Submitted on 09/12/2020

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You have been put on a path, on a road. The only difference between this road and the common used ones is that the scenery is moving forward, and it does not care what you do. 

Now let’s say you got tired and you stop, the scenery around could not care less. While you stand there, the surroundings are pulling you into this hole of things that happen and it will be hard for you to start moving again if you stop for longer than needed. You’ll drown in the emptiness. 

Things that happened… they already did. There is not much point looking back, breaking your neck, to see what you have already seen. People who get stuck in their memories or like to suck on the same how-it-used-to-be-candy remind me of someone on a treadmill who slipped because he has turned around while still running. We all know that does not end well.

Hence, on the path you are, it is okay and needed to stop and reflect perhaps on what has been. Yet if you stop for long enough, you might end up hurting yourself by literally doing nothing. 

What if one is a masochist? Over and over tripping, getting bruised, you can almost see the person cutting up pieces of the soul and mockingly placing pink bows on top. It might be boredom, it might be addiction, it might be not finding a good enough replacement for the process that brings oh so much joy. One mistake of a past: the need for a re-do button, a dream that was not pursued, a lost chance; all the sweet ways our brain likes to treat us with and make you want to rip your heart right open. 

However, every story teaches us something, and, by shifting your perspective slightly, you will find that perhaps it was all for the better. Okay, sometimes you got to lie to yourself and that might be the exact case. Okay, I lied. That is not the case. 

Your outlook on the path dictates the mood of the whole road trip. Optimist approach would be walking, swinging hands of course, looking at the sky, whistling a song and enjoying the feel of sunlight on the skin. Meanwhile right beside the optimist on the opposite spectrum, there walks he who has his head down, only seeing own feet, bumps on the road and dirt; while all there is to do is simply look up. (The realist approach would be to gain that balance between keeping the head up and actually looking where you’re going but, hey, whatever suits you)

Shift your perspective, tilt your head slightly – you will either find a way to pursue the goal or correct the mistake, or you will realize you did not want it that bad to start with. Once you grasp that, you will wake up lighter than yesterday, the ghost of un-finished business will either turn to energy of pursuing the goal or will fly away to haunt some scary looking house. 

Take a look, such a beautiful morning; get up, and breathe the dawn of joy. The time will come when you will seek and not find this moment of life again. Morning casts off the curtain of darkness. Get up and start walking. And if there is no power in you to form and pour light yet then at least do not shadow it with your morning depression. 

In order to be walking the road patiently, observantly and enjoying the process, one most probably has to have a vision of why the hell his feet are moving, aka the motivation. Some people find their greater purpose, some want to feed their curiosity (is there a cliff at the end?), and some are going with the flow, the herd, whatever you call it. 

Now there are some that lose the interest – a cliff or a unicorn dancing tango at the end, the simple walk does not satisfy anymore. Those are motivated by the reward: the reward of being loved by that one person - or chasing the illusion that you can be loved by everyone; the reward of having all the money so you can afford life - or chasing the illusion that money can actually buy everything; the reward of achieving greatness and feeling good about yourself - with each achievement sensing a dopamine dose running though veins. The above said remind me of someone making an effort to do life better, to make the improvement. Then, is it self-fulfillment we’re running towards? Low levels of which can turn a person angry, mean, greedy and envious; high levels of which generate the impossible, borderline stupid life ideals?

Do we all depend on self-fulfillment or is it a reward? What is more motivating? Is it a drive or it is the end goal?

On the surface, “rules” to a simple life of a society as a whole can be summarized in two:

1. Not one person is allowed to hurt other physically or emotionally. 

2. Each person does his job well. 

You say Utopia? I say hard work. 

“If others weren’t that stupid, I’d be much kinder and the work would also be finally done properly”, - you say. I say that this man is outraged by the evil arising from outside from others - the evil that he cannot eliminate nor control. This man forgets about fighting his own sins, although that is in his power. 

Stupid or not, we all have something to learn from each other. It takes a lot of strength and a lot of intelligence to acknowledge the fact that your path is a continuous education, and whether you want it or not it will stick to you just like an outdoor dust.

Stupid or not, there is no stupid. I prefer to see it as a simple lack of knowledge on the subject, or accepted behavioral traits, and a lack of motivation to bother to improve on the focused topic. Although, all said is not an irreversible diagnosis. By finding the proper way to approach yourself or another, you can find opportunities of growth, opportunities that will encourage one to new beginnings and (I will not guarantee but I will hope) opportunities for finding more happiness, and overall finding another way to achieve self-fulfillment. 

You can find a master key to each and every heart there is. Sometimes it’s so simple that it’s embarrassing. A heart from afar seems secure as a steel safe in the finest of Switzerland banks. The tough metal is everywhere, and would you look at that willpower! That heart is almost impossible to approach. Yet, by looking closer, the door is not even closed. 

Violation of the first rule of a happy society leads to a much stronger protected safe boxes instead of pumping blood hearts. 

The truth is, in all that actually matters, we are united - in love and faith in love, trust and empathy, relations among each other, sunsets and singing, in a desire to be and make others happy. Simple things are often hidden; simple things are often screwed up by someone who violated the first rule. This is the best example of how one can start a fire, it takes only one buthurt human. The truth is, bad spreads much more rapidly than good, destroying the basics of humanity in its way. 

There are places to which a person must reach himself. If he did not, then the time has not come yet.

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