My twin nature is in danger.

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Have you ever felt as the world just stand still? As if nothing will ever matter as much as the moment happening right now. Well that’s how I felt when I had to say goodbye to my twin sister. She was lying on the hospital bed holding my hand and all I could think about was how I use to mistreat her. She was on her last breath and she said:

“I told you, I’m always first.”

Just my sister knows how to plug my strings so that I feel I had to say something to be first, but in this moment I had nothing to say. I just smiled and kissed her head.

The old ones have already tried everything to make her feel better. Nothing helped.

This was her time to go.

I knew this was going to happen, but I never knew if it was going to be me or her. The old ones warned my mother when she gave birth to us that only one can live, but she didn’t want to believe that. So she raised us both into the beings we are today. Now this day has come.

My sister is dying and I’m surviving.

 I don’t know whether to feel pain or fear:

Pain for losing my sister and fear for being left alone to accomplish the impossible task.

The old ones has predicted that the one that survive would be the hero in the story and that that person would help safe our people.

I don’t know how to do that.

My sister was always the strongest one in the family and I just feel like a weak ling. She has inherited the power of strength were as I have inherited the power of the mind.

My mother tells me that the mind is a powerful weapon, but I can’t do anything like the others in our tribe.My sister can throw trees with just a push and pick up. I can do nothing yet. 

How are books going to safe our people? I sigh. Just then my sister squeezes my hand and lets out her last breath.

Im alone.

My sister is gone. How am I going to safe the people?

We are one with nature.

We are nature.

No we are not trees and bushes and things like that, but we are nature.

I have lived in the forest all my life, but circumstances had changed.

The human kind is polluting our land and I need to save it. 

The old ones hand me something wrapped in a leave basket. It’s pointy, but not as dangerous as the ones my sister has used `before to practice for this mission. My sister had practise for this moment all her life and now she is dead.

I’m here, but I don’t know what to do.

“This mission is crucial for our tribe. If you don’t succeed we will all die.”

The old ones say to me. They give me the relic of strength to carry around my neck and pat me on the shoulder.

“May mother nature be with you”

I descend out into the human world out of my world giving my mother a wave and kiss goodbye. It may be the last time I see her. I want to run back to her and cry in her arms, but I can’t be weak in front of the old ones. Weakness is something that needs to be cut out of our hearts and thrown away they once said, but I don’t believe that.

The human world is full of noise.

There are humans with square carton walking around and screaming. There are beetles roaming the place, but they’re not the beetles I’m accustomed to. I raise my hands to let the beetles know I’m here, I’m there to save them, but they just make a screaking sound and fall over. Inside the beetles are humans. How strange that the beetles would consume a human. They aren’t always like that. I jump on one of the beetles and try to save the human inside with my pointy leaf.

“Get of the car asshole.”

Humans are strange creatures. Don’t they know they are going to die in the beetle’s tummy? I leave the humans stuck in the beetles , laugh to myself and descend to the sea. I have a mission already no need to worry about the humans just yet.

The sea has always been our friend and we need it to help us nourish our land, but the humans are harming it. This is my mission to safe the sea, so it could save our land and therefore our people

I decide to observe the humans to learn their ways and see why they do what they do.

Just then my mind powers kick into action.

I don’t have time to dwell on how cool my powers are I have a mission. I can hear and feel everything what the humans do. They are indeed strange beings.

They are more observed in their own thoughts and what other humans may think of them to notice my intrusion in their mind. They do not understand nature like we do. They do not feel nature like we do, but some of them do protect nature.

I need a way for them all to feel the nature like we do and if that doesn’t work to at least get them to treat nature like it should be treated.

On lands they throw pollution down, in sea they destroy the marine life with their bad tasting foods and their nasty wrappers.

What can I do to protect the sea without harming the existence of our kind or the human’s way?

Today I feel so lost.

I wish my sister were here she would know what to do.

If only I could think like her. If only I could connect to her soul so that she could give me guidance.

Out of my eye I see a human hungry on the side, on another look I see humans worried and on yet another look humans angry. If only they knew that mother nature can help them with all these problems if they just try and protect her.

A light shines on a strange object.

It looks like a leave cut on the side and rolled up with a button. I press the button.


The strange object makes my voice go louder. All the humans at the beach looks at me.

This is my chance.

Just then and there I decided I would give a speech about Mother Nature using my mind powers to make every human listen.

I know its going to be tricky, but I get my confidence together and just start speaking anyways.

“Mother Nature needs your help. She is dying. She can’t survive without your help. She needs you. She gives you food. She gives you oxygen. She gives you life and now you need to help her. She only wants your protection in exchange for all the goodness she gives you. Help Mother Nature.”

With that I concluded my speech I was feeling tired and I fell.


3 days later.


I awoke in a strange place. I feel out of sorts. The humans are around me, but wait what is it that I see? The old ones are here too.

They are smiling with the humans and showing them what Mother Nature does for them. I stand up, but I’m thrown back onto the bed by a string in my arm.

The human sitting next to me eating something quickly rushes up. She looks at the thing she was eating then at me. She then throws the wrapper of the thing she was eating in a round type of thing.

I smile.

“Are you okay?”

She asks me.

I just smile.

I know I have just saved Mother Nature a bit.


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Jn Park
03:14 Jun 20, 2020

Nice story:) I would love to know more about the background of the twins.


Anja Z
05:44 Jun 20, 2020

Thank you , I will see to it that I give a little bit of a background to my stories in a way :)


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Roshna Rusiniya
05:12 Jun 15, 2020

Very well-written. I loved the last line!


Anja Z
08:22 Jun 15, 2020

Thank you


Roshna Rusiniya
08:28 Jun 15, 2020

You are very welcome! I would appreciate it if you could have a look at mine too! Thanks.


Anja Z
18:40 Jun 15, 2020

Will do so:)


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Emma Lin
17:51 Jun 13, 2020

Hello Anja! I liked how your description of comparing cars to beetles. Nice story! :) Whenever you have the time, please check out mine :) I will greatly appreciate it if you do so.


Anja Z
08:21 Jun 15, 2020

Thank you :) I will check it out as soon as possible


Emma Lin
13:05 Jun 15, 2020

Thank you :)


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Roland Aucoin
19:13 Jun 11, 2020

Nice story; I like it. Many misspellings. Some grammar issues. Download Grammarly as a tool to help. But do not be a slave to it. :)


Anja Z
07:41 Jun 12, 2020

Thank you so much. I just reread it and changed a few things here and there will look into Grammarly. Thank you .


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