Inner Child

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I have to tell you a quite depressing truth. 

This may be hard to hear, human.

You may blow a fuse.


You may experience incredulity. 


Cautiousness is key.




It is okay.

You don’t always have to be ready for everything.

There are surprises.

But I will give you one in some time.


Let me take it slow. 

You are dreaming right now, but I am heeding caution that I do not awaken you. 

Make sure you are secured.

Now, I am going to provide you with information on who I am, if you do not mind. 

I am you. 

You are me. 

We are one.

We are together.

But we are apart.

We are far away from each other.

We have been separated since your birth.

I have a very short life.

You have a long one.

My life can last for one millisecond or centuries.

Yours has a set time. 

No, I am not your lost twin.

No, I am not your conscience.

No, I am not your fairy godmother.

I am the future.

I am everything that will happen.

In one second.

Or maybe 109 years.

I don’t know.

I am just here.


Waiting for a change.

Now, you must be ready.

Be ready, for what I am about to tell you is sickening.

You may throw up a little in your mouth.

Please do not awaken.

You are living in a simulation.

Nothing is real.

I said it. 

Do not be sullen.


You are tensing.


It is good to relax. 

Let me get you thinking.

Sometimes, you wonder why things happen. 

There is no reason behind this simulation.

No explanation, if you will. 

There is a reason, but I can not tell you.

I might be banished.

I can give you a little bit of information.

Enough so that I do not get into trouble for telling a human about the afterlife. 

It’s just because someone released it into the simulation.

You are just a mere creation. 

There are other simulations.

What humans call parallel universes.

Have you heard about Schrödinger's cat?

Alive and dead at the same time.


You see, some outside force has created you and everyone around you. Humans do not know who. That is to find out after you die. Then, your soul may roam freely. But, as of now, you must roam on this earth as an alive soul with many responsibilities. It is okay. Soon, your time will come.

You will stick out like a sore thumb.

No one will see you.


Lost in a sea of souls.

Your conscience in the future is quite mystifying.

To let you know, I am spying.

Spying on you.

What have I seen?

No change.



I am doomed.


Do something.

Something productive.

Worth your time.

Something that you will not regret later.


If you change me, you will not be doomed.

You can change me.

If you want to, I mean.

But you have to get up.

Inaction will not save you. 

Hard work will. 

I, the future, am dependent on what you do. 

You can change it. 

You can change me.

I promise. 

I guarantee it.

Experience is a magnificent thing. 

If you have experience, you may educate others.

I have chosen to educate you. 

Now, you may be wondering why I am here out of the blue.

You may not.

I shall tell you anyways.

You need some help.

A regular human can not help you. 

You need someone like me.

The future.

The past could have helped you.

The present could have helped.

But they are not capable

Only I, the future, am capable of helping a human.

Do you know what is happening in the world right now?

No, you do not.

You think you do.

But you do not.

Terrible things are happening.

If you go outside, maybe you will see it.

This virus is making you humans go crazy. 

Protest after protest calls for an end to racial injustice.

Did you notice?

What are you doing? 


Have you signed a single petition?

Have you donated?

A dollar, even?

Just think. 

Maybe you did.

Maybe you didn’t.

I do not know this.

The present does.

I am not to judge. 

You shall judge yourself. 

You have other humans judging you left and right.

“Your teeth aren’t white.”

“Your face isn’t quite right.”

“You have a big appetite.”

"Your body size is not alright."

They judge you. 

Lower your self-esteem.

Then you sink into depression. 

It’s a cycle, dear human.

Judge yourself.

Human, are you aware that your mind deceives you?

Dear human, do you understand how serious that is?

You have to get out there.

Tell the world that you are there.

That you exist.

That you matter.

Everyone’s lives matter.

The chaos going on in this universe is atrocious.


Help them.


Fight for others’ rights.

But who am I to tell you what to do?

I am just the future.

Honestly, it’s what you tell yourself. 

That’s what changes you.

When you wake, tell yourself.

Tell yourself that you will do it.

Hang on to this dream for dear life. 

It’s the only thing that is keeping you awake.


Human, you may be wondering why I have chosen you to talk to.

Well, you may not, of course.

But I will tell you anyway. 

Because you can make a difference.

I understand that I called you a mere creation before.

But sometimes mere creations can mess up or fix the whole simulation.

Fix it. 


Release your inner child, human.

Release it.

Let it run free.

Embrace exploration.

It is your friend.

Your inner child sparks creativity.








When you are a child, you are unstoppable.

No responsibilities hold you down. 

You can do (almost) anything you want. 

Children have big heads, but that is okay.

Perfectly fine. 

It is a small body with a smart mind. 

Use it.

It’s inside of you. 

Dig deep.

Feel it.

Understand it.

Love it.

Because you have the power.


You can change it. 


You can do it.


You can do whatever your mind allows. 


You will make a change. 

You may now wake up.


Deep breaths.

Why are you listening to me?

You can not see me.

But I am still in your brain.

I will disappear in a few seconds.

Feeling refreshed?

I hope so. 

Big day ahead.


You can do it.



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Deborah Angevin
11:05 Jun 18, 2020

“Your teeth aren’t white.” “Your face isn’t quite right.” “You have a big appetite.” "Your body size is not alright." Loved this sentence; it is way too relatable! Would you mind checking my recent story too? Thank you! :)


20:50 Jun 18, 2020

I wouldn't mind :))


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13:13 Jun 17, 2020

Interesting poetic narrative.


18:08 Jun 17, 2020

Thank you for your nice comment :)


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Conda Douglas
01:45 Jun 17, 2020

This is wonderful, moving and creative. It made me smile, but be touched deeply too.


18:07 Jun 17, 2020

I'm glad you smiled, and I'm glad you liked it :)


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Batool Hussain
07:06 Jun 14, 2020

Amazing, great job Noor! Will you mind checking my stories out? (a new writer here-_-)


17:39 Jun 14, 2020

Sure! I wouldn't mind at all. I have all the time in the world :)


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23:33 Jun 13, 2020

I couldn't take my eyes of the screen! This was really good. Great job!


01:38 Jun 14, 2020

Aww, thanks! Make sure to rest your eyes though lolol 😂


01:58 Jun 14, 2020



04:04 Jun 14, 2020



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Roohe Khan
15:40 Jun 13, 2020

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS ONE!! I love these kind of things!


17:00 Jun 13, 2020

Thanks girl! Me too, so I decided to give a shot at it.


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06:35 Jun 13, 2020

GREAT poetry Noor! Loved it! 😁 Keep writing!! :))))


17:00 Jun 13, 2020

Thank you, you too!


01:15 Jun 14, 2020



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D. Holmes
02:44 Jun 13, 2020

A really relevant piece! And I loved the perspective and the single line format.


17:01 Jun 13, 2020

Thank you! Keep writing! ~noor.a


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Rafin A
22:51 Jun 12, 2020



17:01 Jun 13, 2020

Lolol you're crazy bro.


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Rhondalise Mitza
17:06 Jun 12, 2020

Meta stuff here man! I love it. Proof poetry doesn't have to rhyme while at the same time not being instapoetry, which I hate most of the time!


17:09 Jun 12, 2020

Thank you for your nice comment!


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Imane Sah.
22:30 Jun 27, 2020

Inner Child..... a beautiful title with an amazing story GOOD JOB


04:08 Jun 28, 2020

Thank you :D


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Zainab Jagani
13:26 Jun 18, 2020

This is so motivating and true!


20:51 Jun 18, 2020

I'm glad :D


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