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Write a story about change (in reference to current news)

As we all  know,  the world we currently see around us is divided, angry and flawed!

It screams for CHANGE!   CHANGE!    But…. HOW?   WHO?  

It really is a simple answer!  Each person must be accountable for their actions!  Every person taught from childhood the old logic.  For every action there is a reaction!   Do good, you get good,  Do bad and you get bad.   No question of gender, race, religion, position, wealth!   All equal under the law,  that sounds familiar!  But this will not work here as we live in a society of entitlement...the masses believe they all deserve “everything” whether earned or fair or wrong or vile evil!

All sides and opinions think their views are correct and the rest, anything other than their views are just plain wrong!

We have those who would abolish any law enforcement,  defund and disband the police.   How nice you say but ...evil still exists,  poor broken and downtrodden persons are still angry and take what they can, when they can,  the poorest and weakest would be the first victims of no protection.  Then it would move up the food chain to low middle class,  middle class, upper class and of course it will never get to the rich or elite as they will hire protection from the disbanded police to make sure their lifestyle is not changed or interrupted.

If we keep the police protection we have but limit the use of force!  Perhaps, first offense of excessive force of any kind you are fired on the spot, no appeal!  That should weed out the evil brutes from the police ranks.  But then someone?   Who?  Someone?  will have to force or cajole the criminals to be nice and kind and gentle too or the police will be eliminated by criminal brute force, and then we are back to the food chain,  weak,  poor, old and infirm become fodder for the ruthless among us!

There is the group that says….give the weak and poor as much aid as they need to bring them up to a different class.  Then crime falls and no need for police!

All they have to do is put out their hand and it will be filled,  but then they put out both hands, and eventually the trunk of the Cadillac they are driving will be filled with free stuff.  But over here on this side of the equation is the man or men or women or even teens who work hard at whatever work they can find and have less than those with their hands out getting free everything,  to add insult to injury,  the meager earners are taxed to pay for the free hand outs.  Somehow this will not or should not stand for long as the workers anger will become intense, explosive and we are back to violence!

It has always been a huge question in my mind why so many use their intellect to beat the system,  to cheat at every opportunity, it cheapens all of society to have to wonder, who is honest, who is trying to cheat and steal.  Brilliant minds turn to crime as honest suckers are easy marks,  think where society could be if these minds were constructive instead of destructive!  

Breaking the problem down to finer and finer elements,  each policeman is a human being with all the flaws of human kind.  He can be tempted by prostitutes,  he can be tempted by drugs, kickbacks, graft and deals.  It is everywhere,  all around him...mayors, governors, councilmen and women,  even our highest elected officials all have become extremely wealthy,  way beyond the laws of probability that they could amass fortunes like we see without wheeling and dealing and graft and selling their good souls for the almighty buck!   So what we see is power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely….if you have power over another and you use it unjustly you are just as wicked as a policeman who uses excessive force to stop bad behavior.   Power is the root in common….from Boy Scout leader, to parish priest, to department head, or teacher,  anyone who has power over another and misuses it is and should be considered.  GUILTY!  But what to do?   It is unfortunately our system!  We have looked away for so long we have no clue how to stop it or even minimize it.

And now we need to think very hard about information!   Information you say!   How can information be bad?   Well think for a few seconds about the evening news!  The evening news.  Headlines!  Misleading Large Print kind of news.  The rapid fire rude talking heads who push agendas!   It matters not where you stand on our current problems,  from ultra liberal to ultra conservative or anywhere on the scale in between,  you can find a newspaper or a broadcast station to feed your beliefs but here is the BIG QUESTION!   How can all of these outlets report the same exact facts,  supposedly the NEWS,  in so many different ways and call the stories FACT?   

Somewhere in the projected NEWS  are lies, mis truth, unproven attention getting words that are never retracted,  just the hook to keep you reading.  FACTS should be able to be believed but I have just demonstrated that the source controls the news, not the FACTS!   Even photographs and videos can and are altered and misused to appear factual but how are the public,  you and I, supposed to know who to read or listen to?   Which FACTS to believe.  Wouldn’t it be lovely if red was always red and blue was always blue,  you could trust yellow to be always yellow but unfortunately we as a society cannot trust and if you do you are nothing better than a sheep.  A blind follower!  We must read many sources, listen with both ears, when things “feel” or “smell” fishy,  question the so called facts.   And most importantly the new normal GOLDEN RULE is follow the money.  Who pays for a particular slant on your news (FACTS) then it becomes clear there is a pattern,  a huge tug of war among POWER brokers…..again that ugly word power.

Sigh!  Deeper sigh!  I feel I have fought a battle.  CHANGE you say!  How can we change?  We are a society of noisy toddlers pulling at the same teddy bear,  whoever wins will get the stuffing and one bead that used to be an eye.   Nothing left of value!  Is that a win?   

(Caveat:  the above story is just that. An editorial story and may or may not reflect the opinion of the writer, and there is no money here to follow)

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15:19 Jun 10, 2020

It's highly worth reading, a panorama of change it is showing.


P. Jean
15:54 Jun 10, 2020

Thank you. The possibilities are endless! I had in my mind to include the ripple effect. Change always creates more change in a ripple effect. Always look to the ripples to see possible/probable outcome! Thank you for your time and words!


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