Jun 28, 2020


- How much is that Superman magazine for collectors? 

- Ten bucks.

The little client looked at his pocket : he did have ten, but he was in need of two.

- I only have eight.

No way! If I give the journal  for eight bucks, I will have no profit on selling it. 

- Right. I have ten, but I need money to go back home. I have to take the bus, and walk three blocks to get home, so I need the change.

- Tough for you!

- C’mon, pal ¡ I liked your magazine, and I do not have it in my collection – and the little fella stared at the vendor, anxiously hoping to get an affirmative answer.

The vendor, crossed his arms, waving his head.

- Well, I have to add up figures, because I had no sales the whole day, and it is almost time to c lose my kiosk – uncrossing his arms to scratch his chin thinking about the business – thinkative and in complete silence.

The kid  started to pass his eyes and hands in the weekly.

- So, is it true that Superman was poisoned by the kryptonite that Zod knotted in his cape??

The vendor, a skinny middle aged man, looked at him, in anger:

- By the way son – scratching his white beard - -are you reading the book before buying it ¿ - and the boy took some time before answering his question that he certainly did not want to answer.

--Who ¿ Me ¿- looking naturally at the old man, who technically caught him “ in flagranti" -  How come ¿ - putting the periodical behind his body – I am not reading it ¡ I was just pondering about the picture in the magazine, that shows a kryptonite on his cape, you see? – showing him a not related picture, 

-You are trying to fool me ¡ - the vendor said, aaving his body , disgusted. 

- me? No! That is impossible, ¡ my mother always taught me  to lie nor to deceive anybody, because I can also be fooled by someone else, You see…it is , according to my mom, the so called" cycle of life “ that everything that goes up, then goes down – smiling while putting the magazine inside the pocket of his baggy jeans trousers

- me? No! That is impossible, ¡ my mother always taught me not to lie nor to fool anybody, because I can also be fooled by someone else, You see…it is , according to my mom, the so called" cycle of life “ that everything that goes up, then goes down – smiling while putting the review inside the pocket of his baggy jeans trousers – by the way - distracting the attention of the vendor just for some seconds - I can see that you have a lot of beautiful quarterlys - - taking a magazine by random. 

- oh! Said the vendor. It is a really rare edition, because there were printed only two copies! Can you believe it ¿

- no way ¡ but tell me sir why did it happen? Was it a special edition?

- it happened due to the beginning of the second world war, so, the printing had to be stopped as the German troops entered into the national territory, killing thousands and millions of our civilians and military citizens all over the continent, I dare say ¡

- sir, I am too young and have no idea about the war. Could you please tell me more about it? – taking another book in his hand, and passing his ha ds o er the pages and the pictures.

- you see, boy, I have survived the war, and you can see my number tattooed here in my wrist – rolling up the sleeves of his shirt .

I was number eight, four,three, two, zero, one. 

It meant I was eight hundred forty three thousand , two hundred and one prisoner in that camp that in reality was a gas chamber, kill all of us, jewish or not.

- You should have called Superman to help you ¡

- We did, but he had never showed up, as he was busy trying to get rid of the kryptonite ¡ - and both laughed.

- How did you escape that ¿ - the boy curiously asked him, paying all his attention on the explanations the old and blind man was giving him.

- Well, Superman showed up – and both laughed.

- Serious now – the boy asked him – tell me please what happened.

- Seriously , the enemyes were going to dominate the country. 

But the allies joined forces, and together, won the battle first, then, the war.

The boy looked at him, respectfully this time, as the old man survived a real fight, not a imaginary one, like in that journal s.

The boy looked at the old man, and saw a brave hero selling magazines to survive.

Was it fair to take his magazines from him just because he was short of money ¿

The old man was still there, smiling, bowing his head to every single person that was passing by in the street.

The boy, started to smile and bow his head to the people in the streets, in a sort of furtive way of being alike him

- Lady ¡- he called an old woman carrying a huge bag – may I help you?

- Yes, please ¡ my back hurts…

- Fine ¡ - so he helped her, taking the hag to the subway stations two blocks from the corner the old man was in

The old manz started to put all his magaxinescinto the kiosk.

Is going to rain – looking at the clouds in the sky, and putting a jacket on.

In that moment, the boy returned.

With twenty dollars in his hand.

- Sir, I am afraid I took two depots from you. Here you have - and took two notes of ten.

I know you took it from me . I saw when you were putting then in your pocket. But it really does not matter to me. You can have then, freely, because what I really want is to make you think about your behavior, and after some reflection and study of your acts, change yourself , because you really feel like it.

The boy kept looking at him.

And put one of the depositories back to the magazines stand.

After, he put  a ten dollars  invoice in the torn pocket that the man was uselessly and ashamed trying to hide with his arms crossed over the tore.

- What is it ¿? – and he took the ten dollars bill 

- It is all yours - inoccently smiling at him, 

- You say …mine? 

- Yeap.

- But I do not have change.

- No worries man. I am just giving it to you – and the boy left, with that aimed Superman magazine in his hand.

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