s do this!!” screamed Orchid.  

“But, before we do that, can I add something to your time capsule, if you don’t mind...” asked Iris politely. 

“Of course, but we’ll do it together this time.” added Rose. 

The two of them made a bracelet, each plucked the flower they were named after, and tied it in. "Together Forever" 

Now, we still have a problem, to fix the rules that Queen Aceland had once made. It is going to be hard, but I promise, the future generation of our kingdom won’t have to worry about this rule.” Iris reassured Rose. 

The two princesses had gone inside the castle to talk about the situation.  

“Mother. Father. Do you like following rules and regulations even when you think that they are wrong?” Iris asked. 

“All right, what do you two want from us?” asked the king and queen suspiciously. 

“We don’t want anything but your answer.” replied Rose. 

“Fine. I definitely conclude no as my final answer.” the queen spoke. 

“What do you think father?” asked Iris. 

“Well... let me think about this. I guess I would go with no too.” the king responded.   

“Great! We’re all in the same page. Now, answer just this final question.” Rose requested. 

“What is this? A survey? Better make it quick kids.” told their father. 

“We will. The question is do you think Queen Aceland’s rules are right? About only the younger daughter having the crown. Now, we don’t want to hear about tradition, generation, or our ancestors, but just what you think.” Iris asked. 

“I... no. I had also fought with my mother and father about this rule. I didn’t quite fancy it either. I was never ready to be crowned. But we just had to listen to them, and there was nothing that was going to change about it.” the queen admitted the truth to the children and sighed heavily and deeply. 

“Really mother? We had no idea! But, don’t you think we have to make some changes? According to Queen Aceland’s declaration of rules, we don’t see one which says that new generations can’t make new rules. I say we shall change this for our future kids. It is only right mother. Please, let us act, not procrastinate or regret not changing this in the future.” Rose pleaded. 

“What do you think father?” Iris asked. 

“I say we shall do it. I understand how it must feel Rose. Let’s rewrite the scroll into saying “One must be awarded the crown only through an act of boldness, kindness, and helping others. One who meets all these expectations will be awarded the crown.” spoke their father. 

Soon, Rose was awarded the crown, not because she foretold that she would be, but because she had truly earned it.  

~ The End~ 

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17:46 Oct 12, 2020

Part 2 was amazing! It tied the story together nicely, a nice conclusion to the storyline! One tip: there were some times where you could have used a bit more detail (e.g., when Rose was crowned queen, maybe instead of telling the reader, descripe the moment) Other than that, well done!!


Thank you for your kind words and feedback! I really appreciate it! :)


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