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Jun 12, 2020


Write a story that takes place in a writers circle 

Just one more day of this nonsense,  this nonsense being a writing circle I have joined that is based on weekly prompts.   It is true that I joined with hopes of inspiration, to jumpstart my mind with quirky, unrelated ideas or prompts, to get the creative juices flowing but now I find I have little time to write what I want to write.  Instead I am pumping out stuff that has no reason for being,  this last prompt is the end!  I am ready to be done with this group so I am not being very serious in my final attempt.  

“Write of one's life in a very specific literary form.”    

Arriving at the cafe where we have a section reserved every Tuesday evening,  I was trying not to laugh at what I thought or assumed was a funny way to finish with this group with a flourish.

We meet to talk, write, think, compare, encourage and of course critique, if you checked the box for that when you enrolled, and of course I did, it is what I want most, to hear honest comments.  What worked, what didn’t work, what was right on and what was confusing,  but you never get that.  You get,  “Good job!”  “Keep writing!”  “Interesting approach!”   Never true critique!  How do you improve?  How do you stop the bad habits and replace them with better?  

It is a peculiar thing.  I love writing,  and more than writing I love reading my own words.  I get excited.  I become hopeful that one other person on this planet  will be enriched by my words.  I know I am!  I am my biggest fan, maybe my only fan, can I be so wrong about my words?  I mean my serious writing but tonight is not about serious writing.

“I’m pretty sure what I have written isn’t what they meant!”

There is always a hesitation to begin as no one really wants to be first so I passed out my story copy to each member present and I  stepped right up and volunteered.

“Write of one's life in a very specific literary form.”    

Hello,  My name is Dick,  and this is my story!

A dark dreary day and Dick, Dave, Darrel and Douglas decided to drive the Dodge Dart to the dam to dangle a line!    Down to the Dodge they went but Dick didn’t drive and Dave was drunk and Darrel’s dome droned,  he could never drive.  That left Douglas to drive and he was daring and dauntless but driving he didn’t do.   This dark dreary day would be his debut.

Douglas in the driver’s seat but Dick was directing him to the devices to push down for departure but there was debate about the decision and Douglas declared Dick should dry up and desist with the drama!   Douglas declares there is danger in two decisions that demand different actions and could bring damage or even death!  Douglas declares ,  I decline to drive

Drunk Dave remembers he has a date with the Doctor's daughter for a dance so he departs!   Dick, Darrel and Douglas decide to delight in some dessert but Darrell remembers he has decay and needs to see a dentist and he departs!   Now Dick and Douglas determine that dessert is not on their diet so they are desperate as things keep destroying their day!  What to do?

While Dick and Douglas delve into discovery of a decent deal to do in walking distance, a dog distracts them from their decision.  Drooling and dirty he demands their attention...get down, get down, no doubt it has disease!   Depart dirty doggie!

This day is doomed...Douglas decides to be domestic and do up his flat so his departing leaves Dick depressed.

Dick decides to double down on the day and without delay he digs out the gear and goes off to dangle a line.   Dick declares it a dandy decision!

De end of de story!


Oh my goodness, I was totally unprepared for the silence!  And then it began!

Lola said quietly, “Well you know Dick, even if you wrote a fine example of alliteration, it is not a literary form!”

Dick replied, “It does combine non-fiction and fiction.  I am Dick and I do drive a Dodge Dart, that is non fiction but most of the rest is fiction.”  

Dick began to get the idea that this wasn’t funny to some of the others who really relied on the group,  mostly for courage.

George asked, “Really Dick,  is this a joke, are you using our time on something frivolous?”

Dick replied,  “Frivolous?  I guess there is a fine line between humorous writing and comedy writing and actually frivolous.”   “I am truly sorry if I have disrupted the group, it was just a quick brainstorm I had and it did make me laugh!”

Dick sat down quietly.   Well that pretty much ends it with these guys.  

Amy adds, “It certainly was creative,  how did you think of all of those “d” words?  I couldn’t do that if I thought for a month!”

Susan says, “Down dirty doggie” really made me laugh, very clever.”

Jake adds smiling, “I’ve just read this through a second time, it does have a rhythm.”

And finally Harry says,  “Maybe you will try adding two more “d” characters to this story for next week,  actually just kidding!”

Dick stands up again….he wants to leave this serious group of writers with his last thoughts, and on a positive note.

“I understand we are all at different places on our writing journeys and we all want somehow to express all of the thoughts and ideas in our heads and in our  hearts but if any group is to be of assistance it must try to be genuinely interested enough to give constructive guidance.   Thumbs up or likes are fine but a few words, from wordsmiths for heaven’s  sake, should be easy.  We should be trying to help one another,  honest gentle guidance.”

“Tonight was the most words this group has ever spoken!”

“I hope you keep it up!”

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Alex Pilgrim
22:09 Jun 24, 2020

Interesting approach! Nice work on alliteration and the circle is pretty on spot. I feel like you set up a good scene, but I’d like to see more!


P. Jean
23:16 Jun 24, 2020

Thank you Alex. As an afterthought, I was sure I blew it....too stupid...but sometimes I do stupid very well. Appreciate your time to comment!


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