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Submitted on 06/08/2020

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I never thought that day would come. The day they’ll find him and kill him.

Kody is only thirteen, though they want to kill him. They have a reason for killing him. A long time ago, my father sent one of them to jail. I never knew the reason. They waited till, both my parents died five years ago, they didn’t want to kill me, they just wanted to hurt me. They wanted to find Kody. They wanted to find him and kill him, then kill me. And ever since that day my parents died, Kody never left home. He was eight at that time. And for the next five years, he never touched the street. He knows that if he goes out, he will get killed, so almost every time I go out, they ask me for him, but of course I never answer, so they always hurt me. And I really don’t mind getting hurt for Kody. I just really feel guilty and sad for him. I want to kill them and stop them. I want him to go out. He always looks out the street, eager to leave, but he knows he can’t. I really care about him and he means the world to me. Kody is my younger Brother. I am Ryan and I am twenty-five years old. And when I say ‘them’ I mean the crew. They are five people. And I really don’t understand why they really want to kill us. I want to stop them. I want to kill them, so I can let my brother leave the house.


My eyes flutter open. I was in a recovery room, alone, in a hospital. If you ask why, the answer is easy, you can even guess it. Yes. It’s the crew. They almost killed me, but I got sent to the hospital, when I fell unconscious and the ambulance came.

A nurse entered the room and said, “Good morning Ryan.”

“How long was I out?” I asked.

The nurse looked at me for a moment, then said, “for three days.”

“What?!” I asked. “No. no. no. no. no. no! for three days?!”

The nurse went and I called Kody.

“Come on,” I said impatiently. “Come on answer. Please.” I was scared. Kody wasn’t answering. “He must be worried sick.” I was shivering. Scared. What happened to Kody? Why isn’t he answering? “Answer.”

“Kody?” I asked.


“Kody, where were you?! You got me worried! Why didn’t you answer! What happened?!”

You got me worried sick!” Kody told me. From his voice, I knew he have been crying. “Where were you for three days! I thought you were dead! Why didn’t you at least call?! What happened?”

I heard Kody cry. His cries ached my heart. I wanted to be with him at that time. I told him why I didn’t come back.

“Ryan,” he told me as he cried. “Please. Stop getting hurt for me. You have had enough! It’s all my fault! Please! Stop! Tell them where I am! I don’t want you to get hurt. Please…Ryan. Please come back home. You’ll get hurt even more. You don’t need to care about me. Its fine if I stay home till the rest of my life! It’s not fair that I am safe, and you always get hurt! Ryan please if you love me, please don’t hurt yourself for me.” Kody was still crying.

“Kody…” I said. “Its fine. Its fine if I get hurt. I just want you safe. You are all that matters in my life. I am sorry I let you stay home for too long.”

“Don’t be sorry, it’s not your fault, just please, comeback. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Kody,” I said. “I will come back, after I kill them. Just stay home and stay safe. Please.”

“No!” Kody said. “Please Ryan, no! you’ll get yourself killed! Comeback!”

“I love you Kody,” I said. “Bye.”

“Ryan!” Kody said as he cried. “No! pl-”

I ended the call. A lump formed in my throat. I felt like crying. My eyes were red. And tears began to form. I wiped them away, I didn’t want to cry. stay strong. I told myself. Stay strong.

Kody got out of the house for the first time in years, but little did he know, that this would put him in great danger. While he was walking around, someone came from behind him, held him from his stomach and covered his mouth. Kody wanted to scream, but his voice was muffled by the hand on his mouth. He turned and saw five people behind him, including the one holding him. Kody was scared. He didn’t know what to do. He felt a sting in the side of his neck. The world around him started to spin and he passed out.

I left the hospital, though I wasn’t supposed to.

 While I was walking on the sidewalk, close to some buildings and houses, I felt a sting in the side of my neck. I didn’t care much about it, but I did when my vision blurred and got darker. I started to lose focus and my eyes felt heavy. Each step took half of my energy.

 I put my hand over my face and ask myself, “What is happening?”

I put my hand over the place where I felt the sting. There was a small pin attached to a tiny bottle filled with blue liquid. I took it off and the blue liquid leaked out of the pin.

“Oh no,” I moaned. My eyes felt heavier and my body felt heavy. My legs couldn’t carry me anymore, I feel on the hard floor, that cut my knee, elbow, and cheek. Everything I saw turned black, and I passed out.


I woke up finding my hands tied behind my back to an old wooden chair

“Where…am i...?” I asked myself as I looked around me.

I was in an old room. The place looked old and dirty. It smelled horrible. The ceiling was soaked because of the water leaking from the ceiling.  It was empty and big. It only had one door and a window with no curtains. It was afternoon.

“My head hurts,” I said. “And I still feel weak.” My elbow, knee and cheek had blood from the fall I fell.

I heard some voices from behind the closed door. The door opened. Theo came in. he is one of the five men in the crew. I looked at him as he walked to me. his arms where bandaged and limped as he walked. When the crew tried to kill me, I shot them and punched them many times. my heart was racing, I could get up. I didn’t know what to do.

Theo untied me from the chair, but kept my hands tied together. I wanted to kick him or get away, but I still didn’t regain my strength. He made me stand up and pointed a gun at my head. His left hand holding my tied hands and the other holding a gun.

I heard other voices coming. Callie and Tobias entered. (another two from the crew)

“For five years,” Callie said with a smile. “I’ve been trying to kill you I finally got you.”

 “Why do you do this when my father just sent one of you to jail?” I asked hatred filling my eyes.

Tobias and Callie frowned and exchanged looks.

“What?” asked Theo “Your father didn’t even tell you what he actually did? He lied to you kid. He’s a very good liar.”

“Wait,” Tobias said. “So, you actually think that your dad just sent one of us to jail? Why would we want to kill you if he just sent one of us to jail? Anyone who goes to jail because they made a mistake, deserves it.”

I frowned.

“I’ll tell you what actually happened,” Tobias said. “We were actually ten friends, including your father. We knew each other from a very long time ago. one day he came with a gun and he did something that till this day we don’t know why he did it. he killed three of us, then he accused another for killing them. They sent him to jail and executed him. and your father, was sent to jail and they’ll let him out in the next five years.” I frowned. My dad is dead. I thought. from the frown I frowned, Tobias asked, “Now don’t tell me you think he’s dead.”

“He is,” I said.

Tobias chuckled. “Seriously. You were lied to. Even your brother knows that.” What? I thought. “Your parents of course didn’t want you to know that your father is a murderer. He is still alive; he is in jail. You should’ve payed him a visit. The thing is you father always was a good liar, he lied that one of us killed the rest. And they believed him. he lied to you. After your father went to jail, we killed your mother, and now we are here for you and Kody. Your father might be seeing the news and he’ll see you dead. If he saw you or not, we still are going to kill you.”

“Its not real,” I said. “You are lying. My dad would never do that.”

He smirked and said, “Do you know anything about your dad? He lied to you and you believed.”

You are lying,” I said between clenched teeth.

“Why would I lie?”

“Because you are a psychopath!” I screamed as I regained my strength. Theo put the gun close to my head. I gasped.

“Who are you calling a psychopath?” Tobias said as he walked slowly to me.

“You are,” I said.

He punched me hard in my stomach, right on the wound I had.

“Augh!” I screamed in pain.

“Leave me! Let go!” I heard a young boy scream.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you,” Tobias said. “Today morning while we were walking, we found something we’ve been trying to find five years ago.”

The door opened and a young boy came in, his hands tied behind him and Ethan and Caine (other two from the crew) were holding him. the boy was kicking them, trying to get away.

“Let go!” the boy screamed.

Ethan stayed beside the door and Caine put the boy in the middle of the room. On his left was Ryan, his brother, behind him Theo pointing a gun on his brother’s head.

 Infront of Ryan was Tobias. on his right was Ethan and the door. Behind him was Caine holding his tied hands, and behind Caine was Callie. Those were the five people in the crew Ryan wanted to kill.

My face went pale and my heart sank. “Kody…” I looked at Tobias and said in a stern voice, “Let him go, you psychopath.”

Tobias punched my stomach again. I shrieked hard in pain. Theo put the gun closer to my head.

“Ryan!” Kody shouted.

I shut my eyes hard in pain. “Kody, why? Why did you leave? I told you to hide!” I shouted as my eyes got filled with tears.

“…I’m sorry…” Kody said in a shivery voice as tears slipped from his eyes. “I…I…. should’ve listened.” Caine stepped aside.

Callie pulled out a gun from his waist band. Kody looked at the floor as he breathed heavily.

“No…” I said.

Callie pointed the gun behind Kody’s knee.

“No, please,” I begged. “Leave him alone.”

Callie shot a bullet behind Kody’s knee. He fell on his knee as he shrieked in pain.

“Kody!” Theo pressed the gun to my head.

He looked at me with tears in his eyes.

Callie walked closer to Kody and shot his shoulder.

“Augh!” Kody screamed.

“Please stop!” I shouted as more tears formed in my eyes. Theo put his finger on the trigger.

I was standing there watching my brother getting shot and bleeding to death, helpless i couldn’t move. The man holding me was too strong and he was pressing the gun on my head. Any move he would shoot me.

Callie walked closer to Kody and shot the last and final bullet in Kody’s left side of his back.

she was close that the bullet drilled from Kody’s back to his chest. The bullet has cut through his heart. Kody screamed hard and loud. His scream pierced through the air and to my ears. Kody looked at the ceiling as he huffed in pain. He shut his eyes hard. He fell and never opened his eyes again.

 “Kody!” I screamed. “Kody! No!” i was crying and trying to let Theo go away. “No!” the grip on my hand tightened.

The Theo untied me. He and Callie aimed their guns at me until they all left.

“I’ll kill you two later,” Callie said as she left the room. They all left and locked the door behind them.

 I ran to my brother as I cried deeply. “Kody!” I hugged my brother’s lifeless, bloody body hard. He wasn’t breathing. He was dead. “Kody! Come back!” I shouted and started to break down. “Kody!”

The windows opened by themselves. Pale pink petals flew in. there was no wind. they came in front of me and flew around the room.

if you could turn back time, and live this day again,” said a silky voice in my head. “do you believe you could straighten all the mistakes and…save everyone?” the voice made my tears stop.

It doesn’t matter if I could turn back time and live this day again. I thought. if I could straighten all the mistakes and bring back Kody…I would do ANYTHING.

“Yes please,” I whispered as a tear slid from my eye.

The place light up and began to crack. The cracks broke down and fell. Suddenly I was alone in a glowing room. I could barely open my eyes from the bright light around me. It felt cold. Suddenly the light became dark and I was in complete darkness all alone.

“Let me tell you a story Ryan,” my mom’s voice said. I turned and saw myself as a kid lying on my mom’s laps as she brushed my hair with her hands. It was dark, but I still saw them clearly. They were sitting on the sofa in our house, the house I lived in with my parents. “Once upon a time, there were two princes. They were brothers. One day their father, the king ordered the soldiers to kill two of his friends. And lied to make his third friend an assassin. He didn’t do anything. But the police had to believe the king, so they executed his friend. the king’s soldiers didn’t like the way the king treated his friends, so they put him in jail for ten years. When the king went to jail, the queen told her princes that their father died because he sent one of his friends to jail. But she lied to them, she didn’t tell them the truth. The king’s friend killed the queen. Now the two princes were alone. They both hid somewhere no one could find them. The king’s friends were trying to find the younger prince and killed him with his older brother. The older brother would go out all the time to get money and food, but he always gets hurt from the king’s friends. they forced him to say where the young prince is, but he never says. The younger prince never went out of the house for the next five years. The older brother just wanted him to be protected. The younger prince’s safe home became his safe prison. One day, the younger prince escaped from his safe prison and got killed. His older brother knew the truth of the king and was able to turn back time, live this day again an save the younger prince. No would the younger prince choose prison and safety or freedom and death? Would his older brother help him?”

The image of my mother and the younger me faded away. I saw the pale pink petals fly in front of me. They were glowing.

You will wake up in your house with Kody, Ryan. Said the silky voice. I’ll let you live this day again. Will you save your brother and everyone you will need to save? Or will you give up and live without them? You will wake up not remembering every. All you need to do Ryan, is remember…

Everything was dark, I was alone.


I blinked and saw myself back in my bedroom, standing beside the door.

How did I get here? I asked myself. What happened?

Kody was looking out my window in my room, “How is the world out there?” he dumped himself on my bed and said, “I really want to go out.”

“Kody,” I said. “I promised you, you will go out soon. I’ll kill the crew. I’ll let you live your life as a normal person. I’ll do anything to help you. I’ll give up my whole life to. I promise.”

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