Oct 02, 2020

Sad Drama

The smell of smoke fills my nostrils and ash clouds my lungs. I run my hand over the rough scars on my cheek as memories come back to me. 

Too much smoke.

Too much burning.


I have to go. 

Ignoring the multiple calls of my probably concerned friends, I run

My feet hitting the ground hard with each step.

My lungs burning in more ways than one. 

My hair wound tightly in a short ponytail, hitting my back with each stride. 

My hand clutching the small pendant around my neck.

The only thing I have left.

A tear escapes my eyes, grazing my scars. I finally stop moving and collapse on the ground, laying my head against a tree. 

I’m safe, for now. The smell is gone. I should be far enough.

My pale blue eyes blur with more tears and I let them flow freely. Footsteps. Coming towards me. My friends? They’ll bring the smell with them. I have to keep running.

Their shouts come closer so I quickly get up and continue running, wincing as my arm grazes the hard bark of a tree. There are scars there too. Scars everywhere. 

I keep running. 

And running.

Until I can’t move anymore, my legs aching. Almost like before. Like that day. 

I don’t have the energy to bend my legs, sit down. I just stand, rigid, staring at the sun. 

The Sun could burn things too. If it wanted to. 

Please don’t burn me sun. 

I have to escape the sun now too. 

Forcing my legs to move, I continue running. I trip on a rock and fall hard on my knees. 

Ripped Jeans. Now even more. 

The scars on my legs now even more visible.

I don’t care. Not really.

It’s so hot, the sun beating mercilessly down on me. 

The sun. That’s why I’m running. 

I get back up and run again, my legs now numb. 

Numb like at the hospital. I couldn’t walk then. Now I can.

Right? Yes. I’m still moving. 

To where?

I don’t know.

Are my friends still following me? Probably not.

No parents to worry about me. So there’s nothing waiting for me. I can just keep running until I’m tired. Until I escape the sun. 

I free my hair from my ponytail, still running.

Strands of dark brown fly in all directions. Flowing in the wind. Am I running that fast?

Or is it just wind? The wind isn’t safe. Wind can move fires.

You could drop one lit cigar, one match, and the forest would soon be in flames. Orange and yellow and red and at the hottest parts blue

Blue like the sky. The whole world isn’t safe anymore.

Maybe I can go underground?

No. Deep breaths. The sky will not burn. The sun will not burn me. Stop running.

I obey my command. 

I lick my dry lips and look around me. Where have I stopped?

Trees, trees, trees. So many trees. The easiest thing to burn.

I’ll never be free from the fires. Burning in my mind, burning burning burning. 

Burning my lungs. I need to slow my breathing.  

That’s it. 

One. Inhale. Two. Exhale. One. Inhale. Two. Ex-

Footsteps. Like an avalanche.

Three people? Maybe four.

Maybe an animal. My friends? Are they even real friends? No.

If they were they’d understand.

That I need to run away.

Faster and faster and-

Wait. I’m not moving right now. If I stay they’ll find me. Whether it’s people or wolves or birds or-No, birds fly, they don’t run. I wish I was a bird. 

Fly away from the fire. From the smoke.

But instead, I have to run. Now.

I move my legs one by one, but I’m walking, not running. I’m too tired. Too drained. 

I need water. No. Water is too precious. It should be saved to put out the fires. 

Fires. They’re everywhere. Too many. Too little water. 

So I don’t want water. I want food. Maybe I shouldn’t have left. They had food. Them. The people. My ‘friends’. 

But they also had fire. So I didn’t want to stay. More tears fall down my face, falling to the dirt. 

Tears. Water.

Must keep moving.

What am I running from?

Oh. The fire. 

Will I ever really be far enough though? My clothes are flammable.

A drip of oil and electricity and boom. The worst kind of fire. An explosion.

More smoke than normal fires. Water doesn’t help. It makes it worse. So I need to stop crying. 

No. No, no, no, no, no. 

More tears only fall. 

I wipe them away hard with my sweater. It hurts. My scars. Dots of red line my sweater. Blood. Will I ever be free from the reminders?

From the memories?

No, I will not. 

Because the fires are everywhere. 

You open up the news-boom. Fire.

Because of careless campers or broken stoves, or really hot days or…

There are fires made on purpose too. 

Bonfires, cookouts, fireworks

Who’s stupid enough to make fireworks?

Stupid people, of course. 

I ran away when they did those too.

Don’t they get the hint?

No. Some people are clueless. Oblivious, like people who just watch homes go up in flames. Not even sane enough to call the fire department, the police, someone.

Maybe they enjoy watching things burn. 

Burn. Fire. Smoke. Such tasteless words. 

Ash isn’t tasteless. I found out that day. So much fell in my mouth.

I was coughing and hacking and choking, and then everything went dark. I never want to taste it again

I rarely eat anything anymore, afraid that’s how it’ll taste. 

I only eat cold things. Ice cream. Salad. Nothing made on a stove. Never. I had them remove it from my house.

The only way I sleep at night. I also turn off all the lights. All the time. No electricity. It’s cheaper too.

It’s only a little cold in winter. I use blankets. In summer I go to the basement against the floor, never going outside. It’s too dangerous with the sun.

Ah. The sun.

I better keep running before it catches me.

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Princemark Okibe
16:42 Oct 04, 2020

Thought the character was someone who once had a bad experience with fire but your emphasis sometimes put me in mind of a vampire. Though if you ask me to choose, I will go with the former. They wasn't too much to suggest a vampire. You surely got the suspense part down. Nice work.


Amany Sayed
12:41 Oct 05, 2020

Thank you so much!


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Jade Young
15:54 Oct 04, 2020

I am in love with your writing style. It evokes so many different emotions. I can literally picture myself in the MC's shoes. Your descriptions are definitely something I strive towards in my own writing. I love how expertly you were able to craft a story around the fire with imagery like the sun, the smoke, the match, the flames, the orange. Absolutely brilliant. This is definitely going down as one of my Reedsy faves. Keep up the amazing, awe-inspiring writing ;D


Amany Sayed
12:42 Oct 05, 2020

Aw, as am I with yours ^^ Thank you so much. Aw, thank you I'll try :)


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ᗰooᑎ ♫ ♪
15:46 Oct 04, 2020

Loved the new name...


Amany Sayed
15:46 Oct 04, 2020



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02:10 Oct 04, 2020

One of your best stories yet! Suspenseful, thrilling descriptions to tell the backstory in a subtle way! Amazing!


Amany Sayed
14:18 Oct 04, 2020

Aw, thank you!


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A. K. Wilson
01:42 Oct 04, 2020

The flows great, and love that you mention all different types of fires truthfully i never really thought about it but it brings a great point


Amany Sayed
14:16 Oct 04, 2020

Thank you so much! Glad I made you think!


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Nirosha P
06:40 Oct 03, 2020

this story was so well described! Great job! Just one thing, I didn't really feel there was a story here. Maybe you could do a part 2? This is just my opinion though. Otherwise great job! :)


Amany Sayed
15:36 Oct 03, 2020

Thank you so much!


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Avery G.
18:52 Oct 05, 2020

Wow, this was so good! I loved it! Great job!


Amany Sayed
18:55 Oct 05, 2020

Thank you!


Avery G.
19:20 Oct 05, 2020

No problem!


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Hey...Bloody? Mary? Ima just called you Sunny. Wait, but calling ‘Bloody Mary’ Sunny is weird. Ya know? I’ll just refer to you as ‘sis’. Ahem. Greetings, take two. Hey, sis! So ya know how you have that heartwarming paragraph you’ve sent to a couple of people when they’re feeling down? I think you sent it to me a couple weeks ago after I cried for like an hour straight. Well, anyways, I loved that so much I wrote a flash fiction story inspired by it. The end is like an adaptation of your speech. Oh, and because I could resist, I used yo...


Amany Sayed
16:32 Oct 05, 2020

Awwwwwwwwwwww I love inspiring people 😂 Yes I wanna seeeeee YESYES


Okay okay...here’s the link to the doc! It’s a really random flash fiction and yeah you’ll see how your (adapted-)paragraph is worked into the end :) Tell me what ya think! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ap9WF-2rGTgdM3YiJ35nX9M9NMdWg_cmcAyd5yHBidQ/edit Hehe okaaay


Amany Sayed
17:54 Oct 05, 2020

Dang it's great! Yeah, you pretty much put my paragraph in there lol.


Thanksssss yup that’s kinda the point. I just made a few tweaks to your paragraph and plopped it in the story. VOILAAA


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