Jul 20, 2020


Jay didn't usually recognize beautiful things around her. She didn't believe in the magic that filled her entire world. She thought herself rather sensible. The fire that raged inside of her was only scientific. But there was one thing that she thought was completely magical. That was the stars.

She was currently laying on her back on a grassy slope staring at the heavens. It was midnight, and she couldn't sleep, so she was looking up at the sky. There wasn't a blanket under her, like most of the people who went star-gazing. Of course, they were actually trying to star-gaze, not lay on a small hill and think.

With an enormous sigh, Jay decided that it was about time to get up and get moving. So she did. As she picked herself up, she saw Princess Christina. The two of them stared at each other for a good minute. Princess Christina was still in her day dress, which was pretty formal for everyday wear. Jay was in her sleep clothes.


"I keep forgetting that you don't sleep in your uniform." Christina gave her a small smile. She was carrying a blanket. She was here for star-gazing.

"Ah, well. I'll go put it on if it makes you more comfortable." Jay muttered, keeping her voice quiet. Christina let out a small giggle. They stood in silence for a moment, until Christina cleared her throat.

"Well, I came out here to look at the stars. Do you want to join me?" Christina asked, holding out her blanket like it was an offering. Jay froze for a minute, trying to figure out what she should do. Christina misread her silence with an anxious expression.

"Oh, I forgot, you were getting up. So you were probably going to go get some sleep. Go ahead, I'm sorry for asking. Sorry." Christina felt her face growing redder by the second and prayed that it was too dark for Jay to see.

"Oh, uh, it's fine. I mean, if you want me to stay, I can. I couldn't sleep in the first place, so I came out here instead. Anyway, let me help you with that." She reached out for the blanket and Christina up and dropped it.

"I am so sorry, I didn't mean to- I'm sorry." Christina dropped down and fumbled with the blanket for a second. Jay let out a laugh that reverberated in Christina's chest.

"You're fine. Let me help you."

Jay laid Christina's blanket on the ground, taking painful care to make sure that it laid flat. Christina fell backward onto the blanket as soon as Jay had finished spreading it out.. Jay sat off to the side of the blanket, not touching it anymore.

Christina let out an overdramatic sigh and grabbed Jay's hand, pulling her close. Christina's heart was thudding in her eardrums at her own forwardness. But as she looked into Jay's eyes, she felt like it was worth it. They were only a few inches apart. Christina didn't think that anyone else knew that Jay had freckles.

"Howdy." Christina wanted to go crawl into a hole because, at this moment, the word that she'd chosen to say was howdy. But Jay gave her a half-smile and a laugh.


They both looked up at the stars, knowing that this moment wouldn't last, but while it did, they would enjoy it.

After a few hours, Jay and Christina had both fallen asleep, curled against each other for warmth. The sun was making its way into the sky, and it woke Christina. She sat up, trying to remember if what had happened last night had actually happened, or if it had been a dream.

She looked over to where Jay was laying, and she smiled. Definitely not a dream. Jay looked peaceful in sleep. She didn't know what it was. Also, Jay was waking up, so she needed to pretend to be asleep.

"Good morning," Jay said as she stretched. Christina let her eye open a crack. There was no way to pretend that she was still sleeping.

With a jolt, she realized that this was how she wanted to wake up every morning. She wanted to wake up after star-gazing with the one she loved. A mosquito landed on her arm, and Christina changed her mind. She registered the mosquito bites that were covering her like a sort of terrible blanket. Christina moaned and rolled over, her face buried in the blanket.

"You good?" Jay put a gentle hand on her shoulder. Christina mumbled something about mosquitos which made Jay give a huff of laughter.

"We'd better get back to our proper places. I've got to get back into uniform, and you've got highness things to attend to. Thank you for last night. I liked it." Jay spoke as she stood up, brushing beads of dew off her waterproof pants. As Jay left, Christina decided that she was most definitely in love.

A few months into the future, Christina was crowned queen, and she faced her first real trial as queen. Dr. Scott had returned. This time for war. At the same time there was an influx of people appearing from the Other Realms. This time, three boys and a girl. The usual was zero. The people were pressuring Queen Christina to find a king to lead with her.

So, Christina was now lying on the water, looking up at the stars. Star-gazing had become a form of stress relief for her. She heard a small splash from the shore and saw Officer Nautalis wading out to where Christina was. She was in full uniform, so Christina guessed that she was coming over for job reasons.

"Sup?" Christina asked as Officer Nautalis stopped moving.

"Nothing much. I came out here to look at the stars. You seemed like a good person to do it with." Officer Nautalis leaned back in the water, letting it support her.

"Oh." Christina thought for a minute. "Jay?"


"Will you marry me?" A creeping red blush over took her face.

"Of course."

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