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Sep 24, 2020


Steve McKay turned on his television and wanted to know what was going on in his beloved city. Mass unrest with lockdown and protest over police brutality was taking a toll on his city. The system had let him down. Had let everyone down. Mass unemployment and these politicians not caring. He prepared breakfast with one eye on the television. He made sure to tune into the governor's public briefing. Keep informed of the goings on in the city. Every day the city was descending towards chaos. Cops getting shot. People getting shot walking the street. No rules. Nothing protecting law abiding citizens. This was not the place he knew and loved. He was in the kitchen preparing his breakfast. Home fries and sausages when he heard the mayor say is over. What the hell is this guy talking about. He thought. Yeah we are done. Curious he made his food and set for the dinner table. When he sat down he heard the governor tell the public she was quitting it was all over. No more police, schools , hospitals nothing. This experiment has failed. You are all on your own. Now. She took off her blazer and darted for her van to take her away from this madness.

He recoiled. Shook. He looked out the window to see if the world had turned to fire and brimstone just yet. Nothing out of the ordinary. He sat back finished his breakfast. Waited a few trying tomake sense of it all. He looked at his television at the commentators dissecting the press conference.

(Through his television screen)

Yes. This is a new world we are living in. Pundit 1 said.

How will we adjust? When will see this become to take affect. No anything no rules. Pundit no 2 remarked.

How can she up and quit and leave her constituents in the dark. Pundit 1

Free enterprise. Free markets. No more big brother controlling you. I think this is a good idea. Pundit no 3 said.

Steve braced himself for what was to come. He could not make sense of it. He was woken from his coma but the phone ringing. He picked up the receiver it was his brother.

I saw the news are you okay. His brother said.

Yeah mike I am okay. Still have not made sense of this. I do not know what will happen here. Steve said.

Get out. Now. It is not safe there. Mike said.

I am going to wait it out see what happens first.

You are going to wait until you get shot or killed to move. It will be too late.

He thought long and hard about what his brother said and decided to ride it out. Is the same thing everywhere. I like it here. Nothing will happen to me.

You are making a big mistake. You will have nothing but lawlessness. A wild wild west.

I dont think it will be that bad. You watch too many movies.

You want to be hardheaded. Ok then. Be safe. Big bro.

Thanks little bro. He hung up the phone.

He looked out the window again a bucolic scene. He went back to his sofa and turned on the television again. To keep his mind distracted he put on sports. He caught the ending of the Dodgers versus Padres game. Dodgers won. 9 -5. He turned the channel to basketball. Catch these playoffs. He was caught up in the middle of the action when he heard a loud echo. Boom. Something must have fell he thought. He looked out the window he saw nothing but the same scene he has been staring at for the last ten years he has been living here. Went back to the game. And he dozed off. He came to and realized he had not turned the television off. He turned it off. He looked at the time it was 10:08 pm. He went to the bathroom to freshen up and get ready for bed. It was this time he heard a big booming cacophony. He smelled smoke. Could not make the noise from outside but it sounded something like all cops are bastards. This was getting scary. He gathered himself and tried to sneak a peek out the window. The sight was something straight out of a movie. People wearing mask, carrying pitchforks and some with guns. He was scared these protestors looked angry. Ready for war.

Undecided as to what to do. He thought about letting it ride out. They cannot stay mad forever. He thought.

He stayed in and watched tv. Another day passed and there was nothing but anarchy on the streets. People looting, breaking stores in. The facade of civility had slipped off. Mob mentality. People smiling as they walked out of the stores with their pilfered goods. Happy. He saw one guy walk out with a brand new computer only to be clocked by another person and robbed off everything. Live stream of the days events. As the Anchors and professionals had all left. He tried to make a call to his parents to let them know he was fine but his call could not go through. He was getting low on food eventually he would have to go back outside. He combed through the fridge. I got two days max for this. He knew this was not going to go away in 2 days time. He did not want to keep watching television too depressing. Turned on his playstation and played some video games but he could not concentrate. After 30 minutes he was pacing back and forth throughout his living room. He heard the noises, the screams could sense the destruction out there. He got in his bed and slid under his covers. He finally got in touch with his parents to let them know he was still alive. Hey mom. He said

I am worried about you stevie. How you holding up?

I am scared these people are out here destroying property. Taking everything down. I am waiting for things to get better so I can leave this place.

Dont go out. Stay in stevie. His mom said

Mom I need to go out and buy some food today.

Oh lord. Be careful.

They said their prayers and hung up saying their I love yous.

He looked out his window and they showed no sign of stopping. They were still breaking car windows, burning down property. What was he going to do. Go outside and risk getting in the middle of that mob. He was hungry and getting impatient. He mulled over his options. Damned if he do. Damned if he does not. The smoke was getting to him as his fire alarm was wailing. No television only a feed of the riots throughout the city. Sitting there like a prisoner as so many voices rang out.

Black lives matter voices sang while they were being interjected with all cops are bastards and free college and Medicare for all. Capitalism is evil.

He could not make out what they were saying or fighting for. He sat there.

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Vinci Lam
19:42 Sep 28, 2020

Very relevant to the current situation in America. It would make the story clearer if you used quotations when characters are speaking.


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