Cup of Love

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Submitted on 07/10/2020

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I hate winter. But she loved it, so I tolerated it for her. She was my fire in such a cold environment. She made everything warm and sparkly. I would do anything for her, even brave snowy bitter weather, because she was worth it. I watched her as she exited the bathroom, her hair still damp from her hot shower.

    “Looks like you really enjoyed the slopes today,” I said to her.

    “I did!” She beamed. “Even you seemed to enjoy yourself out there.”

    “I gotta admit, skiing’s not so bad,” I shrugged. “Maybe one day, I’ll be better than you.”   

“Oh, don’t count on it! I’ve got about fifteen years of skiing down these slopes. You got nothing on me.” She went to the drawers to find a nice warm and cozy outfit to change into. Thank God, I took it out of there. 

    “But you’re out of practice. You nearly fell a few times out there.” I pointed out. “Not the pro you think you are, are you?”

    “Even still, I’m better than you.” She took out an oversized lavender sweater and a pair of thick leggings and put them on. She looked so beautiful.

    “The only thing you’re better at than me.” She playfully punched my arm. I would never be better than her, because she was the best person I know. She has this amazing ability to elevate those around her. Everything was better with her. Even the most mundane thing was made the most exciting adventure with her by my side. Pretty soon, we would embark on the greatest adventure of our lives. If only I could get myself to ask the question.

“It’s so great to be back here!” She plopped down beside me and wrapped her arms around my torso. “It brings back fun family memories.” There will be more fun family memories to be made here, I’m sure. 

    “See? Wasn’t this the best early birthday present ever?” I teased. I had planned this trip for months. I wanted this moment to be perfect. What better place than the place she loved to be?

    “The best.” She kissed me. I could still taste the mint from the peppermint candy she ate earlier. “Thank you.”

    “So what do you have planned for us tomorrow?” I had a feeling that tomorrow’s plans would include lots of excited calls to family and friends to tell them the good news. She just didn’t know it yet.

    “More skiing. Maybe we could take a hike.”

    “Sounds fun.” I smiled. “But right now, we can just relax.” The calm before the storm. I know things would not be this quiet for a while. It was nice to be alone with her.

    “Sounds good to me.” She snuggled up next to me and rested her head on my shoulder. A picture perfect moment I didn’t want to ruin. But, I had something to do and I couldn’t do it with her head on my shoulders.

    “Your hair is still wet.”


    “You’re getting me wet.”

    “Fine.” She got off and went back to the bathroom. “I’ll be back.” She teased.

    “Do you want some hot cocoa?” I asked.

    “Yes, please!” She eagerly called back. I headed over to the small kitchen and took out the kettle and boiled some water. While that was boiling, I searched for a couple of packets of hot cocoa. I took them out and a couple of cute mugs provided by the resort and poured them in.

    I looked over at the bathroom. Thankfully, she was still inside. I opened the drawer that had some utensils with the resort logo on them. I nervously reached the back of the drawer. I put it there because I didn’t think she would ever find it there. Who goes around looking for things in the utensil drawer?

When I didn’t feel it, I panicked. Had something happened to it? Did House Cleaning accidentally find it and take it away? Then I felt it. I pulled it out. A small velvet box. I opened it.

    A small glittery ring sparkled inside. She had dropped some hints before about the types of rings she liked. I’m glad we had those talks. Otherwise, it would have been a nightmare to find the perfect one. 

 I took it out and inspected it one final time, even though I knew it had no flaws. Just like the woman who was going to wear it.

    “This is it,” I said to no one but myself. “Come on, you can do it.” I hurried over as the kettle called out and took it off the stove. I poured the hot water into the prepared mugs and stirred. I dropped the ring into the right mug and then topped both with big fluffy marshmallows I knew she was a fan of.

    “All nice and dry!” She announced as she exited the bathroom. Her long black hair was dry and she looked like an angel.

    “Come get some cocoa,” I smiled. As she came toward me I handed her the right cup.

    “This looks so good!” She took a big sip of the hot cocoa.

    “Careful,” I warned. “It’s hot.”

    “It’s not that hot.” She took another big sip. Then I saw her expression change into confusion as she held the liquid in her mouth. She ran over to the sink and spat into her hands. Her eyes widened at the thing in her hands.

    “What happened?” I knew full well what had happened.

 “I think there was something in the cup.” She looked at me.

    “Oh? Like what?” I asked.

    “It’s a…”  Her voice trailed off. She held the thing that was in her mug up so that I could see it too. It was time.

    “I love you, so much.” I got down on my knees. “I knew ever since I first met you that I wanted to be with you. I want to call you my wife. Will you marry me?”

    “Yes!” She came to me and cupped my face in her hands. “I love you so much.” We kissed. When we pulled away, I took the ring from her and placed it on her finger.

    “How beautiful,” she said, staring at the ring.

    “You are.” I agreed, staring at her.

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21:57 Aug 26, 2020

This story is so cute!! Great job.


Whitney Trang
22:41 Aug 26, 2020

Thank you! Glad you liked it.


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22:20 Aug 26, 2020

This was a really heartfelt story! I loved it. Awesome job!!!


Whitney Trang
22:41 Aug 26, 2020

Thanks, again Scarlett! :)


22:56 Aug 26, 2020

No problem!


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