An extra gift for her.

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Jul 12, 2020


‘C’mere boy!’ the man yelled as he glided through the burning hole in the wall on his board. The boy giggled as he used his wrist interface to increase the power in his thrusters. He boosted forward, his goggles pressing against his skull with the loud roar of his acceleration. He turned back expecting to see an ant in the distance, but the man was effortlessly keeping up with him, a spectre slithering silently through the aerial traffic. The boy looked down to look at the man's board. The board was an older one from the same “Fūjin” brand as his, but looking at the back he saw the cause of this abnormally quiet yet powerful acceleration. Silver ball shaped thrusters with a green ring of light around them took the place of regular ones, they were attached to a glowing wiry frame that crawled over the board they were retrofitted to. GP conversion thrusters? I thought only Eastern Militia had those! He thought to himself as the panic set in. He could throw the stolen items toward the ground and escape whilst the man was distracted, but he needed these stolen munitions, he couldn’t help Jessica achieve her goal without them. Damn, I just had to take munitions from what is probably the one guy in the entirety of the west with this tech didn’t I?

‘Yeah, you see it donchu, ain’t no way you can escape me little rabbit!’ the armsman cackled as he nodded at the rabbit logo on the shoulder of the boys orange accented brown leather jacket. ‘Good eyes and ears buddy... since you know of us Conejos, I’m sure you understand that those thrusters don’t mean shit.’ the Conejo responded with confidence, smiling to himself as he saw his comment strike the chord he wanted it to in the armsman. ‘Talk all you want, boy, I still ain’t seen none of these Conejo skills you’re supposed to have, you’s is probably a damn newbie.’

‘Observe.’ The Conejo said before he suddenly dived downward. The man followed suit, with his board's bindings being strained as he clearly hadn’t built his board for this type of movement. They dodged the flying public and goods transport crafts as they rocketed downwards. The Conejo then pulled up as they approached the personal craft traffic on the streets below and swung to the right as he ascended, going between two skyscrapers. The man couldn’t keep up with the swift racing of the Conejo and had to break his maneuver into three, stopping his descent before turning toward the alley and moving upward into it at his instant maximum speed, which only marginally put him further behind his target. Idiot is lucky he has that tech, and I’m lucky he isn’t a seasoned rider.

The Conejo’s ascent rapidly continued as they returned to the flying transport traffic grid flowing through the sky. Since they weren’t quite there yet, the Conejo thought to himself as one of the skyscrapers they were caught between was left behind, I do have an excess in munitions right now, I’m sure she won’t mind if I got rid of some of my weight. He dived once more and the man followed, ‘You think you can just do this same shit over and over, huh?’ He was about to continue but interrupted himself with a slow and strained ‘Donchu!’ as he forced his weight backward to pull his board back to an ascent due to the Conejo immediately flying back upward as the man began his descent. This moment of struggle in the man was used to drop one of the nades the Conejo carried in his heavy backpack. The man was still struggling to stabilize his upward chase when he saw the flashing red light on the orange alloy orb fly straight past his face, he followed it with his head in shock as he broke all stability he had in panic. He had no time to dodge. The explosive detonated a few metres beneath him and he almost caught up to the Conejo from the boost it gave him before he started to spiral downwards uncontrollably. The boy looked backwards to laugh at the falling man but his smile quickly erased itself when he saw a sparkling, transparent, hexagonal sided ball flash into visibility briefly around the man's body after taking damage from the explosion. Of course the arms dealer has a shield on at all times, he thought, frustrated at himself. Shields weren’t very common, especially among those who were riders for various reasons, the main one being price. Well, at least I know that now… Maybe I could take that pesky board of his after all; It’ll certainly serve us well.

The armsman began laughing at the shrinking boy as he regained control of his board and resumed his pursuit. ‘Think you can bring weapons into this eh?’ He revealed a gun of some kind from his leather waistcoat. The boy turned to see this bulky, rounded and silver handgun pointed at him with a red ball of plasma building at its mouth. The rabbit's skin strained against his goggles as he widened his eyes in fear. He turned to seemingly focus on the flight ahead of him. The arms dealer chuckled as he fired a shot, only for the boy to swerve out of the way. The boy watched the armsman's frustrated face contort through his wrist interface which he now held in front of his face. The dealer began frantically firing the shots, each of them being dodged at the last second by the rider, who found himself in a rhythm as he kept his pace up whilst avoiding all of the buzzing bolts of energy. The armsman growled as he pressed a button on the side of the weapon before twisting a dial to its maximum. The gun charged up once more and fired another ball of red energy that was slightly bigger than the rest. As the boy dodged it he noticed it’s unstable, fluctuating state and immediately began to dive vertically downwards. If anything from that ball of energy were to affect his board, it’d be much worse than allowing the dealer to catch up once again from this dive. Besides he needed to be close to get that beautiful board out of such clumsy hands. The ball rapidly expanded into a pulse of energy, fading as it expanded. The last wisps of the expanded energy snuck into the back of the boy’s board and turned his dive into a fall. The boy reached into his oversized backpack once again and whipped a weapon into his jacket's inside pocket before the armsman could notice. The dealer approached the falling kid, who was now fixated on his wrist interface, running a scan on his board's systems. Thank god this still works. Once the analysis was completed the Conejo whispered, ‘Perfect.’

The armsman pulled out an energy grabber and activated it, a holographic sphere appeared, showing both of them that the next button press would cut the backpack from it’s straps and leave the rabbit to fall. The man observed this and flexed his thumb once more to confirm the grab. As the grabbing field began to activate, the crouched boy violently pulled a cord on the side of his board. The cord whipped back in and a roaring could instantly be heard as the exhaust for the secondary thrusters on the board's rear began coughing out gas. The board flung into action, flying upward with the Conejo still crouched and pulling on the nose of the board with both arms. 

Staying within the shield the dealer had allowed him to enter with his slow approach, the rider dodged the grabber field by arcing over the man's head. Upside down he then released one of his hands from the board and pulled a pistol from his jacket. The gun was fired as soon as the Conejo’s arm had fully extended. The bullet pierced the man’s boot and crashed through the board. Careless, The Conejo thought as he watched the screaming man descend. Once at the ground the still active shield prevented almost all damage the man would take, but not enough to keep him from passing out. Looks like I’ve got Jess a new gadget, He smiled to himself.

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