The Story of Ganis

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"Where am I?" asked Ganis. You were blown to shore by a HUGE wind," said the natives that lived on the island Portugais. "Oh, it must have been the doing of Ternagis!"

1 day earlier

Ganis was trying to track down Ternagis, his archenemy. He has been staking out at his hideout, Fort Hesimass. He must have known that Ganis was here, for he is a powerful wizard that rivals even the powers of Ganis, the descendant of The Shrine God, Portaganis. He got his name from him. It is a tradition whenever the former Shrine God transfers his power, the descendant will get part of his name. The first Shrine God was named The Motanisquiltant Rerentweutalis Juvineshustumas Portaganisitomatisia. It was a name that even the bearer of the name sometimes forgot how to say it. Ganis is now the Shrine God, and will try to kill Ternagis, which has been around since the first Shrine God. 

At first, his powers were limited, and Motanisquiltant Rerentweutalis Juvineshustumas Portaganisitomatisia captured him easily, but made the mistake of letting him go. Then, as the Shrine Gods got passed down from generation to generation, his power grew and grew. He trains tirelessly every day trying to get better, all so he can kill the Shrine God and all of his descendants. If Ganis did not kill him, then Ternagis will become better than his descendant, and then they will not have a chance to kill him. 

Inside of his fort, Ternagis was thinking of a way to lose Ganis, for his food stock was running out. As Ganis has predicted, Ternagis already knew he was here, because Ternagis was a master at reading Aura, a sense that only the masters of the masters of wizardry will know. Every person has an Aura, and no matter how many plastic surgeries you have been through, an experienced wizard will always be able to tell who you are. He thought about fighting his way out, but he knew Ganis was still stronger than he was. He thought of a sneaky scheme. First he transformed into an old lady, went to town, and bought a wind shifter. Now, he had to trick Ganis into the mountains of Salim, for the wind shifter only works there. That stumped him, as Ganis was also skillful in the Aura department, and knew mind reading, which Ternagis has yet to learn, so he can’t just capture a random person and tell him to tell Ganis to go to the mountain. Finally, he figured out a plan.

First, he needed a banana. You might think that is weird, but you will know why in a sec. He got the banana from his food storage, then teleported it behind Ganis. Ganis sensed it right away, but left it there. He did not think that was going to be a threat. That was a grave miscalculation on his part. Soon, the gorillas smelled the banana, and came charging over to Ganis. Ganis could have killed it, but Portaganis has warned him to never kill an animal on purpose, or else he will lose his position as Shrine God, so he could only run. He ran up the mountain Salim, for the gorillas can not climb. He ran right into Ternagis’ trap. Ternagis was already waiting there for him, and used his wind shifter to blow Ganis off of the mountain and into the island Portugais. The Portugaisians were very scary people. They were the only people in the world who could cover their Aura and stop mind reading. Teranagis knew that, and he also knew they acted friendly, then killed you whenever you started trusting them. Ganis had no idea, as Teranagis predicted. He stayed on the island for a week, and he thought they were nice people. On the last night of his stay, the Portugaisians were planning to kill him whenever he was getting off the island. Ganis was in grave danger, and he did not even know it.

That night, he was sleeping soundly when a strange white light woke him up. Whenever he opened his eyes, he saw a majestic creature standing in front of him. It was a horse with wings. “My name is Pegasus,” the creature said. Ganis was a little surprised the animal could talk, but regained his posture quickly. “Are you here to kill me?” he asked. “Oh no no no,” Pegasus replied. “I am here to accompany you on your journey” “Why?” Ganis was in confusion. He doesn’t remember this creature, so why does he want to accompany him? “You must be thinking that you have not seen me before, but you have. I have changed quite a bit since you saved me from that pack of ogres.” Ganis suddenly remembered. He was walking down Ogre’s Island whenever he saw a strange creature getting attacked by a pack of ogres. He teleported the ogres somewhere else, where they can not harm the weird creature. But the creature looks nothing like the majestic animal that stands before him! What happened? “I see you are in doubt, but I simply grew up. We pegasus look awful when we are young, but beautiful whenever we grow up.” 

“I am also here to warn you. The Portugaisians are evil. They are planning to kill you,” Pegasus continued. “ What? I did not sense any bad Aura coming from them!” Ganis exclaimed. “If you doubt me, why don’t you see for yourself? I know you can see the future, but you were so lost in the “friendliness” of the Portugaisians you forgot to check the future!” Ganis checked the future, and sure enough, if he doesn’t act quick, he is going to die. “Hey, why are you even helping me in the first place?” Ganis was suspicious. What if this is a trap set by Ternagis. “ I am here simply because you helped me escape from death, and now I will help you escape from death.”

 “Death? I saw the future, and it said I am going to die at 76. I am only 30 years old!” Ganis ws puzzled. Pegasus said,” There is a force far greater than you can sense. So great, in fact that only the lord can sense it. It would have killed you, but now, you have me protecting you.” Ganis was still suspicious. He can’t sense the Aura coming from this strange horse either. But since he can’t sense this horse’s Aura, he knew it was not the doing of Ternagis, because his spells are not this advanced. He decided to let the horse come, but he will be aware of his surroundings. “Ok, you can come,” he said. “So how am I supposed to leave this island unharmed?” “You will have to erase their memories, and get off of this island right now.” he replied. So Ganis did what he was told, and they safely got off of the island. “Now,” Pegasus told him,” you will have to go to Astros.” “ASTROS!!!!! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Ganis screamed. Pegasus calmly replied,” Over there is the only weapon that can kill the force that is barreling towards Earth.” “What is the force?” asked Ganis.

“It is the ancient lord, Dacuka.” Ganis shivered just thinking about the name. Legend has it that Dacuka can control anything he wants, as long as he wants. The only weapon that can slay it, and keep its user from getting controlled, is the weapon called Exoctic, a weapon forged by God to retain Dacuka. Unfortunately, the Exoctic is in Astros, the most dangerous country in the universe. To get inside, you also need a key, found only in the 18th story of hell. When they get inside, the Exoctic is guarded by a three headed beast. One head is a lion, another is a snake, and the last is a bird. It is called Querro. No one has ever gotten past Querro. There are thousands of bones lying on the ground from the people who tried to get the Exoctic. It is basically an impossible mission.

“Well, get on my back, and I will take you to the first layer of hell.” Pegasus said. “Well,” Ganis said,”It is all for the good of the universe, right?” then climbed on Pegasus’ back. They arrived at the first layer. It is guarded by a few skeletons, and an ogre. For such an experienced wizard, it is a piece of cake. He finished off all of them in about 2 minutes. The door opened to the 2nd layer.

The second layer was much like the first. The only difference is there is an ox-headed man holding an ax. Ganis blew easily past them too. The third layer was a little difficult. There were no enemies, but a lake that was one thousand miles long. You can’t use wings, or teleportation, because the devil has set a spell that even Ganis can’t break. They solved the problem by riding on Pegasus’ back, and Pegasus used his super speed to get through it in only 5 minutes. The 4th was even harder. The lake is now made out of fire. It was a simple solution. Ganis set a fire resistant spell on Pegasus. They made it through the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th layers without much difficulty. There was a close call with the 3 headless maidens though. They had snuck up behind Ganis, and were about to kill him, until Ganis noticed him at the last second and killed them. Then, they went through layers 9-17 with much difficulty. They had to face an assortment of monsters, including the hydra, a multi headed water dragon, a griffin, part lion part eagle, a fire breathing dragon, Slenderman, and the soldiers of Atlantis. The last and final layer’s boss was the devil’s pet, Cerberus. It was a huge three headed dog, with fire breathing abilities and an almost indestructible coat. They got through it by not killing it, but throwing a huge ball in the other direction, and when Cerberus went to fetch it, they grabbed the key and bolted.

Now, they have arrived in Astros. They were ready to fight the Querro, but whenever they went to fight it, it was asleep, so they just snuck past it, and grabbed the Exoctic. “Wow, that was easy! Too easy, in fact!” Ganis said. “No!!” cried Pegasus, ”Whenever you say that something bad will happ…..” He didn’t get to finish his sentence when disaster struck. Dacuka has reached Earth. “Ha ha ha!!!! This little tiny planet holds the Illuminose Crystal!!! This will be too easy!” Dacuka said. The Illuminose Crystal will give you the power to harness the Sun, and if it got into the wrong hands, like Dacuka’s, it could destroy everything. Ganis and Pegasus braced themselves for battle. Ganis first tried every spell he knew, but they just bounced harmlessly off of Dacuka’s body. “Do you really think you can kill me with those toys?” he asked. Pegasus whispered into Ganis’s ears to use the Exoctic. He ran at Dacuka, and slashed at him. NOTHING HAPPENED!!!! “Why isn’t it working?” he asked in desperation. Pegasus said, ”You must believe with all your heart that you can do it, or else it will not succeed!” Dacuka flicked Ganis into the corner. Just as he was going to deliver the devastating blow, Pegasus jumped in front of him. “BELIEVE!!!!!!” he shouted before he died. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” Ganis screamed. He was in rage. He tried to kill Dacuka one more time. “I BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he shouted. The sword cut through Dacuka’s head. “I killed him, but why do I still feel empty?” Just when he was about to go home, a scroll came out of Dacuka’s body. IT WAS A RESURRECTING SPELL!!!! Ganis hurried up and said the words. The ground opened up and spit Pegasus onto the ground. PEGASUS WAS RESURRECTED!!!!!! “Oh, I thought I lost you!” Ganis cried. “Thank you for saving me. I will now follow you until you die.” Pegasus said.

Let’s go kill Ternagis!! They raided his base, and with his newly obtained Exoctic, he slashed off his head. He presented the head to the king, and the king rewarded him greatly. Then, he and Pegasus retired, bought a house by the ocean, and lived there peacefully until Ganis died. Then, Pegasus went back to his home of Pteracuda, and he still stays there today.

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