The Station

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Jun 25, 2020


'Suitcase in hand, you head to the station.' 

You walk to the station, as it's not too far from where you stay - a slight limp-like effect as you walk slowly, with a much-too-heavy suitcase.  

''God, I knew this bag would be too heavy!'' You grumble to yourself - under your breath as you waddle forward, the Sun blazing down on you. You pass homes of people with young children, their forms solely a blur as they run around in circles laughing and screaming with excitement. Rolling your eyes, you ignore their waves of 'hello' and their cheerful greetings - they seem to notice but make no remark, they continue with their games. 

''They're all the same...'' You mumble to yourself, shaking your head in disgust. You keep walking – hobbling, squinting as the Sun continues to blaze in your face, eyes especially.  

Once you arrive at the Station, where your Train awaits, and will leave in approximately forty-five minutes, you take a seat on an empty bench that sits all by itself on the boarding platform. You sigh as you heave yourself down onto the bench; suitcase in hand. You sit impatiently, glancing down to your wristwatch every now and then to check the time. 

‘'Time goes so slowly,’’ You complain to yourself as you calculate that half an hour is left, until you can be on your way to your destination; to point B. As you sit on the bench, right foot tapping on the cold tiles, a young woman sits down next to you, arms crossed across her chest. She covers her face after glancing at you, sniffing her nose, then takes a second look at you. 

‘’Oh!’’ She exclaims, shaking her head, tears streaming down her face.  

You feel uncomfortable by this woman’s approach to you, so you shuffle away from her. Your eyebrows furrow when you hear her constant sniffling and sobbing. You turn to her, ‘’What’s the matter?’'  

She shakes her head, wiping her eyes with the back of her pale-skinned hands. ‘’Oh!’’ she sighed again, her mouth’s corners pointing downwards. ‘’It’s-It’s nothing...’’ she says, her voice catching.  

You grumble, then say again, ‘’What’s the matter?’’  

She seems to have given up and replies in a high-pitched voice, ‘’It’s my boyfriend!’’ 

Your head drops at the words. ‘’God.’’ 

She continues, ‘’He’s avoiding me – I think he’s cheating! I don’t know why? What did I do wrong? Like, I just-just don’t know!’’ she sobs again, covering her face. 

You glance away, irritably, her shuddering body still hiccuping on your right. When you see that she catches other’s attention, you have enough. You turn to her again, forcing a gentler tone, ‘’Then dump his ungrateful buttock.’’  

She laughs a bit, ‘’Really? But I think I need him, I mean, what am I without love?’’  

You sigh, again, ‘’Get out there – find something for yourself to do. Find something for yourself to be!’’ You pet her on the shoulder, reluctantly... awkwardly. 

She composes herself, wiping her tears and runny nose, ‘'Huh, I guess so...’' she smiles, ‘’You’re right, Sir! Thank you!’’ She dives forward, hugging you. You nearly pull back, but realize to just let it be.  

‘’Okay, okay,’’ You say, starting to feel annoyed – again.  

She pulls back, ‘’Sorry, Sir. Thank you, as well. Have a lovely day,’’  

You nod and watch her leave. Once she’s far enough, you grumble and frown, ‘’Goodness.’’ 

You continue waiting, trying to keep yourself distracted, but nothing cures your boredom - and annoyance.

As if on cue, a man, in a suit, sits beside you. You first glance, eyebrows furrowed, but when you meet his gaze, you look away. His eyes were tired, with large rings underneath. He moans by your side, like a small child who was told 'no', after asking for candy. You moan as well, in reply, turn to him and ask. ''What's the matter?''

He locks eyes with your gaze, and rubs his forehead in thought, ''It's my job, it keeps me so busy. Today is my kid's birthday, but I have a meeting in another town, that's why I'm here.''

You feel ridiculed by his statement. ''What do you mean? Go to your kid. Your job can wait.''

He sighs, shoulders drooping, ''I wish it was that easy - but it ain't.''

''Of course it is!'' You exclaim, waving your arms in the air. ''Your child only turns a certain age once! Be there!''

As if shocked with electricity, the man's posture changes - shoulders raised, back straight, as if he was filled with determination. ''You're right, Sir. Thank you!'' He stands up in a flurry and rushes off.

As you sit in your seat, you realize something - you gave so many people so much advice, excluding yourself.

You were sitting here, away from those who care about you. Those who love you. Those who want you.

''Man. What was I thinking?'' You ask yourself, feeling foolish.

As you stand up, ready to go home, you hear the train approaching. You, too, realize that you have nowhere to go. No more home. You walked out on your significant other, after a bad fight. You slammed the door on your way out. You said things that cannot be taken back.

You watch the train, which started to slow down, sadly. The train reaches its stop and rests in front of where you were. The doors open.

You have a choice.

To either walk on that train, leaving everything behind. Or, stay here, leave the train and the station behind you, and go back to your significant other's house, to say sorry, to try to fix things.

You sigh at the choices you have.

People start boarding the train, and you feel your heart pounding faster in your chest.

What to do?

What to do?

You drop your head, take a deep breath, and turn. Away from the train, from the chance of leaving everything behind. You start to walk back towards where you came from.

You go back to the person who loves you.

The person you need.

''Darn, love.'' You say to yourself as you walk, with the Sun and station behind you.


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Batool Hussain
05:52 Jun 26, 2020

Great story!


Mara C
11:34 Jun 27, 2020

Thank you! :D


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