Jul 25, 2020



“Oh no! I´m running late for work,” exclaimed Victoria setting off her alarm, “I really hate Mondays”

She ran to her kitchen to prepare some coffee and a quick breakfast. She liked using a French press for her coffee because it tasted better than instant coffee. After drinking her beverage and eating her food, she jumped straight into the shower. Then dressed herself in a green outfit and applied minimal makeup, making sure her appearance looked effortless. After her whole morning routine, she grabbed her car keys and drove to her office.

“Good morning, what a lovely day” said James the receptionist and dear friend.

“Lovely indeed” answered Vic with her signature eye smile and walking into her office.

“Oh I almost forgot to tell you, the new recruit would be here in 10 minutes and you need to interview him for the editor position. Let´s hope he has a better portfolio than the ones you´ve interviewed before.” mentioned James chuckling.

“Yeah, we really need another editor. Well, see you later Nugget.”

“Later, Giggles” said James winking at her.

Vic was already in her office when she heard someone knocking at the door.

“Come on in” she expressed with a strong voice.

She sat straight and welcomed the young man that was standing at the door.

“Good morning, my name is Tobias Ramos and I´m here for the editor position,” said the man shyly.

“Yes, I know. Please take a seat,” offered Vic kindly

She tried to make the interview as comfortable as possible but she noticed he was extremely nervous while showing his portfolio and decided to invite him a coffee hoping this might calm his nerves.

“Thank you for the coffee, it is very delicious. I usually prepare mine in a French press,” commented Tobias

“Seriously? What a coincidence! I love French press coffee, it just tastes better,” responded Vic

After some instant coffee and a small conversation, they returned to Victoria´s office and finished checking Tobias’ portfolio.

“Well, I have to say that I am impressed by your portfolio and in addition you like French pressed coffee. So, all that is left to say is that the job is yours if you take it,” said Victoria offering him a handshake to close the deal.

“Thank you very much Miss Victoria, this opportunity means a lot to me” said Tobias accepting the handshake with a genuine smile.

“Ok, please come by tomorrow to sign your contract and you can officially start working on Wednesday. How does that sound?” stated Victoria.

“Sounds wonderful. Thank you so much,” exclaimed Tobias gratefully.

Tobias was outside the glass door near James’s desk when he turned back to wave goodbye to both, Victoria and James, and they reciprocated.

“What a nice gentleman!” expressed James.

“Yes, he is truly a nice gentleman,” said Vic still looking through the glass door.

“You´re not falling in love, are you? Because I´ve known you for 6 years and if I know something about you is that you fall in love very easily,” said James with a concerned look.

“No, I am not falling in love. Besides, you are exaggerating,” said Vic punching him on the right arm “it’s just that he seems familiar somehow, and as soon as I heard his name something told me I knew him then I saw his face and my theories were even stronger. The thing is I have no idea why he seems so familiar.”

“I am actually not surprised at all; I mean you are a social butterfly Giggles. Maybe you met him at a bar or a party,” teased James.

“HA HA HA, very funny Nugget. Anyway, I will figure that later but for now I need you to have the contract ready because he will return tomorrow to sign it,” order Victoria and walked away to her office.

“Whatever you say boss!” yelled James so that she could hear him.

Later that day, Victoria arrived at a restaurant to have dinner with her childhood friend Lucy; they had known each other since kinder garden.

“Vic, you look so pretty today in that green outfit! You are the beauty of the place tonight,” screamed Lucy noticing her friend´s face was turning red.

“Hush girl. I almost tripped and it would´ve been your fault,” pointed Vic annoyed

“Well you didn’t tripped and now everyone is amazed of your beauty,” said Lucy

Both ordered pizza with an excessive amount of wine and chatted for a while but even with all this distraction Vic still had in her mind on the person she was hiring at the office. After dinner, Victoria gave Lucy a ride home and Lucy noticed Vic was zooming out and asked her if something was wrong. However, she answered that it was nothing just fatigue from work. Lucy was getting out of the car when suddenly Victoria asked her a random question.

“Hey, does the name Tobias Ramos sound familiar to you”? Asked Vic

“Perhaps, why are you asking?” replied Lucy confused.

“Well, today at the office a man arrived with that name and now he´s our new editor but the name sounds extremely familiar and then his face,” Vic sighted, “I feel like I know him but I still haven’t figured it out.”

“I think I would have to see his face to tell you an answer,” stated Lucy

“OK, how about you pick me up on Wednesday to grab some lunch and since he will already be there to work you can try and catch a glimpse at his face.”

“I´m on board with you sneaky plan, see you on Wednesday.” Said Lucy getting out of the car.

Tuesday morning ran smoothly at the office. Tobias stopped by to sign his contract, James was very busy with calls and Vic was examining a few paper as usual. At lunchtime, the three of them ate lunch together. Tobias was relaxing more and even threw jokes at them, which made the break more enjoyable.

“Guys, I don’t feel good,” said Victoria interrupting Tobias, “I think I am going to faint”

James caught her before her whole body touched the floor and carried her to the couch in her office.

“Let´s hope it just fatigue from work,” said James concerned “Can you please wait here until she wakes up? I need to return to my desk immediately.”

“Yes, of course. I´ll bring my computer and work here. I will let you know when she´s awake,” replied Tobias with a comforting smile.

James left the room and return to his desk. After a couple hours, Vic woke up and asked Tobias if he could drop her home because she wasn´t feeling completely recovered. He agreed. She grabbed her backpack and went to tell James that Tobias was taking her home.

“I hope you feel better once you get home Giggles. And remember: Don´t overwork yourself.” Expressed James while hugging his dear friend

“Yeah, I know Nugget. See you tomorrow.” Said Vic looking extremely tired.

They were both already in the car and Victoria asked Tobias if they could first grab some take out because she didn´t felt like cooking right now. He agreed and asked:

“Where do you want to buy your food?”

“I know this place that sells delicious Chinese food and it´s just a couple blocks away.” Replied Vic

“Chinese food sounds indeed delicious” said Tobias

They were listening to the radio when suddenly Victor pointed into an old, abandoned building and said:

“No way! This used to be my kinder garden; those were the best school years of my life. My class only consisted of three girls and three boys including myself. I really miss those days were you could live without any worried of adult life” said Tobias with a smile on his face.

“I figured it out! I remember now. We were together in this kinder garden. “Expressed Vic relieved because she found his answer.

“Oh yeah, I remember you now,” acknowledged Tobias, “you had a very distinctive laugh”

Victoria giggled and Tobias said, “There it is!”

“Do you want to go into the building to check what´s left?” proposed Tobias “but only if you´re feeling better.”

“I am always ready for an adventure.” Said Victoria

He parked the car and both got off. They enter the building cautiously, making sure no one was around. They started to wonder around but not much of it was still standing.

“Do you remember the tea party we had at my house with everyone?” asked Tobias hoping she would remember.

“Of course I remember!” said Victoria excited “It was really fun”

The sat at a bench and just stared at the building remembering those good old times but Victoria started to feel dizzy again so they decided it was time to leave. They were again in the car when Vic asked him “Do you remember Lucy? She was also in our class. I bet she would be extremely surprised to see you again.

“I remember her, she´s still sassy I hope?” said Tobias jokingly

“Yes, she still has her sass,” answered Vic, “I have a crazy idea”

“Do tell” expressed Tobias

“Lucy is picking me up tomorrow to get lunch. How about we eat lunch the three of us together here at our old school?” Proposed Victoria giving him an eye smile he couldn’t resist.

“It´s settled then. I will bring the traditional sausage cocktail we once ate with our teacher.” Said Tobias

“Ok, I will call Lucy and let her know our plan.” Stated Vic still feeling dizzy

They finally arrived to pick the Chinese food and Tobias took her home. Later that Tuesday night Victoria found her kinder garden photo book and took a trip to memory lane. She remembered her amazing kinder garden experience and wondering if she could find her other three missing classmates.







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Deepti Kumari
02:43 Aug 20, 2020

Amazing story.


Joy Read
16:02 Aug 20, 2020

Thank you.


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