Aug 28, 2020

Romance Funny Drama

Write a story from the different perspectives of 2 people meeting on a blind date.

Kathy johnson was tired of the scene. The dating scene can be a bummer when you are past your early 20s. Was she ever going to meet prince charming. She would settle for prince anything. Right about now. Tired, all her friends were off married starting families. And being successful career women. She wanted that. You could smell the desperation like sweaty armpits after gym class. As you get older what can you do. She did not want to be an old maid. But you get pitied. When you are single. Look at her and she has not found mr. Right. She was beautiful nice. A perfect ten. Knockout. Sometimes it works out that way. What can we do? You throw your line but you catch nothing.

She had tried all the apps. Tinder. Etc but no luck. She met some characters. A lot of characters. The guy still leaving at home with his mother. The loser with no job who wanted her to pay for everything. The pervert who wanted a threesome. She wanted someone normal. She grew so frustrated she deleted the app. But would come right back to the same mess. She was frustated with her choices. But everyday she was on that site trying to find mr right.

She saw his picture first that was what interested her. She had dated them all but this guy she had never met before. His avatar was a painting of cupid . How cute. That stuff got to her she was a romantic at heart. She read his name. Seth Dunlap. Ok I've never tried this loser before. Here goes. She laughed a little. She reached out to him. Liking his picture. Alright. Hope he likes me back. She did not say anything with her like. No messages. She was not going to act desperate she was going to be coy. Men are weird that way get turned off when you show too much interest. She started the dating apps after a year of being single. Even girls get horny. She never been so lonely in her life. All her friend swore by these apps so why not give it a try. It was time to branch out. Try new things. She liked his picture, first time she did that. She was shocked by the changes and growth she was making. She usually was the one that was being pursued. How weird she thought. But these are desperate times and they call for desperate measures. After reaching out she got a little antsy and put her phone away. Nervous at what he would say. About being rejected. She didnt like being on the other side of things.

Oh lord. Never doing this again she said.

Seth Dunlap jumped out the shower and checked his phone. Is what he did. It was an appendage. What do you expect from a millenial. He was active on all the social media apps like facebook, twitter, instagram. Anytime he did anything he posted it on his socials. He partied hard last night. Drank. Smoked. He lived life. Made no apologies for it. Nursing a big migraine he decided to catch the ball game not a big sports fan but nothing else to do or watch. Why do I drink he thought.

He got up Made breakfast. Eggs scrambled. Bacon. toast. with orange juice. To wash it down. Looking at the game. Bored . He called a couple of friends. Kill time. Hey wassup. He called Rick his best friend.

What are ya doing .


Just trying to chit chat. Tired of looking at my Instagram page.

I understand. I just finished talking to britney. Hooking up tomorrow for some fun.



You lying. Wow. Didnt you meet her yesterday.

Yeah that is how I do

I hear you bro

Yeah going to have my fun if you know what I mean

Yeah I know

They chuckled over Rick's good fortune with the ladies. He always found a pigeon that was good to go.

So how is life treating you?

Good cant complain.

Yeah they made small talk. The usual stuff. Women. Alcohol. Drugs. Job. What else you expect from two immature men. They hung up.

Damn Rick has such good fortune. Why I cant get lucky that way? This dude is always getting a playmate I got to settle for a 5 or 6. He did not have the magic rick had with the pigeons. I got to get some rick jojo. That is what I need. For some people things are innate. For others you can go your whole life and work for it and not have it. This was a perfect example. Rick had no problem being crass and crude. He on the other hand put on the dog and pony show and still no luck.

He went back to his sofa checking his phone. He looked at his dating apps and saw one girl send him a like. Hmm interesting no picture but she was a female so that is all the information he needed. He liked her back

Kathy had been on her facebook page when she noticed a notification from her dating app.

Hmmm who could this be. She was excited when she saw it was seth.

Hey see you are interested.

Well yeah. What do you look like ? He did not want to be catfished.

That is interesting. I dont know what you look like.

Agree. Let's find out this saturday at 7pm at le dulce.

Yeah that is that restaurant in midtown. Wow they are pricey.

Dont you worry about that. I will take care of everything. You only worry about looking good and showing up.

Okay is a date.

Now he didnt do blind dates. Too many horror stories. What if she was a he. Or some deranged stalker type. He rolled the dice hoping for the best. He couldn't wait for saturday. Gave him plenty of time to get ready. The date was 4 days away and he had his suit and everything ready.

Was not leaving anything to chance with this pigeon.

He was having fun. Another day another pigeon. Nothing major. He called all his friends to brag. He inquired about their day and lives with no interest really it was a rude to get him to tell him about his pigeon. Yeah how was your day well cool man I met this girl real freak. We are going to have a good time

He missed a couple of calls from his parents. Praying it was not an emergency he called them back wishing for some good news.

He was elated it was mom trying to check in and act all mom.

Hey ma what is it.

Calling to see what you up to.

Nothing . Same old .same old.

How is the job going?

Good. Is a job. Mom

Great. Have you found someone yet are you seeing anybody

Of course it always came back to that. but does it not always come back to that with mom

Mom. Please. I dont want talk about this with you.

God forbid. You tell your mother anything. I cant show an interest in my son. Asking because there is this nice church girl I met yesterday. I think she would be perfect for you.

Gee. Thanks. Mom not interested in you setting me up.

What is that supposed to mean. I'm your mother I have your best interest at heart. I would set you up with ms right.

Mom..please. alright i gotta go.

Too busy for your mother. I see.

No. Mom. I love you.

I love you too.

How is dad?

Ok. Here watching television. Ever since he retired is all he does. Watch tv, eat ,poop ,and sleep. In that order.

Send him my best. Mom

He was trying to kill the conversation and most nights it did not work. But today she did not want to put up a fight so she said. Alright. Take care. Son.

He put the phone back down and started thinking about her. Four days til we meet my pet. His imagination ran wild. Oh god please let her be cindy Crawford. He knew he was not going to get that but a man can dream. Thought about everything even negative ones like what if she is freddy Kruger. Lord it could go either way.

He did not want the suspense so he sent her a picture and asked for one in return to make sure she was not an ugly duckling.

Kathy was at home about this time talking to her girlfriend. Her best friend since junior high. Jessie smith.

Yeah I got a date. For this saturday

Oh god you are still on those apps. What does he look like?

Well I dont know.

How dont you know

Well I saw a picture of cupid.

You cant be that stupid can you.

No. Honey I'm desperate. You don't know how hard it is to date these losers.

I know. I know. I was single and it was a total mess for me.

So you get it. Yeah I hope for the best.

So did you hear I got a promotion at work. Yeah a little more pay. Things are working out.

She was thinking about her blond date and didnt pay any attention to her friends good fortune.

She thought about what her friend had said and was relieved when she checked her phone and saw he sent a picture she sent one back.

She went back to her date and told herself I have to be ready to knock this guy out.

She went to get hair done the next day. Then she hit the spa. She went for a mani- pedi. She wanted to impress.

Gave them a big tip she wanted to get taken care of right.

Anxiety ruled the night for both. He was making sure everything right so she would be a quick lay. He got his hair cut. Showered. His car was washed. He was going all out.

She was nervous. She bought herself a new dress. Everything was brand new. Wanted to wow him.

The day of the big date. Was nerve racking for both. As the time wound down to d- day . You could feel the tension. Could you cut it with a knife? I'll leave those trite metaphors out of my story. I'll say you could write a note on it.

It was 6 pm he made his way over to her place. To pick her up. He went upstairs and they quickly headed to the car the reservations were at 7. They exchanged pleasantries and they were out the door. Traffic in nyc can be a mess. They wanted to beat it. They drove spoke a little. Exchanged back ground stories. NYC stories. They got out of the car he gave the keys to the valet. AnD they headed in.

They got there at 6:55. They had reservations , they were seated immediately. He held out the seat for her and they were met immediately by the waiter.

What will you have. The duck and the chicken are to die for. Said the waiter.

I'll take the chicken roasted. she said.

I'll take the duck with your best red wine. He said.

Well tell me about yourself.

Automatically this felt like a job interview. You are always selling yourself. He remembered.

Yeah my name is seth Dunlap I work in the stockmarket. I sell stocks. Yeah I love my job. What about you what do you do?

Well I work at a boutique store. Yeah I'm in sales.


Is that what you wanted to do in life?

Yeah I always loved fashion.

Yeah I love fashion too. I love buying clothes maybe we can go shopping sometime?

Yeah. Sure. She liked how confident he was. And how quick he was.

What brands do you like?

I love brooks brothers, hugo boss, I love Armani and Versace.

You have expensive taste.

I earn it. I love spending it.

She loved how brash he was. He was the type to live and go crazy.

So how long have you been in New York?

I moved here after college. I wanted to be in fashion somehow or someway. So I packed my bags from Cleveland Ohio and came over. It has been now wait ohmm 6 years since I been here.

Okay you like New York.

Yeah. Is so expensive. But I like it.

What about you?

Born and raised. Here. Grow up in upper east side. My dad was a stockbroker and I followed in his footsteps.

He was cool calm and collected. He didnt want to show his hand early. Talk , make small talk any kind of talk. You are so nervous. Show me a person who is not. Plan was working so far. She seemed interested in him. Laughing.

The food came they ate. The food was good but expensive.

Such small portions for this price. He complained.

She chortled. Well everything here is expensive.

He didnt want to be a downer. Everything was going so good he didnt want to ruin the night. The bill could have been a million dollars and he was going to smile. You cant have any negativity creep into her mind and the night. He pulled out his Visa card and paid for it.

Calm. Serene. Peaceful.

It was 20 minutes past 9pm. And they got up ready to go. He had played it cool. He seemed engaged and interested in the conversation. She was impressed.

Did not want to be forward but man he wanted to go that first night. But he stayed on script. He drove her home. That body was driving him crazy he had condoms in his back pocket. That man came prepared. He opened her door and as she was getting out of the door he heard the magical words. You want to come up?

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