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Sep 05, 2020

Drama Mystery Thriller

He was stepping as wide as possible. Ozman is a handsome young man; successful and talented. He was a creator of the most famous nets of the restaurants in Seattle. Everything, his face, hair, and clothes have the hand of the professionals. Ozman was successful and rich but completely unhappy. Even for him, it was a secret: his past kept him as the nightmare drinking his power day by day. Now, even more: his mom was very sick, and day by day, she was bothering more and more. He was full of doubts now: was it the right decision to bring her to the USA. In Africa, he would pay money, and people would take care of her. Money was the main goal since he started a school and other boys looked at him with an ironic smile. Ozman was different, and they did not like him. Now she was drinking his young power; she memorized an awful childhood with every movement and word. He tried to throw away the ugly past and live in this new American dream, where he was a dream of every woman: handsome, strong, and smart enough to get everything from his plans. 

Entrance. Elevator. The man always was scared of elevators because of his claustrophobia since he was 5. He could use the stairs, but his meeting will be soon, and it is no time. The door opened, and strange sticky pumps ran through his skin. He is ready to look into the face of his fear and fight with those ghosts from the past. He fisted his hands and made a step into the elevator. Numbers started jumping higher and higher, he tried not to think about the closed door, but sweat drops began falling from his forehead. 

Suddenly the elevator started to screech like a puppy—the puppy, when his dad hit it repeatedly. A moment and Ozman saw a little boy. The boy was crying and tried to cover the puppy with his body, but it did not stop his father. Ozman saw that little face with tears running down; he felt that pain. He felt how pain was running from his mind to his stomach. It started biting his belly like a snake with all that poison flowing now inside of his blood vessels. Ozman went to his knees: "No, please, not again…..no….." The elevator stopped. The man felt like every alveolus stuck inside his lungs. It is not possible to get even one so vital breath of air. Oxygen disappeared from his lungs, from this small elevator, from the whole planet. He is in a vacuum trying to breathe, and only his pale lips were moving with no response. With a shaking face, he turned his head to the light. The light on the top was like a lifeboat for the sinking person. 

One movement of his eyes and light is gone. Ozman felt down on the floor, and all his body was in pain. This pain is like the body is covered with gas, and the fire is brought to it. Ozman has not had this pain for so many years. Every neuron connection in his body was on fire; he was shaking on the floor.

Again, Ozman saw him: a little boy with such sad eyes, always full of dreams and fear. 

-Go in the trunk, little bustard!

-No daddy…. Please… I cannot breathe there..mom, help me…

A boy was crying, but a big black man squeezed his throat so hard. The man pushed a boy to the trunk and closed the top. He sat on the top, and the boy felt all the weight on his head; he could not breathe, he could not see anything. The boy only heard an awful laugh:

-Mommy's son…. Ahahaha… I will make a real man from you...or I will cut your little dick, hahaha….you do not need it...your mom made a lovely dress for you… fucking pussy boy.

After those words, the little boy always started seeing angels, and one of them was opening the top, and the boy started breathing again. It was interesting that Ozman never could see the face of that Helper. He only remembers Angel's face so brightly shining. Since his childhood, he has been trying to see the face of Angel. He did it many times with closing eyes and trying to go back and see that face. Ozman has had myriads of the psychologist appointments with hypnosis and other methods to bring that face back to his memory, but everything was unhelpful. His brain was keeping unique feelings about the Angel; even the smell was so bright with a little iron in it, then he was feeling Angels with warm hands. 

Ozman - a rich, handsome, and successful man; he is on the floor, shaking with a body full of pain. The elevator's door opened, and with his burning eyes, he saw the face of the Angel. This time he saw it so clearly with all details: with every wrinkle around those full of love eyes and many scars on the chicks. He had never thought before how she got those scars. It is like somebody took away many evil things from his mind. She was smiling as she always did. She hugged him as she ever did, how he could lose it from his mind, her face, her love, her soul. 

-Ozman, honey, you are fine, it is gone! I love you, my sweet son… shhh.

-Ma, I betrayed you…. I forgot you….I forgot your face...I forgot everything you always did for me….. Ma… I am a bustard …

Tears were running, and he was blubbering like a baby in the mother's embrace. He felt himself a little boy again. His Angel was keeping him, and Ozman Is safe. Suddenly in his mind, the picture pumped up: mom's face and hands are covered with blood, and he felt that iron smell again. His father, with a knife in his hand, his father's face is ugly and angry. It was a price for Ozman's freedom: his mother let this ugly man cut her body to save her lovely son's life. A deep moan escaped his chest; she gave him more than love; she gave him everything. How could he be so cold to her and so ignorant?! 

-Ma.. never again… can you hear me? Ma… never again… I will give you love, you gave me … I will payback for all your suffering you got for saving my life… Ma..l. I love you...

The bright light poured into Ozman's soul. He got the peace, so needed peace. Now Ozman knows the face of his Angel.

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1 comment

Mark D
15:43 Sep 17, 2020

Good story. Disturbing, sad, frightening. You do a good job painting the picture of a tortured soul. My only recommendation would be to reread your work, maybe even out loud. Make sure it flows smoothly. There are a couple issues with consistency between present tense and past tense. But it's a really good story.


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