Post-Surgery, Part III

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Sep 26, 2020

Romance Science Fiction Thriller

Julie led the way outside, bashing in the heads of any zombie that got near them. It was daytime again and the zombies were out in full force. Julie made sure none of them got close to Jackson, using her frail looking arms to swing the bat like she was Babe Ruth. Jackson didn’t even carry a bat based on her suggestion that she could take care of them all on her own and him having a bat would just slow them down. She was his leader now and his guardian.

“Where are we going?” he asked when they had a break from the attacks and there weren’t any close.

“Sam’s Club,” she said. “Every zombie movie or TV show I’ve ever watched they are always short on food and medicine. So I always thought the first thing I’d do was raid a Sam’s Club if there ever was an outbreak. Even if someone hit it first, based on how few people I’ve seen, there’s no way they’d be able to have taken too much. Let’s just hope it’s not too overrun by zombies and we’ll be in good shape for a while.”

She was right. There were definitely a good deal of zombies inside once they got there but this outbreak must have happened close to closing time because there were not too many, probably less than she had to take care of at the hotel. She cleared them out relatively quickly. He looked around at the store was stocked with plenty of good looking unopened food that would last for years. And they had their pick. The Zombie Apocalypse definitely had its perks. 

“Grab as big a shopping cart as you can find,” she said. “We need to stock up as much as we can.”

The Zombie Apocalypse suddenly felt like paradise for Jackson. Being in a store full of food, drinks, beer, and lots of other things he needed and being able to take as much as he could carry with him. And on top of that he got to take it all to his new home with the most beautiful woman who had ever shown interest in him. So it took him a moment to feel how crushing it was when they were making their way towards the exit with full carts and they saw Nate standing there. 

He was blocking the doorway and there was no other way out of the building at least not one that they could get to before Nate would be able to catch them. He stood there wearing a white tank-top. His muscles throughout his arms looked even bigger than they did before and Jackson could see the veins bulging in them. His leg muscles were enormous with such definition and he looked like he could crush Jackson with his legs alone. The baseball bat he was twirling by rotating his left hand that he held it in made him that much more intimidating. He was staring at Julie with a smug smile on his face like he got her.

“Nate, thank God you’re here,” she said as she abandoned her shopping cart as well as her baseball bat and ran at him. “How did you find me?”

“Told me that we should come to a Sam’s Club,” he said. “So figured yed be here at some point.” She hugged him and he put the arm with the bat in the hand around her looking like he was unsure how he wanted to react. 

“Oh good, you are so smart,” she said. “I was hoping you would find me.” She looked at Jackson like he was nothing and pointed at him. “He can’t protect me at all. I would have died out here soon if you didn’t find me.”

Nate looked at Jackson, his eyes big, a terrifying look that made Jackson want to get on his knees and beg the guy not to hurt him. Nate saw the fear and made his expression even scarier. Jackson felt his eyes watering up and he wondered if Nate would be able to make him cry just by staring him down. Nate dropped the bat and took a couple of steps towards Jackson who felt his legs shaking and he wondered how much longer they’d hold him up. Nate knew he had no need to run and Jackson knew there was no point for him to. Nate could have caught him anyway.

“Let me jest take care’a him and then you and I are gonna go back home,” Nate said to Julie without moving his eyes away from Jackson for a second. “I’m gonna put this punk through some hell before I finish him off.”

“Don’t!” Julie said as she stood in his way. She put her hand on his muscular chest and Nate looked like he was just itching to get past it. “It wasn’t his fault. I left with him on my own.” Nate looked down at the girl that was over a foot shorter than he was breathing heavily through his nose. He looked like he was looking to punish one of the two of them and just deciding which one it would be – if it wasn’t both.

“Why would you do that?” he asked her, looking even more heated. Julie had stepped in to stick up for Jackson. Now he wondered if he should step in and try and save her. But he didn’t have the courage. 

“Because I’m a dumb blonde,” she said. “You know how us girls are – we are stupid. He was leaving because you humiliated him in front of the other women. I saw him leaving but you were drunk and passed out and I didn’t think it would be a big deal since you didn’t even want to bring him home with us to begin with anyway. I was mad at you for making him wear the dress so I decided to go with him. But it was a HUGE mistake.”

“Why?” he said, sticking his chest out when he said it. It sounded like he said ‘wah’ with his accent.

“Because he’s a total wimp!” she said and then she looked at Jackson with disdain in her eyes, looking like she meant it fully. “Guy’s so weak that he can’t even swing a bat. I had to take out every single zombie that got near us. But that’s way too much for me to handle and now I’m totally exhausted from doing all of that work. I need a man that can protect me and this guy is worthless!”

If she was putting on an act she was putting on a good one because she was speaking with such conviction that even Jackson believed her. It made him feel awful that the girl he felt like he was falling in love with was talking about him this way. He should have not been so stupid and known that good looking women just weren’t interested in him. Nate took a deep breath in as he looked down at Julie. Even though he still looked furious he looked like he was satisfied with what she had to say. But then he turned his head to Jackson and gave him an evil look so powerful that Jackson was afraid it was going to knock him on his butt.

“A’ll give you ten seconds to get outta here before I come after you,” Nate said to him. “And if I get my hands on you I’m gonna turn you to mush. Now…”

“Wait!” Julie said again. Jackson never wanted anyone to shut up so badly. He’d gladly run back outside and take his chances with all of those zombies out there rather than deal with whatever Nate had in store for him. But Nate was listening to her. 

“Why don’t you keep him?” Julie said. “Use him as your pet like you were doing?” Nate still looked suspicious but he looked less angry and he even started to crack a bit of a smile.

“Why are you saying that?” Nate asked her. “Didn’t seem like you wanted me to before.”

“I know, like I said, I’m just a dumb girl and I thought I should stick up for him. But I was really laughing on the inside when you did it. And it was hot too. I love the way you can control anyone you come in contact with. It’s very manly. Seeing how much of a wuss he looked like trying to fight the zombies out there made me want to see it even more. So bring him back with us and make him your bitch. All of the other girls will like it too.”

All Jackson would have had to do would be to run back to the hotel and he would have been fine. He had that nice room on the top floor all to himself.  And he had a Sam’s Club where he could have gotten anything he needed at any time. Now Julie was ruining that for him so he’d be a prisoner again. She had turned on him. He went from falling for her to wanting to strangle her just like that. But he couldn’t do anything with Nate there and he just had to stand there, keep his mouth shut, and pray that Nate didn’t like her idea.

“Come on, chief,” Nate said to him as he waved his muscular arm. “Yer comin’ back with us.”


Nate had found two more women in the short time that Jackson and Julie had been gone that were in the living room of the mansion with the rest of them. The other four women had looked close to Jackson’s age but these ones looked older. They were a bit better looking too, though not by much.  

One was skinny with red hair, pale skin, and a lot of freckles all over her. She looked to be in her early thirties. The other one looked to be in her mid-forties. She looked professional like she was some sort of teacher or lawyer or something. She had short brown hair, a fairly pretty face, a white button-up shirt, a black dress on, and she even wore black high heels. She looked smart and mature like she could take care of herself and didn’t look like someone that would be under the rule of a 19-year-old guy. This was life in the Zombie Apocalypse, though.

Jackson was kneeling in front of all of the women, including Julie, who were all looking at him. Nate had really dressed Jackson up this time. Not only did he have a dress and panties on him again but he had Julie give him a makeover, covering his face in makeup and even painting his fingernails for him. Julie did it like it was all business and didn’t show any compassion towards Jackson when she did. She looked like she had wanted to do it. 

“Go ahead and bark for all the ladies here, doggie,” Nate said as he roughly rubbed Jackson’s hair. “Let’s hear it.”

Jackson looked at all of them staring and waiting for it to happen. Even the mature looking one was looking with amusement. Jackson would’ve hoped she would have been better than that. All of them wanted to see Jackson make a fool of himself. He wanted so badly to resist. But he felt a strong tug on his hair from Nate’s hand and he knew he had no choice.

“Woof, woof,” he said. All of the women laughed. The mature looking one fell back laughing in her chair and clapped her hands together. 

“Good boy,” Nate said. “You earned yourself a treat. “Go over there and fetch this. It’s all yer gettin’ to eat tonight so you better eat it all up. And you better run over there on all fours to get it and eat it with just your mouth or I’m taking it away from you and yer not gettin’ anything else tonight. Now go on – fetch.”

Jackson watched the hot dog fly across the room from Nate’s hand and onto the floor. He did not want to give Nate the satisfaction of doing this in front of all the ladies. But he had been captured before he had gotten a chance to take a bite out of all of the good food that he had picked up at Sam’s Club and all he had eaten that day was a bowl of oatmeal that Nate made him eat right out of the bowl without using anything but his mouth. Now he was starving and he knew he wouldn’t be able to get through the night if he didn’t eat again.

He ran across the room on his knees to get the hot dog, no reaction from the women immediately, but he heard some chuckles as he continued to quickly crawl across the floor. On the first try, he was unable to pick the hot dog up with his teeth but then managed to do it and bite off the end. It did taste good after not eating all day, he had to admit that. He did his best to drown out the laughter that was picking up around him and just focus on eating his hot dog so he could have some dinner. When he was done, he looked up and got a patronizing round of applause from the amused audience.

“Such a good boy, isn’t he?” Nate said to the women. “Now doggy – show what a good doggy you are and go lick Debbie’s feet. Debbie, raise your hand so our doggy knows who you are.”

“Right here!” the middle-aged woman said as she raised her hand while laughing. Jackson’s assessment that she might be mature was way off. “Come on, doggy,” she said. “Come lick my feet.”

Taking orders from a woman that looked like she should be a caring, middle-aged lady wasn’t something Jackson’s ego could handle. He hesitated but felt a gentle but firm kick in the butt from Nate which was a quick reminder that he needed to do what he said. He ran over to Debbie who kicked off her shoes that had no socks, stockings, or anything else under them and she had her bare feet waiting for him. She stuck them out for him when he got there and he started licking the bottoms of them as directed. Feeling the bottoms of her feet rub against his tongue as the taste of them set in was the worst that he had dealt with yet. 

“Ha-ha-ha-ha!” she laughed, with a loud obnoxious laugh that hurt his ears. “That tickles – I can’t, I can’t.”

She started kicking her feet around, almost kicking Jackson in the face a couple of times as she did, and he pulled his head away from her. Thinking he was done he turned around to look at Nate but Nate firmly pointed back for him to keep doing it. Jackson went back to licking her feet and even though she kept laughing loudly and kicking her feet around, she didn’t object. Her laughs got louder and she even screeched a couple of times. She inadvertently kicked Jackson in the nose a couple of times, one with her heel that really hurt and made his eyes water up. She didn’t seem like she did it on purpose but she didn’t apologize either. Jackson had to keep licking her feet through all of that.


Sleep wasn’t going to come easy for Jackson tonight. The bed he had was nice with a headboard and footboard but he was only in that bed because Nate had him handcuffed to it and his ankles cuffed to it as well. His limbs were stretched out and he couldn’t move. The cuffs were tight on his wrist and ankles too. He heard the bedroom door open. He couldn’t tell who it was at first because of the darkness but as the figure got close he could see it was Julie.

“Hey, how are you doing?” she said in a whisper.

“Get away from me!” he said with a louder whisper. He turned his body away from her as much as he could. He couldn’t do it much the way he was cuffed but he did as much as he could to make a point.

“What’s the matter?” she asked him.

“You tell me that you like guys like me but then Nate shows up and all of the sudden you tell him what a loser I am? And why didn’t you let me go? He was going to let me go but you told him to keep me as a pet. Now I’m trapped here and I can’t get free. Thanks a lot! How could you do that?” He continued to try and twist his body away from her but it was getting to painful so he lay flat.

“What did you want me to tell him?” she said. “You know what he would have done to us if he found out the truth? I wasn’t exactly expecting that visit. I had to think on my feet and I had to tease his ego a little bit too to keep him calm. It works when women do that to guys, trust me. And as far as him letting you go – you wouldn’t have made it back to the hotel with no bat and even if you got one you don’t know how to swing it. You know what happens if a zombie gets a hold of you? You’re dead. So you are his pet now – but at least you’re alive. I’ll get you free but it might take some time. You have to be patient. I’m risking our lives just talking to you now.”

She reached in and kissed him. He questioned her sincerity but there was nothing else he could do. She was his only hope.  

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Leya Newi
02:25 Sep 26, 2020

Yay! Part three! I swear, these keep getting better and better, A.j.!


A.j. Brown
02:36 Sep 26, 2020

Thank you :)


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